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Mega Horn II

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Product Code:  WG101
Brand:  Luxe Outdoor


No stock, delayed despatch
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First impressions however that this will be perfect for the family camper, cycle tourer, small group and bushcrafter. At 4.5kg it is still falls into the light category for those wanting a camping base with more character which can be used all year round.

It does have a removable chimney for those who wish to consider some kind of heating stove.

Supplied with a 2 person nest, and leaving 50% of the footprint for storage, cooking or preparation means you there is acres of space for living, or for storing pushbikes or pets.
I put the Mega Horn up the first weekend it arrived and have been very impressed by the whole package. As a 'base' tent for those wanting a lot of space in a lightweight form, this would tick a lot of boxes.

Firstly erection was swift and simple. Just 4 pegs through the points at the end of the webbing, then slot in the pole. To complete the hexagonal shape 2 extra pegs were added, and then for stability the 4 guys. After that a few more pegs completed the shape to make things nice and taught.

It is approximately 2.2m high and so it was novelty for me to be able to stand at full height while I looked up at the removal cone, which I know true Bushcrafters will love. I have no experience of big wood burning stoves which use a chimney in these kinds of tents, however 6 clips remove the cone and there's a mesh liner with adjustable cord to pull tight.

After the shelter was put up, I took in the amount of space available beneath it and from the first batch of images you'll see that 4 people with all the their kit will have plenty of room. One image shows the space around 2 full length NeoAirs as an indication.

However it what when the 2 person inner nest was added, when it became obvious that this would make the most comfortable accommodation for two people. The nest easily holds 2 full length NeoAirs with space. This would leave plenty of space in the rest of the shelter for gear, stove and even a couple of chairs.

Please note the inner and door mesh is not Midge proof, but it is Mozzie proof. We advise 6 monthly use of Nikwax SkitoStop Fabric Insect Repellant.

Like its baby brother the Mini Peak, the inner nest can be dropped down during the day and used a soft settee or recliner for you to receive your guests!

If you're a cycle or motorbike camper, you get a lot of space and comfort for a very humble 4.5kg. Of course if you skipped the inner nest that would drop to a very respectable 3.56kg and you could also leave a couple of bikes in there too when you go off for the day!

The additional snow skirt around the outer removes the drafts and keeps any snow from working it's way in.

There are two doors on either side, which means you can flip the inner nest should the weather change and you need to use a different entrance.

All in all, a sensational value for money teepee tent which balances, space, weight and bulk with luxury accommodation. I fully expect this to be a very popular tent for families, and general outdoor enthusiasts.

I'll add more when I've lived in it a few days!

You get a heck of a lot of tent for your money


Shelter: 2785gm
Inner nest: 894gm
Pole: 593gm
Pegs (16): 182gm

Total 4.454kg

Shelter supplied with duo inner nest, pegs, guys and pole

Packed size: 61cm x 19cm

Shelter footprint: 400cm x 330cm
Shelter height: 220cm

Inner nest footprint: 230cm x 145cm
Inner nest height: 120cm high

Hydrostatic Head: Fly >1500mm
Hydrostatic Head Groundsheet: >3000mm

Seam sealing: Please note this shelter isn't seam sealed. However due to the steep angles of the walls this should not be an issue. Luxe advise the following 'when the tent is subjected to prolonged and heavy rainfall and a persistantly wet environment, the bias bound floor perimeter seam on the tent body must be sealed. Certain points on the inside of the fly are recommended to be sealed'. This will be updated in due course with more detail.

Features removable chimney cap

Customer feedback;

"Bought a Mega Horn II from you recently as a basecamp tent. The usual great service from yourselves. Thought you might like a first hand account of its first use. I found it to be excellent over a long, wet and very blustery weekend in the Peak District. A lot of wind and rain and the Mega Horn proved to be stable and waterproof. Contrary to your product description, all the seams on my sample were taped, groundsheet and all. Simple to pitch and very comfortable and roomy for me and my son to hide from the weather in the evening. I think I will get a lot of use out of the Mega Horn II as a base camp tent. Outstanding value". Andrew (June 2012)

I received my Megahorn Tipi on Friday after a very quick delivery. I was spending the weekend in Fort William and decided to try it out. I arrived in darkness and didn't pitch it quite right. However it stayed upright all night and all through the next day with pretty strong winds. Very impressed. There's loads of room and beats the cramped space I'm used to with other backpacking tents. The weight's ok for carrying but better suited to bike / car camping. The only problem was the very nice pegs it was supplied with - it would've been better with normal curved pegs. Not a big deal! I've wanted a tipi for a while now but wasn't prepared to spend the ridiculous amount of money for a Tentipi so this was ideal. I'd highly recommend it. And thanks for the great service. Barry (Sept 2012)

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1st use Mega Horn II
Monday, 18 July 2016  | 

At last a light weight tent that saves your knees, no more bending double to exit your home for the night.
Bought this item mainly for motorcycle touring, I usually use a tarp and bivvy bag. Straps on the pillion seat, very easy to erect and take down. Very large area for cooking and ones gear.
Very good tent.

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Mega horn II
Wednesday, 6 July 2016  | 

Bought the Mega horn II after being emailed that it was back in stock. Delivered the next working day well packaged with a nice note and bag of skittles inside (lovely touch). Great service and have no hesitation in ordering from the site again. Actually already have as I agree that this tent could be doing with 4 larger legs for the main straps, if for nothing else than peace of mind.

As for the tent itself, I've only had it up once (8 mins, box to outer fully up) and all looks good. As has been said in other reviews the seams are sealed on mine so manufacturer must have updated their production. Happy enough with the inner, could be better with some kind of system to hold the walls off you a bit more, I'll need to see what I can come up with. Haven't used it in anger yet but a motorbike rally next weekend should help put it through its paces. I'll report back with an update once it has been used in the real world.

So far nothing but 5 stars for service and product.

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A tentative 4 stars - for the moment
Monday, 25 April 2016  | 

Once I've tried the tent out for real during an upcoming motorcycle tour of Scotland, I'll be able to give it a more realistic rating, but in the meantime I've given it a tentative 4 stars based on what I found when I put this together.

A very 'earthy' colour for the nest base and happy to find the tent equipped with both sealed seams and in particular, no-see-um mesh (as I read anything less won't stop Scottish midges).
As with other reviewers, I've already supplemented the shipped pegs with longer ones as I expect the biggest challenge will be from strong winds and for that reason also, I've re-tied the guys as the knots left something to be desired.
Would be nice to see an optional hexagonal poly tarp footprint available, but I accept that's not exactly what backpacking light is all about.
The chimney cap stiffeners were well twisted and warped out of the box, so I'm hoping they will straighten out of their own accord if packed flat each time the tent is put away, particularly since they are not held away from the tent surface on stiffened velcroed stand-offs.
As mentioned in the YouTube comments, the top section of the centre pole had been inserted upside down in the section below it, which meant I couldn't use the hanging hook for the nest as the holes in the two tubes didn't align. Easily rectified, but worth a mention.
I've also supplemented the centre pole with a rubber castor cup to spread the load.
PS - Thanks for the Skittles.

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Wednesday, 10 February 2016  | 

Was very impressedmwith the prompt and friendly service I received from Backpackinglight. Tim, Antrim

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Very good first impressions
Tuesday, 15 September 2015  | 

Received my Mega Horn II last week and took it for a play at the weekend in Snowdonia, camping with my daughter in a fairly exposed site above Llanberis, with heavy rainy and strong gusty winds to put the new tent through its paces! A quick review here, just based on 1st impressions.
- Extremely quick to put up (<5mins inc. guys etc.). The only thing I struggled with was getting the pole the correct height to expose the small hole for hooking the inner nest (at incorrect height the hole is blocked inside by the final top section). Wasn’t a problem as I could hook the nest to the top of the pole, and I’ll make sure I get this right next time.
- Very spacious – plenty of room for bags, small camping table, couple of chairs, trangia, lantern, bags etc. I took a groundsheet and a few blankets for the floor in the front half of the tent. And of course the headroom is a real treat.
- No problems with the weather – no leakage, very minimal condensation, tent stayed nicely ‘vertical’ through the big gusts.
- As another reviewer has mentioned the main door zip is only 1 direction, so it’s not possible to have a small gap at the top of the door for checking the weather, looking out etc. However I found that keeping the elastic at the bottom corner of the door hooked over the peg on the light brown webbing strapping (as you would when it’s closed) retained the door just enough to keep the worst of the rain out with the zip half or one third open.
- A few reviewers have commented on the loop/cord grip procedure for retaining the doors when rolled open – I hadn’t seen this system before but it’s easy enough to work out, just put the cord grip through the loop and tighten, and this holds everything in place well.
- The guy lines are quite thick and they didn’t move particularly easily through the sliders for tightening up – so I’ve now replaced these with a different set of guys from Nite Ize. That said there was very little ‘give’ in the guys over night, maybe because of the thicker cord. The reflective detail in the cord and luminous sliders is also a nice touch.
- I didn’t experiment with the snow valance flaps – it seems that these can be pegged out (but would require more pegs), and can also be rolled up for better ventilation but not in such poor weather. I note the point made by a reviewer about the gaps between the valances being quite large and more than capable of letting in mosquitos etc. – thus negating the value of the mosi-netting on the main-doors.
- I’m tempted to experiment with a small stove (Anevay Frontier Stove looks nice), utilising the Mega Horn’s chimney. It would be interesting to hear if any others have done this (and it would make an interesting podcast Bob!). Main considerations as far as I can see would be getting the chimney/insulation right, and leaving out the nest, so sleeping around the edge of the main tent.
Finally, a quick thanks to the other BPL customers who have taken the trouble to share their opinions of the Mega Horn II on this site – a quality set of reviews which really helped in my selection.


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mega horn
Friday, 4 September 2015  | 

Je recommande vivement, rapide, efficace !! La tente est parfaite, rapport qualité/prix imbattable.

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Great little tipi type shelter
Saturday, 29 August 2015  | 

Firstly great service (as ever) from Bob & Rose.

I've now tried the mega horn in the garden to play with, at the Bushcraft gathering complete with lots of rain, and a base 'camp' with rain, sun and wind.

Good points - excellent value for money, well made, excellent space for one, good space for 2, manageable for 3.

The removable cone top can be removed or adjusted to take a wood burning stove - I appreciate this is not recommended and all the safety and danger notices apply - but, I have (and i did a lot of hot tenting in the US) used it successfully in that role.

It goes up reasonably easily and it is stable in wind. I have also experienced prolonger rain and it certainly did not let the weather in.

Car camping, bike camping maybe, certainly motorbike camping and you have a great little tipi for a great price.

The inner nest does provide protection from the ground / wet, and the bug mesh works well.

All doors zips etc worked fine and the guy out points were good. Pegs supplied are good quality aluminium, two colours, one lot longer for the main fixing points.

on the critical side, there is no ground sheet (which is made clear in the advert, I'm just discussing....) so a camp in the woods in the ward had every bug known to man surface inside, a 10.00 tarp from B&Q fixed that, but they are never like, or as efficient as, a real ground sheet.

The inner nest really 'could do better' - as I've said it does the job, but thats as far as it goes, it gives the impression that someone designed a great tent, then fished around in their garage and found an old nest from something else and said 'that will do' - It's sypension is poor and it hangs 'loose' and out of shape, it does not conform to the shape of the tent so also wastes space. The fixings for the ground sheet (to cords and 'd' rings on the tent are 'OK' but really just don't hold it properly in place. I slept in it as a 5' 11" slim guy with my little 10 year old son, and it just about held us in.

The nest loose this a star, in fact it should loose it several stars, but the rest of the tent is great and deserves 4 stars.

Finally the bag it comes in - all good, the bag has loads of room, so packing is easy, but it then cinches up compact and tight, so another bonus there.

I would definitely recommend it, especially at the price - just think through in advance where and when you may use it and what your floor and sleeping options may be.

oh, ps - so far I have had no condensation at all yet .

Thanls BPL

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BRILLIANT little 'big' tent!
Monday, 17 August 2015  | 

My camping has always consisted of weightsaving efforst of the highest order, having to carry everything either on my back, running, or on my bike, on and off road, bike packing.
Lyme disease has left me decrepot before my age, so crawling in and out of tiny tents or bivvies is being reduced now so I decided to look for a tent I could stand up in, relax in even in bad weather and especially cook in in bad weather. If it would house my bike as well, bonus!
It also has to be carryable by one weakling (me) and put upable quickly by one weakling (me).
After thorough research I ended up looking for a bell tent or tipi tent that wasn't made of canvas: too heavy and no room to dry it!
I found the Mega Horn! It is a treasure! It went up in less than 10 minutes out of the box without reading the instructions.
I don't have to crawl inside it, I can sit in it, cook in it, store all my kit including a bike in it and... It is light enough for a luxury bike packing adventure if split into two packages and carried by me and a friend!
It looks fab in my garden and has been up since I received it last week. It has withstood a rainstorm and strong winds.
It also arrived 2 days after ordering, I ordered it on a Sunday.
Interestingly, everyone who has visited me this last week has wanted one too... Buy it
Purple tent pegs a fun bonus

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A good buy and not as huge as I feared
Tuesday, 11 August 2015  | 

First of all thanks to Backpacking Light for their usual excellent service.

I was in two minds about this tent as the footprint is pretty big and it seems to be very flappy in the few YouTube reviews that I could find.

I have only pitched it in the garden so far. It went up quite easily but far from perfectly. A bit of experimentation showed that getting the central square of straps and doors absolutely tight was the key. However, this does put a strain on the zips. I will have to add a couple of strain relief cords. I also found that the cross straps ended up several inches above the ground, but they can be disconnected without problem. Even with the seam straps tightened down there was more play in the fabric than I really like, but the intermediate guys should take care of most of it.

Pegging the six points of the hexagon first definitely does not work.

I am of the opinion that the recommended pole height of 225cm is too much unless you need the height or the ventilation. 210cm or lower seems to be better to me and puts the valances almost flat on the ground.

It is nowhere near as huge as the dimensions suggest. I was looking for something for solo car camping where I could have a proper size chair and table and be able to use a petrol stove and paraffin pressure lamp inside. On that basis, I would say it is about right for one person.

Three niggles:
The zip only works one way. An addon slider might fix that.
The door tie back has one elasticated toggle between the doors and a loop on the other side of each door. No idea how that works.
The stiffener round the bottom edge of the witches curves inwards, effectively shutting off the ventilation. A length of cord round the base should sort it.

All in all a good, buy I think.

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Mega Horn II
Thursday, 9 July 2015  | 

Not used this yet but erected in garden. Quick and easy to put up. Not ideal for one person in high winds but not a one person tent. Loads of space and standing room. Not really a backpacking option but ideal for a base camp.

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