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Wilderness Over / Under Quilt (3 Season)

Wilderness Over / Under Quilt (3 Season)
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I have been using sleeping quilts extensively for the last few years after reading Ray Jardine's inspirational book 'Beyond Backpacking' way back in 2004.

The theory was good, it all made sense. Compressed insulation beneath you is wasted more often than not. Therefore why not sleep similar to home with an 'over-quilt' and work on the best system for prevent side drafts?

However over time I wanted to experience a variety of quilts on the market as they were introduced to see what worked from a practical point of view. Also I wanted to consider the possibility of additional dual usage as an 'under-quilt' for tree dwellers. No manufacturers seem to consider this.

Initially the key questions I (and many others who discuss this on forums) wanted reassurance on were simple. Was it as comfortable as a sleeping bag, was it warm and draft free, would I still be able to move in my shelter and not loose heat and finally how flexible was the design?

I've now tried quilts from four different brands over 4 years, in all 4 seasons, all of which were warm and comfortable and all of which compressed down to a smaller pack size, compared to the same rating sleeping bag. So far so good.

All used a sewn in 'foot box' to either tuck your feet into or tuck the foot of the sleeping mat into. Without exception to make them draft free, either a cord or webbing system was used underneath the sleeping mat to keep the quilt in place or some similar 'clipping' system. Most systems then require the user to slide down between the quilt and the mat, followed by closing the neck in some way. However once in-situ, due to the inflexible nature of some of the webbing systems, there can be a feeling of being 'pinned' into the sleeping position. Shuffling about as one sometimes needs to do in a sleeping bag while on a mat is extremely awkward, if you suddenly find yourself on lumpy ground.

The advantage of this cord/webbing system was the reduction in drafts and heat loss, the negative was the lack of ability to 'release' the quilt on warm nights to increase ventilation or move easily if you needed to. The 'tension' can vary of course, if the cord system is exchanged for shock cord, so there's a bit of 'elasticity' and flexibility of movement.

Curiously I found also, that using a sleeping bag liner, as one might normally do, helped prevent cold spots as it allowed me to slide easier 'under' the quilt when turning over from side to side.

On warmer nights, all of these features become unimportant. So for half of the year (if you are lucky - or traveling in warmer climes) a sleeping quilt provides, comfort, warmth and a good nights sleep be it in a shelter, in an airport or on a long bus journey.

On cold nights, we all need to batten down the hatches and stop any cold spots before they make life unpleasant. Most quilts on the market allow, an 'either or' situation. However we are all different, with varying needs and builds. Those with greater chest size can struggle with the 'one size fits all', just as much as someone smaller might want to make the air pockets as minimal as possible.

Under-quilts for hammock users are usually designed to do one job, with clipping supplied to keep them suspended underneath the hammock at either end of the quilt. There's no consideration that a user might want to use it as an 'over quilt' too should circumstances change.

With all this in mind I set to designing a quilt which would meet various criteria which I thought were important for good all round use;

1) The quilt would not have a fixed foot box and would open out fully into a rectangle
2) The cord/webbing system needs to be simple to unclip in an emergency, or for ventilation
3) The ability to clip the quilt virtually 'closed' for smaller users
4) Any clips used need to be low profile and offer variation of placement
5) The tension at the shoulder, needs to be variable using just one hand on left or right
6) A neck baffle is a must, with variable tension
7) The foot box when closed must keep out drafts
8) The quilt must be able to be used as an 'over' or 'under' variety
9) Suitable for users up to 6'4"
10) Two quilts can be linked together for couples
11) Box wall construction
12) Ideally British made
13) Using ethically sourced high quality down
14) Be able to be custom filled on request

Thankfully I've managed to achieve all of the above with the help and assistance of a top British cottage manufacturer and I have now tested the resulting design on many nights during Winter and Spring 2014.

How to use as an 'over-quilt'

Before use, open quilt out and shake evenly to ensure the down is spread evenly across the quilt.

The flexibility of the final product allows for every kind of user. On warm nights the quilt can be opened to a full rectangular shape and just thrown over as required.

If a foot box is required, the bottom 4 clips can be connected and the drawer cord the base pulled to close the hole. There is a pocket by the cord pull to tuck the cord out of the way.

This then leaves a pair of clips at waist level to attach to the webbing clips (supplied) and using the shock cord (supplied) to form a figure of 8 passing underneath your sleeping mat to the two clips located at the shoulder. (This need not be a figure of 8, a left to right link works just as well)

The quick release clips at the shoulder are can be 'popped' off to speedy release, and once threaded, the cord makes it easy to adjust with one hand at the shoulder. So getting into the quilt is easy. Roll the top back, slide into the quilt, attach the two shoulder clips and pull to adjust tension.

Clip the neck clips around your neck and pull the cord at the centre of the neck baffle to adjust. Within the neck baffle is a small pocket to store the cord and prevent it from disturbing you during the night.

How to use as an 'under-quilt'

Before use, open quilt out and shake evenly to ensure the down is spread evenly across the quilt.

Using the webbing clips (supplied) thread the shock cord (supplied) through the holes and loop around the hammock webbing at each end.

Pull the end cords on the quilt to 'gather' the quilt as you wish. The quilt tension with then automatically adjust when the user climbs into the hammock.

How to connect two quilts together

You'll notice that the clips have 'male' clips on one side and 'female' on the other. Simply connect the two quilts together using this system and you will have a super wide coverage of 2.6m. Admittedly there are naturally some air gaps between the quilts, however the floor space in a tent for two people limits the spread and therefore the gaps don't prove inconvenient. Therefore there are variety of options of using them as a double, with a large 'foot box' should you wish to do so.


We insist on using only ethically sourced (non live plucked) EU 850CUI (900 fill) Pure white 95/5 Polish Goose down. As per regulations the down is prepared in a centrifuging machine, washed with bio-detergents in a certified IDF tested facility.

Custom sizing

For those taller customers wanting a slightly longer quilt, we can increase the size and add more down to maintain the rating for an additional charge of £30. (Subject to specification). Please contact us directly with your requirements.


  • 3 Season Fill
  • Open size of quilt 1.3m x 2.14m
  • Weight of 900 fill down: 350g
  • Suggested max rating: -5C
  • Total weight in supplied bag: 712g
  • Can be compressed down to: 20cm x 16cm Dia (Using compression sack - not included)
  • Colour: Green

Washing and maintaining your quilt

Hand wash with warm water in a bathtub or bucket. Do not use soap unless it is made specifically for down. Normal soap can strip down of its natural oils. Typically warm water alone is sufficient. Do not machine wash- the twisting motion of a washing machine may tear the internal baffles. Line dry, or tumble dry on warm heat.
Store loose (hanging) when not in use!

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Wilderness 3 season quilt
Friday, 1 May 2015  | 

Still waiting to use this in anger but have tried it in a "controlled environment" (so four stars for now!)! The quilt is deceptively light even for a down product, but the secret is in the lofting. I made up the foot box and got under this and found it very comfortable and suitably warm. Will provide more info when I've put it on a mat in a tent! Service and advice from Rose and the gang up to usual exceptional standard! Great annual Outdoors day too - to be recommended! Thanks guys!

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1 of 3 people found this review helpful.

superb design
Saturday, 7 March 2015  | 

Used in a hammock on a windy night at 5deg. Best nights sleep outdoors ever. All the clever little features work perfectly. Strongly recommend

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1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

Great product
Monday, 8 December 2014  | 

although not been used in anger as yet Its been a very useful item already for road trips. I dislike the confinement of bags and often end up have to zip up and down during the night. I can see this easily being able to handle 0 and a bit lower which is ample for me even in the mountains. Packs down well and light.

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

Surprsingly warm
Saturday, 1 November 2014  | 

I must admit that when I first received this I thought that it would not be warm enough for where I intend to use it (Scotland). However, it has worked well so far, although it must be said I've tried it in relatively mild conditions (OK temperatures and little wind). You really feel the heat being trapped in by the quilt. The system for securing the quilt is great and I have had no problem with it so far. I am particularity pleased that the quilt accommodates a tall person (I'm 6'2".

And, as per usual, the service from BPL was spot on.

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

4 of 4 people found this review helpful.

Sunday, 24 August 2014  | 

Have used it for 1 week in August, very cool weather. It worked very well, a useful weight saving over my sleeping bag. Head and shoulders bit cool, must bring woolly hat next time. Had no problems with draughts.

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Oooh cosy
Monday, 18 August 2014  | 

I have always hated sleeping bags so the advice to try a quilt was welcome. And oh so effective - just had a very hot night testing in Derbyshire just using it without the "undercord" - a bit too warm really. Out to to test it in tougher conditions - can't wait

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1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

Under quilt
Friday, 1 August 2014  | 

I bought this to take in place of my sleeping bag for a trip around France . Much easier to use than a bag in my hammock and also more than warm enough using just the quilt barring one cold night in the alps when all I had to do was add a layer.

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3 of 3 people found this review helpful.

Very pleased
Tuesday, 3 June 2014  | 

First time I've used a quilt, prefer it to a sleeping bag now; this is so light and packs down so small, it's great; warm enough too. Good service from the company and with a personal touch too. All recommended

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2 of 3 people found this review helpful.

Friday, 16 May 2014  | 

Beautifully light, amazingly warm and the fixing system has just the right balance of security and flexibility. Highly recommended.

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16 of 18 people found this review helpful.

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