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White Box Stove (Next Gen)

White Box Stove (Next Gen)
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Product Code:  RB105
Brand:  White Box


In stock, immediate despatch

This is the 'Next Generation' model.

A right little hot performer!

This tough, light and very efficient meths stove is made from recycled aluminum bottles by Bill Ballowe in the US for Gossamer Gear and now us!

Measuring 60mm in diameter and 55mm high, it acts as both pot support and cooker and comes supplied with a light, soft aluminum heat reflector and windshield.

Updated to have 25 burner holes up from 20 and now has a wicking material between the double wall to help bring the fuel up to the burner holes to improve lighting times and to improve the burn in cold weather.

From the picture you'll see the 25 jets are just below the rim of the cooker which means the spread of the flames is slightly wider then you might think. This makes the cooker perfect when combined with pots of 90mm diameter or more. However, the most recent design with 25 holes, up from the previous 20, has reduced the width slightly.

In operation I was seriously impressed. It has a large filling hole so there's no spillage from the bottle. Maximum capacity is half way up the inner wall, which equates to 2floz or less of Meths.

Lighting the stove I used a flint and steel, and once lit you leave it for approximately a minute to prime. The side burner holes will suddenly ignite and this produces an even blue flame around the rim. During this time I put the windshield around the stove.

Using a wide 10cm base pot containing 500ml of cold water, it took just under 7 minutes for this to become a vigorous boil. I then left it on the stove for a further 8 minutes, and it continued to boil until the flame went out.

As the spread of the flames is pretty impressive, it is ideal to use it with a 10cm diameter pot to get the most from the heat.

During the podcast interview I did with Bill, he explains that he uses very little meths to bring the liquid to the boil, then removes the pan, adds the dried food and places inside a pot cosy for 10-15 minutes, for the perfect hot meal.

This stove is tough, light and small. It easily fits inside a small mug along with the windshield and heat reflector. It is ideal for someone looking for a good reliable meths cooking system to replace a heavy Trangia. Perfect for hikers and adventure racers alike.


  • Built to last from recycled materials
  • Won't 'crush' like coke can stoves
  • Cooker and pot support in one
  • Supplied with lightweight aluminum heat reflector and windshield
  • Will burn for 20 mins max (Approx)
  • 60mm Diameter 55mm High
  • Stove weighs 30gms
  • Windshield weighs 30gms
  • We are the exclusive UK distributors! 
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White box stove
Thursday, 13 April 2017  | 

Good light little stove. Not always easy to light if the weather is cold though! I've found if you dip a small twig in the meths and then light this and then the stove no worries.

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White Box Stove
Wednesday, 7 December 2016  | 

Very nice piece of kit. Very hot flame and very little weight. Easy to use. Should have got one years ago.

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Great bit of kit
Friday, 28 October 2016  | 

Beautifully made, extremly efficient and so light! Works perfectly with my Mytipot 900 and 650 when coupled with my Stormin Norman Cone windshield
Great service from backpackinglight and a nice personal touch with the enclosed note. Makes all the diference.

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Please read the Instructions!
Friday, 22 July 2016  | 

what not to do....... Took stove out of mug, assembled windbreak complete with paper clip (free)... Carefully poured fuel into stove. Lit stove with lighter.... Nothing.. Put hand over stove,burnt hand... 1 min later fell over as stove burst into action..... wonderful flames,my inner pyromaniac well satisfied, cooked dinner ugh.. picked up stove as it had gone out burnt fingers..... Please read the instructionsThis is a great wee stove and it needs appropriate respect in the field i wouldny use it near a tent as the heat is fierce.. Love it....

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Perfect addition for my storm kettle
Tuesday, 19 July 2016  | 

I originally bought this stove to go with my Stanley Adventure Cook Set which did work ok, but I was really impressed when I used this stove with my Storm Kettle. Boiling the 500ml in less than 5 minutes. There is no simmer for this stove but it goes like a rocket. I would still use the Trangia or Evernew for cooking, but this will be my go to stove for boiling water in a hurry.

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Tea in a hurry
Monday, 30 May 2016  | 

If all you want to do is boil water for a brew (and are happy to measure the amount precisely) then this is for you. Waiting for excess fuel to burn off especially in draughty conditions, is a little tedious - not one for using anywhere enclosed. Design suggestion - a sleeve that can be slipped over to limit burning to the central reservoir would enable 'simmering', of sorts, and make it easier to blow out, almost impossible otherwise. In America, where this originates, they expect to cook away from tents in bear country, and outside as so much of the country has more predictable weather than in the UK ie niot our wet and windy mix. But with a heat exchanger pan this is quick, 5 minutes for 600ml/large pint, enough for 2 cups/one big one, compares well with gas and standard pot discounting 'bloom' time'. I have just returned from a 2 night weekend - I have measured meths vs gas and you need almost exactly twice as much meths, as understood already, so it's back to the scales and calculations as to which is better for which trip. It all works out much the same by degrees so it's down to preference in the end...

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Great stove!
Thursday, 19 May 2016  | 

Having used a Trangia burner for more years than I care to remember I chanced upon this little beauty. Everything I read about it online was complimentary so I decided to get one. Its so simple and effective, negating the need to use a pot stand. Boil times are quicker than my Trangia and it literally weighs nothing. Fuel consumption is reduced because I find myself measuring it more carefully.

The service provided by Backpacking light was second to none - the stove arrived super quickly along with a hand written note to say 'enjoy your stove'. Its rare to have such a personal service.

All in all. The stove is great and so was the purchase experience! Many thanks

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Top drawer service ....amazing product
Friday, 8 April 2016  | 

Brilliant service from this company. Very fast trackable delivery with a very helpful and true message to watch your eyebrows ! And a lovely little pack of skittles. I had reason to ring up to ask some advice regarding fuel, they were so helpful giving me other advice regarding use of stove. You only get this service from the small businesses. Long may they last. And by the way the stove is so so powerful for its wee size it is staggering. Also as light as a feather. A great purchase.

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Perfect match for a Hi Gear heat exchanger pot
Wednesday, 6 April 2016  | 

I have to express my thanks to the reviewer who mentioned how well this fits the base of the Hi Gear cookset pot with heat exchanger fins. I've just received my stove and it looks just like these pieces of equipment were designed for each other - the stove fits *perfectly* inside the heat exchanger and the jets get drawn perfectly into the fins.

I've just done a couple of trial boils at home, out of the wind and found that it started jetting after one minute and then took a further 7-8 minutes to boil 500ml of cold water. This is my first time with an alcohol stove so I am looking forward to taking it up a hill and seeing how it compares to gas but the lack of roar is already very appealing.

The stove is very nicely made indeed and looks almost indestructible despite its tiny weight.

Very fast and efficient service from this site as well.

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White box stove Fantasic! Little stove
Friday, 23 October 2015  | 

Very fast meths stove great for those quick brews.i can fit stove , fuel ,etc all in my crusader mug ,with my honey stove I have everything I need .
Great service has always from Backpacking light many thanks

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