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Mini Peak II

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Product Code:  WF101
Brand:  Luxe Outdoor


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For the solo backpacker (or cycle tourer, bushcrafter or paddler for that matter) there's a fine balancing act which has to take place when choosing a solo tent for your particular trip.

Once you've decided on your chosen activity and your shelter needs, the next question is usually, what is the best value for money item you can find to meet those needs but still save weight.

The Mini Peak II has a fantastic combination of all these qualities which I'm sure will suit a lot of outdoor people.

Firstly it is fairly light. Not 'uber light' which usually means 'uber expensive', but respectably light at under a kilo for the main shelter. However just using the shelter will provide you with a terrific tarp tent with two entrances and a ground coverage of 2.5m x 2.1m. This space is cavernous for one and still plenty for two. Plus you would still have space for a dog or two in there as well. If weather required it, you can still close the doors and zip yourself in, otherwise ventilation is a synch.

However this tent comes into its own with the included inner nest. This simply clips in 4 places on one side of the pole and will provide plenty of space for the taller sleeper. I'm 6'2" and in the photos you will see the full length NeoAir in place. There is still space at either end of the nest to put gear and clothes, should you need to.

The inner nest is clipped into place using a fifth hook, on an eyelet by the pole. This means should you have guests and want to stretch out in the shelter, simply unhook the clip and the netting will drop allowing much more elbow room for two people.

Please note our Scots customers have told us the inner mesh is Midge proof, but as yet we can't confirm that ourselves. For added bug protection we advise 6 monthly use of Nikwax SkitoStop Fabric Insect Repellant.

Even with the nest clipped into place, half the shelter is still free for cooking, for sorting gear out, maybe a reasonably large dog, possibly even a bike with the wheels removed.

It was in this very shelter that Andy and I ventured out to the heart of Wales in a December 2011 storm to cook a 3 course Christmas meal. The weather was appalling, with high winds driving everything before them and adding some sleet purely for the fun of it. So much so, we had to pin down the pegs with rocks. But the meal was a great success! You can listen to the two part podcast on The Outdoors Station.

Cooking inside the tent in these conditions was a challenge. Obviously not recommended from a safety point of view, however at the peak there are two large vents, propped open (or closed as you wish) and this helped reduce the condensation and build up of fumes. Such is the head space inside, there was no question of heat damage to the material, so like all teepee tents, it was considerably safer than normal.

Any slight thoughts I had about the waterproofing of the shelter, the stability or durability were soon tossed aside. It was as bad a night as I've experienced anywhere in the UK. All the extra pegs I took as a precaution were used and I would suggest increasing the 8 supplied pegs to 12 for maximum stability.

What I like about this shelter, is that I can use my walking poles during the day and with the backpackinglight pole extender, it props up the roof for minimal additional weight. On a fine day the doors can be opened and the view experienced. Maybe if I had a little wood fire going outside the front the shelter would give the best of all worlds.

In hot weather, when ventilation can cause other issues, simply open the rear door as well and you have a fresh breeze flowing through. So if you were cycle touring through the Med for example, you wouldn't have to worry about waking up hot and bothered.

In the images you'll see a full length NeoAir which indicates the space available in the inner nest at both ends.

Finally with my experience of the December storm I would suggest adding 4 x V-Pegs to the 8 supplied to ensure maximum stability in all weathers.

Please note the shelter is supplied without the pole, which is available as an optional extra.

How does it compare to the Golite Shangri-La 3?

A good question and one which everyone who is aware of the SL3 is bound to ask at some time or other. I've used a SL3 for many years so I feel I can give my honest comparison as follows.
  • The Golite SL3 shelter (only) is a fantastic product and lighter by about 180gms. However it is awkward to get the hexagonal pitch right first time, especially in a high wind, whereas this simple rectangular base of the Mini Peak makes swift pitching considerably simpler.
  • The Golite SL3 hexagonal shape helps shed high winds very effectively, however there's more useable floor space in the Mini Peak II.
  • Currently Golite are supplying a full inner nest inclusive, but there's no Golite option of a solo nest for the shelter (something customers have been requesting for many years) so having one included within the price, which is spacious enough for one the taller person is excellent.
  • The Golite SL3 with duo inner nest weighs a total of 1.97kg (inc 365gm pole) - The Mini Peak with solo nest (and optional 285gm pole) weighs 1.765kg.
  • The hydrostatic head of the Golite SL3  is 3000mm (nest) and 1200mm (shelter) - The Mini Peak is 4000mm (nest) and 1500mm (shelter)
  • The Golite SL3 has a footprint area of 5.5sqm - The Mini Peak 5.25sqm
  • Golite include an adjustable pole, however many of our customers save weight and use the backpackinglight extender with walking poles as the main support. Exactly the same option is available here.
  • The bottom line is that the Golite SL3 currently retails in the region of £250 more, which is approximately three times the Mini Peak II and it weighs fractionally more, which indicates what a perfect value for money item this is for the solo traveller.

Recent reviews:

Just back from two days on The Black Mountain in Brecon Beacons. wild camped at Llyn y Fan Fach using my new Mini Peak II. Wind & rain in the night & absolutely no problems with stability of tent or water resistance. Great nights sleep confirmed by my mate in his Mini Peak II next door moaning he could hear me snoring over the wind! Not quite got the hang of "light weight" yet, bergen was 18.6kg including food & water, on other hand it was a lot lighter the the loads I carried during 40 years in the Regular Army & Territorials! Used other bits & pieces from backpackinglight. Most impressed by double pot cosy (despite my lack of construction skills) worked a treat with boil in the bag meals. Many thanks to Bob & Rose for great service, good products & very interesting hints & tips & videos. Lou (Sept 12)

Took the Mini Peak up on the Pennines for it's baptism at the weekend. The weather was perfect (I'm not lying! ) Gone downhill ever since. Can it get much lower? Anyway, bliss to be able to swing a grouse around in the tent and not touch the sides. (and I'm an RSPB member.) SO much space; No condensation and plenty of ventillation, which makes a change after damp uncomfortable nights in the Laser Comp.  Annie in Carlisle (Sept 12)



Shelter: 950 gm
Inner Solo Nest: 438gm
8 Pegs: 94gm

Total weight 1.48kg

Shelter supplied with solo inner nest, pegs and guys.
Pole not supplied (Optional extra). (Ideal pole height 137 - 145cm)
Adjustable pole (optional extra 285gm is available) or use 2 walking poles and backpackinglight pole extender

Seam sealing: Please note all joins on this shelter are is seam sealed

Packed size approx 35cm x 14cm dia

Shelter footprint: 250cm x 210cm
Footprint area: 5.25sqm
Shelter height: 145cm

Inner solo nest footprint: 225cm x 85cm
Inner nest height: 95cm

Hydrostatic Head Fly: >1500mm
Hydrostatic Head Groundsheet: >4000mm

Colour: Dark Green

Supplied in an ample roll top stuff sack
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Very impressed!
Wednesday, 2 July 2014  | 

After a lifetime of hill walking, I recently decided to have a crack at wild camping too. Being 6'3", most 1 man tents are just too bloomin small. I also don't fancy sitting hunched in a doorway, trying to cook.
I wanted space, light weight and low pack size but above all, I needed to keep the cost down.
A friend of mine spotted the Mini Peak 2 and knowing that I was a fan of his Polish Lavuu, sent me the link.
I was immediately impressed by the space inside. It's effectively a 2 man shelter but with the weight, pack size and price tag of something like the Zephros1, which was to be my original choice.
I ordered this, with the pole (I don't use walking poles) and it was delivered the next day. Unpacking it was a pleasure, mainly thanks to the handwritten note from Rose and a packet of Skittles too! A great touch.
When pegged out and set up, it's fantastic! I just about fit in the nest, albeit with a bit of mossie net against my head. In reality though, I'll probably just throw a bivi bag in and save the nest for when my son comes with me... That's just it...there is plenty of room for two adults in there. I can also sit upright and use all of the spare space for admin, when I'm on my own.
I'm yet to try it in anger but it feels very solid once pegged out fully.
Incidentally, a couple of loops of dynema were missing when I unpacked it...Not a problem, I was happy to sort it myself. However, a few days later, I received another package containing a length of dynema and another little note from Rose...oh yeah and another packet of sweets! I really was impressed at how these guys have gone above and beyond with their level of service.
I can highly recommend both the Mini Peak 2 and BackpackingLight...Both are fantastic!
Many thanks

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Great Tent!
Wednesday, 25 June 2014  | 

As a hiker for many years I have struggled with the old conundrum: finding a small pack, light-weight tent with a decent bit of space and a minimum of condensation; and of course at a reasonable price. I have used the Mini Peak 11 for two brilliantly sunny weeks cycling the Burgundy canals and one rather damper week hiking in the Comeragh Mountains.
Firstly putting up the tent is quick and easy. Lay the tent on the ground, shove in four pegs, push up the adjusting pole and you have immediate shelter. Fitting the nest is two minutes more, put in a couple of extra pegs, adjust the lines and voila!
The extra height is appreciable and the space is good if you are using it as a one-man. I expect using a Duo Nest would still give reasonable space for two, though the centre pole probably rules it out as a honeymoon suite!
Condensation was negligible even when I used my old Trangia inside (I know, bad habit but what's one more?) I added a cheap ground sheet for the wet week. The pack size and weight is brilliant. I may never buy another tent....

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Excellent service
Thursday, 24 April 2014  | 

I am looking forward to using the mini peak 11. It looks really promising in its versatility, which is why I chose it. I had camped out earlier this month (in light frost) using my tarp open ended and my current dog was really miserable. I anticipate that the generous length of the inner will mean she can be cosy at my feet. The weight compares very favourably with my ordinary tarp if I have also taken along the extra bits to make it enclosed. The pegs are surprisingly light.

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Mini peak tent
Friday, 11 April 2014  | 

Fantastic service , I think this will be ideal for cycle camping

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Great Tent
Tuesday, 4 February 2014  | 

Looked everywhere for this tent, thanks a ton.

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Great as a motorcycle touring tent too
Sunday, 26 January 2014  | 

I've used thus several times over the past 18 months from just weekend trips to a multi-stop motorcycle tour of Europe. A brilliant little tent that takes up so little room when packed and that gives me so much room when pitched.
It's kept me dry in some nasty nights and it's two entrances allowed good ventilation in the hot weather.
When I used it for a base tent for a weekend, I paired it with a tarp and pole to form a large "porch," so no need for a larger tent for those one site trips either.

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Mini Peak 2
Tuesday, 14 January 2014  | 

Love the new tent, lightweight, loads of room for one could sleep two. Using mine in conjuction with walking pole, just the job, great service from Backpackinglight as well!

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General Service
Wednesday, 11 December 2013  | 

Haven't used the product yet as its a Xmas pressie for my husband. But the service is fantastic from the bag of sweets to the follow up phone call. Why can' t others copy your service!!

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Luxe Mini Peak 2
Tuesday, 20 August 2013  | 

My Mini Peak 2 arrived just in time for the 2013 Wilderness Gathering which is where I first saw the tent in 2012.

As per the usual great service from Bob and Rose, the tent arrived promptly and with a nice packet of sweets which I was happily eating when I realised that the extension pole for my walking poles that I had ordered hadn't been sent. A quick phone call to Rose and it arrived the next day.

I arrived at the Wilderness Gathering eager to pitch the tent and can happily say that it went up easily in about 10 minutes. The pegs supplied weren't really great for pegging down the outer as they didn't fit through the holes. Luckily I had taken some other pegs and used this to peg down the outer then the supplied pegs for the guy ropes.

First impressions were good, the tent certainly looked the part and got a few positive comments from my friends. The inside is spacious and the inner nest is very easy to fit, 4 clips at the bottom and one at the top. I did notice that the nest was quite close to the outer and was sagging quite a bit. Tensioning the outer and shortening the elastic that the top clip was on helped a little but it was still closer than I would have liked it to have been and it did allow a little water to seep through when they both touched during some of the rain showers. A couple of lower seams seemed to leak a little during the first down pour but this seemed to have stopped during subsequent rain.

The nest itself was comfortable, the sagging may bother some but I had 3 decent nights sleep in it with plenty of room at the top and bottom to stash more kit if necessary.

All in all, a great little tent. I'm glad I bought it and would recommend it to others.

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Thanks Glenn. You kindly sent in some photos with the review and I would suggest trying a slightly higher pitch with the pole, which would alleviate some of the problems mentioned.You are quite right though, a very roomy tent for one :)

Mini Peak 11
Tuesday, 20 August 2013  | 

Tent arrived very promptly from Backpackinglight. So far have only pitched the tent in the garden, the design is excellent and the finish very impressive. Will be testing it properly when I complete my next phase of the Cape Wrath Trail at the end of September.

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