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The Honey Stove - Stainless Steel

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The Hive (Expansion Kit) Stainless SteelThe Hive (Expansion Kit) Stainless Steel

Since the launch in 2008, The Honey Stove has grown in popularity in all areas of the outdoor community.

Users have enthused over the flexibility and practically of the 100% British design and manufacture, sharing the news of the discovery with other outdoor enthusiasts.

Hikers, backpackers, bushcrafters, kayakers, cyclists, riders and travelers around the globe have enjoyed the simplicity of the design, combined with the reliable functionality, which results in cooking over a stove which is virtually carbon neutral.

There’s no escaping the fact. This style of cooking will transport you back to a simpler time, and increase yours pleasures when living outdoors.

Time to appreciate your surroundings and your companions more. Time which is never wasted.

I wanted to design a stove which would be unique. No moving parts, just a simple solid reliable construction, which when linked together would provide maximum strength either in the square or hexagonal configuration.

A true multi fuel stove which cooks efficiently with virtually any size or shape of cook pot, used by the independent traveler around the world.

One which will burn organic matter, esbit/hexamine tablets, night light candles, ANY make of meths (denatured alcohol) stove, Greenheat Fuel Cells and even the standard Trangia gas burner, or other similar variations.

Flexibility is the key to the design concept. Your cooking vessel can be placed on top, or if less than 12cm diameter, inside the rim of the stove.

For example, by placing a simple heat source in the base of the Hexagonal setting, the Stainless Steel will reflect heat inwards and act as a reliable windshield.

By simply sliding two 3mm pegs through the horizontal holes in the mid points, your pot (less than 12cm dia) will be lowered and supported inside the perimeter walls, and therefore trap more of the generated heat, reducing the time taken to boil.

Your Honey Stove package consists of 5 x side panels, a fire door, a base plate, a Trangia Burner support, a small square plate and a top mesh grill. The base plate is interchangeable in any of the five different side slots.

There are no hard and fast rules, as to which slot you use, or which way is up!  It is entirely up to you and your needs at that particular cooking moment!

Please note: You do NOT need to use ALL of the parts, ALL of the time!

Please note: It is designed to be a tight fit the first few times you assemble the stove. This will quickly become easier with use.

Shipping to Europe and US: Please see comments and cost at end

Honey Stove Reviews

Andy Howell reviews the Honey Stove Ti

Assembling the square configuration

This is the most compact stove setting, and it may be all a ‘lightweight’ backpacker, cyclist, bushcrafter or kayaker will ever need.

Option 1: Take a side panel with the prongs facing upwards, and slide down on each side two further panels. If you are burning organic matter, place the square plate in either of the two lowest slots, then slide the door on ‘upwards’. This will allow you slide fuel in through the door slot.

Option 2: If you are using a coke can stove, esbit/hexamine tablet or Greenheat place the square plate in the mid slot and then slide on the door. This allows easy lighting of the tablets and better air flow.

Option 3: However you may wish to make the fire completely enclosed. Therefore instead of sliding on the door, use another side panel. This will enclose the fire completely.

Option 4: You may also prefer to use the standard Trangia Burner. The slots in the side panels are designed to hold the rim of the burner securely.

Therefore, slot the rim into the mid slot of the three panels and then slide the door into place.
This slot provides the optimum burner to pot height, to achieve maximum heat performance.

NB: You are also still able to access the simmering ring through the door.

Assembling the hexagonal configuration

To burn organic matter/charcoal BBQ briquettes

Option 1: Take a side panel and hold it with the prongs facing downwards. Slide on two other side panels either side and place the base plate in either of the bottom two slots (air flow).

Make sure the rear of the base plate sits in the central panel slot.

Slide on a fourth and fifth panel on alternate sides, and then while holding those two panels between your thumb and forefinger, ease the fire door into place.

NB: As the metal is freshly laser cut, this will be a tight fit initially, so may require positive, but not excessive force. This will quickly become easier.

For pots smaller than 12cm, slide two 3mm pegs through the slots at a height of your choice.

Or cook directly on the grill placed on top of the final assembly.

To burn esbit/hexamine tablet

Option 2: Assemble as above, but raise the base plate to the second slot.

For pots smaller than 12cm, slide in two 3mm pegs through the slots at a height of your choice to make the most of the heat generated. Or cook directly on the grill placed on top of the final assembly.

To use a Trangia Burner

Option 3: Assemble as above with the base plate in either of the two lowest slots. Prior to fitting the door, slide in the Trangia plate into two opposing mid slots. Then ease the fire door into place.

If your pot is greater then 12cm, place it on top of the stove.

If your pot is less than 12cm slide in two 3mm pegs through two upper holes as support. Or use the grill on top of the assembly as support.

However, for maximum wind protection, you have the option to assemble the stove with the Trangia plate lower down, and therefore the base of the pot is enclosed within the perimeter of the stove for maximum wind protection.
To use Trangia Gas or other Trangia Fitting Multifuel Convertor

Option 4: Assemble as above but start with the prongs facing upwards on the first panel, so the door fits on last with the wider section at the top of the stove. This allows the fuel line to exit the unit without obstruction.
Which wood to burn? They use this old woodman's poem ….

Logs to burn! Logs to burn!
Logs to save the coal a turn!
Here's a word to make you wise
When you hear the woodman's cries.

Beechwood fire burn bright and clear;
Hornbeam blazes too,
If logs are kept a year
And seasoned through and through.

Oak logs will warm you well
If they're old and dry,
Larch logs of pinewood smell
But the sparks will fly.

Pine is good and so is yew
For warmth through winter days
But poplar and willow, too
Take long to dry and blaze.

Birch logs will burn too fast,
Alder scarce at all.
Chestnut logs are good to last
If cut in the fall.

Holly logs will burn like wax,
You should burn them green,
Elm logs like smoldering flax,
No flame is seen.

Pear logs and apple logs,
They will scent your room.
Cherry logs across the dogs
Smell like flowers in bloom.

But ash logs, all smooth and grey,
Burn them green or old,
Buy up all that come your way,
They're worth their weight in gold.

Hard woods for roasting
Apple, Ash, Beech, Birch, Sweet Chestnut, Hazel, Holly, Hornbeam, Larch, Oak and Willow.

Soft woods for boiling
Alder, Aspen, cedar, Hawthorn, Horse chestnut, Lime, Pine, Poplar, Spruce, Sycamore.


  • Weights
  • Sides 5 x 42g
  • Door 25g
  • Base 57g
  • Square Plate 20g
  • Trangia Plate 16g
  • Top Grill 34g
  • Total 362g
  • Measurements
  • Grill Size: 153mm / 6 inches square
  • Side Panel Height: 12.3cm
  • Side Panel Width: 7cm
  • Max Pot Dia to sit 'inside' the rim of stove: 12cm
  • Min Pot Dia to sit 'on top' of rim of stove: 13cm
  • Weight capacity of stove: Tested to 10kg (no sign of deforming)

To expand the unit in size for group or more social use please see our Hive expansion kits.

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Somehow a joy to use
Monday, 26 January 2015  | 

I just had to put it through its paces to check out the hype!
There are faster ways in which to cook, there are cleaner ways to cook without blacking of pots etc
But what a wonderful bit of engineering this stove is.
Build- cook- dismantle, brilliant, this stove appeals to every budding Engineer or caveman out there. Iíve tried all the configurations I can think of(but not with gas), bearing in mind itís not that many or rocket science how to put it together and everyone works perfectly fine. Personally I think itís flexibility and shear enjoyment from using this stove that will grab you. Using it as a wood burner and cooking from twigs and sticks just polishes it off as my new all time favourite and thatís with over 35 years worth of outdoor cooking experience. I think the lack of two little rods/pegs is a shame and would complete the set perfectly. There was some slight warping of the base plate after use but not to a point of disappointment and quite expectable and to be fair expected, everything else is in good order. Of course it is also not so shiny and new anymore to which I couldnít care less about. It is a functioning tool that did everything it needed to adequately.
This kit is not built for speed so if you only have five minutes before youíre off again, find an alternative. It is also heavy compared to its posher titanium version (of course) but half the price. You decide if you think itís worth the extra money for the weight saved and the distance youíre going.
My once new honey stove is somehow a joy to use and extremely flexible
And yes I did know you can put a gas burner in there too. If only the two pegs were in the bag this would be a 10 /10 so for me it only gets a 9.5 / 10ÖÖNow come chaps get those pegs in the bag donít harp on about keeping the cost down or something.

PSÖ thanks for the sweets 

Nice job nice design

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4 of 4 people found this review helpful.

Excellent piece of kit
Tuesday, 4 November 2014  | 

Thank you guys esp for the skittles.back to the stove can't say enough about it, my father in law was a mech engineer and is amazed about the design so must be good. Keep up the good work T

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Just what I was looking for.
Monday, 27 October 2014  | 

I needed a stove that was versatile as well as light and this stove is a perfect fit. I ordered it on a Sunday night and it arrived in Florida on that Tuesday morning. Great job BackpackingLight.

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excellent service
Thursday, 16 October 2014  | 

Not used yet but the service from backpackinglight is exceptional.
This is my second visit and I'm very pleased.

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Honey Stove
Monday, 8 September 2014  | 

Fantastic lightweight stove, ideal for backpacking, can burn wood, charcoal or use with trangia. Excellent with the Hive extension too.

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Honey Stove
Thursday, 4 September 2014  | 

Bought the Honey Stove as part of the kit for cycle touring and took it out for a test in woods a few miles away. Worked fine with a Trangia cooker, though I have yet to master using the simmer ring. I was impressed with how well it performed using sticks as fuel. There was a lot more heat than with the Trangia and the test sausages needed more attention, but were cooked a lot faster. Happy with the Honey Stove's performance.

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

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more than 5 stars
Tuesday, 19 August 2014  | 

ive just had my new stove delivered in record time,along with some sweeties,thanks BPLTeam.Ive tried it in the garden and my 'Scout' Kelly Kettle just drops onto the top nicely and boils 1.2lt of cold water in no time at all,also tried it with a very old Trangia burner and Trangia kettle Im very impressed and will happily recomend Backpackinglight to anyone,
thanks again P@

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Great respond time
Tuesday, 29 July 2014  | 

I'm in the states, and delivery was just as fast or faster than within. The product was as described and I love the design and versitility of it. Very compact able it would fit in even the most stuffed pack. Thanks for the skittles!

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Honey Stove
Monday, 28 July 2014  | 

Excellent service. Haven't tried stove in anger yet, but looks a great piece of equipment. No problems with assembly. Looking forward to using it.

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Me Myself and the Honey Stove
Thursday, 24 July 2014  | 

I bought this stove so I wasn't reliant of gas whilst I walked in North Wales for 4 days. It ticked all the boxes.
The build is to a high quality and even though it was stainless steel rather than the lighter titanium version is was still light enough and the small packing size met my 'going light' requirement.
Finally the backpackinglight service is impeccable and will now forever be my first port of call when buying further kit.

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