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Gift Voucher 50

Gift Voucher 50
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We've been asked time and time again for gift vouchers to help those who have 'difficult' outdoors parents, offspring, friends and loved ones.

There's nothing more frustrating than knowing they want 'something' special, but not sure what it is 'exactly', so perhaps a voucher for their favorite on-line lightweight store could just be the answer!

If you don't know your Titanium from your Teflon, your Duck Down from your Eider Down, or your Pertex from your Perspex, then we could have just come to your rescue.

Just sit back on that special day and watch the 'concerned frown' turn to 'gushing joy', when the special envelope is opened and he/she/they know they have just been give the keys to the best sweet shop in town!!

The Gift Voucher system is fully automatic and instant! Once you have made your purchase and payment is confirmed you will recieve an 'Order Confirmation' email which will contain a link back to the website where you can enter the name and email address of the recipient, along with a personal message and this is sent immediately to them

He/she will then recieve an attractive 'Gift Voucher' email, dance around the room for joy for a few minutes and within that message there will be a special code for them to use at check out as they wish when they next make a purchase.

This can be sent and used anywhere in the world, so even if you have left it to the last minute, we should be able to help you in time! (Please allow 24 hours for the payment process to be confirmed)

If you need a physical gift voucher which can be used in the same way, please log into your account, click on 'order information', followed by the 'invoice number'. There you will see the 'Click Here' link and this will take you to the page with the voucher code number on it. The 'view' link will print the voucher, and the recipient and message area is also there allowing you to email the voucher as well if you have change your mind.

NB: If multiple vouchers are purchased the recipient can merge them together making it easier to use on larger purchases.

All they need to do to spend the voucher, is visit our site as they would do normally and enter the voucher number at check out. They can make as many purchases in the shop as they wish to that limit and we will confirm and reduce the balance off our records with each purchase.

The problem of awkward outdoors people is now solved!!!

Voucher purchase can be made in multiples of £10, £20 and £50 as you desire.

Voucher total can be added to at any time of purchase, however voucher credit cannot be exchanged for cash at any time.

Vouchers must be used within 12 months from date of purchase.

NB: We take no responsibility for the amount of time your loved one spends on our website as a result of receiving this gift voucher!

Free delivery: Please note if your order consists of just gift vouchers, your card will only be debited to the total value of the vouchers. There is no shipping cost associated with this purchase.


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