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Hex Peak F6A

Hex Peak F6A
Hex Peak F6AHex Peak F6AHex Peak F6A
Hex Peak F6AHex Peak F6A
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Product Code:  WF143
Brand:  Luxe Outdoor

Hex Peak F6 bathtub Footprint/GroundsheetHex Peak F6 bathtub Footprint/Groundsheet


The very popular Hex Peak range which was introduced into the UK in 2014 has now been increased to include this larger double shelter, the F6.

(There are currently two models in the range the V4 solo Hex Peak which has an optional double F4 nest)

This model the F6 is a much larger version of the same shape and is supplied with a larger double nest as standard. Therefore making it more comfortable for couples or a small family. It is shipped with the double nest as standard.

It is another 23cm taller than the V4 Hex Peak and the floor space is considerably larger with a maximum width of 260cm by 195cm. This still leaves a vestibule area almost 100cm in depth.

Can can safely say that it is a large roomy shelter suitable for users up to 6'3" with comfort. You may find it worth adding some extra pegs to those provided, as it will give you more pitching options, as the inner can loop 'over' the pegs set for the outer, or they can be adjusted to suit ground conditions.

The V4 solo inner nest can be purchased as an optional extra which results in a much larger vestibule area for the solo hiker or cyclist. There is enough space in the vestibule to store a bike. (See photos)

All in all we expect this tent to be another massive seller this year.

Video showing the difference between the F6A and the Winter F6E available here.

Video showing the difference between F6A and the larger Octapeak F8 available here.

  • Flysheet: 40D/230T Nylon ripstop fabric with the inner PU coated and the outer siliconized
  • Seam sealing may be required. Tube of sealant is supplied.
  • Inner tent: High density nylon mesh
  • Inner floor: 68D Nylon taffeta PU coated. 4000mm Water column
  • Pole: Not included
  • Guy rope: 11 lines included (6 attatched to the fly and 5 attached to the inner)
  • Stakes: 18 cm Alloy Y-Stake x 6 (For minimum setting)
  • Hydrostatic Head: 2500mm
  • Weight:                               
    • F6 Outer fly: 850g
    • F6 Inner: 980g
    • 6 x Stakes: 84g
  • Max inner floor space 255cm x 190cm x 163cm tall
  • Packed dimensions approx 50cm x 12cm (dia)

Pole Option

Your have a choice of 2 poles which will support the F6 model. The 163X or the 197X. As the 163X is almost at its fullest extension we suggest the 197X as the preferred option to allow for more height flexibility for the minor penalty of 54 grammes.

Top tips for a stable shelter in all weathers

If the supporting pole sinks at any stage the material will lose all the tension and the tent can become unstable in high winds, with the possibility of the pole moving.  The common tip here is to cut a tennis ball in half and use each half at either end of the pole. It prevents the pole from sinking and also reduces the pressure on the peak. Once this is in place, applying tension on all the surrounding guys will maintain tension throughout the night. Some use Marmite caps or Rebar Mushrooms.

In excessive wet weather we have had occasional reports of the supplied guys slipping in the cleats. A simple overhand knot will stop this. Alternatively replacing the guys with our 2mm Dyneema cord will jam in the cleats nicely.

Hot Tenting

There appears to be a certain amount of confusion currently regarding what is a stock item available from Luxe in the UK and
the customised 'hot tent' option which appears to be on offer in the US.

Currently Luxe Hiking Gear (the US importer/retailer) is customising the V4a, F6a, F6e and F8a to order adding a stove jack as the customer requires.

We are unable to offer this service in the UK currently, so if this is something you require please contact them directly using the below links.

Hexpeak V4A - Hexpeak F6A - Hexpeak F6E - Hexpeak F8A

Any warranty issues you may have with the shelter will be dealt with them directly.

Hex Peak F6A and Octapeak F8 Comparison


Seam sealing the tent

As the silicone tents are designed without seam taping, we recommend user to apply seam sealing on the outside seam of flysheet where necessary (Mainly around the crown area). Along the horizontal stitching around the vent. Down the zip and 'inside' the guy loops and top loop. (Pull apart with your fingers) Anywhere water can gather is a potential point of issue if the tent will be subjected to prolonged rainfall or a persistently wet environment. Please click here for the seam sealing guide.

Seam sealing video

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20 July 2018  | 

Very pleased - just used on a 2 nighter wildcamp in the Lakes. Didn't have time to seam seal it yet with the silicon seam sealer (which was provided) but did add extra tent pegs as you only get 6. Nice and high inside so you don't feel cramped and dead light! The 2 main reasons i bought this one. Sahred with my mate who is 6ft4 and he loved it. So much he carried it on the 2nd day! ha ha Thanks again to Bob and his staff/family. First class service. Would recommend easily. Cheers

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Loving this tent
14 May 2018  | 

I've not used in Ernest weather's yet. But I am really confident about this tent. Having watched every YouTube video there is on the miniP, Hex 4 and Hex 6, I went slightly larger.

I am 5ft 10, but like a castle, and this tent provides. When I travel solo, I take the outer with the ground mat. It packs down well, and is not much added weight than the other options.

My first pitch was a bit patchy. Didn't get the pole to the right height; my second pitch was a delight - catalogue.

No problems with condensation so far, the vent and ability to unzip from the top is great.

First trip was with bike. Recommend getting extra guy/pegs to pitch it well.

Backpacking light are total legends, and really happy with service and honest advice. Feel like their work is about getting people out into the wild in comfort, as opposed to sales.

The modular element to this tent is great i.e. use without inner, use without pole. Lots of possibilities. Plenty of room for two.

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2 of 2 people found this review helpful.

First rate service
28 February 2018  | 

Back packing light cannot be beaten for their service

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Excellent tent at the price and weight
15 February 2018  | 

I bought the 167 length pole which is perfect when fully extended. Erecting it was relatively easy - I still need some practice. The peg points on the fly were missing loops on the two points where they meet the front of the inner. I can only assume this is intentional and that the points are meant to be combined with the inner tent in some way, but it's not clear how and not covered in the instructions. This is the only reason is lost a star. Once up there is easily room for 3 people and some gear. The weight for a 3 person tent is very good. Stability looks good - I pitched in very soft ground where the pegs were having trouble staying in and it stayed up fine.

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2 of 2 people found this review helpful.

Light and roomy
15 August 2017  | 

Thoroughly impressed! Light enough to use on my own, especially fly only, yet spacious enough for 2 people and a furry friend. I'm 6ft 4 and had loads of room.
Easy to pitch and easily withstood a blustery and very wet first night up high and exposed in the Lakes.
Build quality appears very good and the design is simple and efficient.
Very pleased with my purchase and the customer service was excellent!

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3 of 3 people found this review helpful.

Just like ronseal!
02 July 2017  | 

Used for trip in the lake district.Followed video advice but found, as have others, that some adjustment needed to maintain gap from fly and inner. I'm sure I will sort this with experience. Glad I sealed seams as second morning awoke to rain, however not heavy enough to test the tent. Very happy with the internal space, as 6'3" novelty to have so much room. Definitely recommend.

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2 of 2 people found this review helpful.

Hexpeak 6
06 October 2016  | 

Great advice and excellent service.
At 6'5" at last a backpacking tent I don't have to fold myself into. Stacks of space for kit too.

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17 of 27 people found this review helpful.

Impressive, and spacious
16 July 2016  | 

Firstly, great service from BPL, the advice prior to purchase was first class; as Iím a shade over 6'2" I went for this over the V4 as recommended by Rose.
I've not used this tent in anger as yet as it only arrived earlier in the week, however my initial impression is very good.
I've erected it as supplied, inner first which (as described in Bob's Youtube video) doesn't work with 6 pegs and I found a little tricky to get even. That said, once I did get the pitch to my satisfaction (no more than about 15 minutes all in, including undoing the knots I created in the guy lines) it is absolutely huge; easily enough room for 2 adults and kit. The only downside to such a large inner is it does eat up a fair chunk of vestibule space. The inner itself is well made and the little plastic upstands in the groundsheet corners are an excellent addition; Iím not so keen on erecting the inner first though but thatís the price you pay for having a 2 person inner in what is still a relatively compact tent.
Iíve since popped it up as a fly only and it was literally minutes between opening the bag and having a usable shelter to get out of our great British weather. As a bikebacking ďtarpĒ this would be superb; Iím reasonably confident I could get my bike in behind the pole then sleep in a bivvy nearer the door with no problems.
The only improvement to this I could possibly suggest to Luxe would be to offer the regular V6 fly with a 1 man inner which would be usable for those 6í2Ē and over without ending up with mesh in your face.

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23 of 35 people found this review helpful.

Sil Hexpeak F6
06 May 2016  | 

My best tent ever, plenty of room for my 6 foot 2 inches body. Headroom a plenty to sit up as well. Looking forward to my next Trail walk.

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13 of 28 people found this review helpful.

Very pleased
23 December 2015  | 

This was my first order with backpackinglight and the whole process was easy and went smoothly as you would expect, now on to the tent. Being rather tall at 6'5" I opted for the larger F6 model of the Hexpeak and this tent seems perfect for me, plenty of room. I have only pitched it once in the garden so not really a valid test of its capabilities, but I am impressed by the quality and I like this 'lavvu' sort of design. I give it a big thumbs up!

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13 of 24 people found this review helpful.

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