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We've moved at last!

26 June 2013  |  Admin

Maybe it has taken longer than anticipated, or maybe it just seems like it, however the big move has finally been completed where we have moved out of our small unit next to home and moved just a few miles away, into a new warehouse and office facility.

We have been looking for a while to find somewhere which is in keeping with our outdoor appreciation and approach to rural life. We want to be part of the local business and social community and not stuck on some faceless industrial estate, with no soul, a view of concrete and the drone of heavy industry.

The barns we have moved into are part of a farm redevelopment undertaken some years ago and our immediate neighbours are the ducks in the pond. In fact you may hear them when you phone us, as come 5 o'clock another office shares their left over sandwiches causing pond mayhem. Sadly the 10 ducklings which first arrived when we took the keys have already been reduced to 5, but they are growing rapidly.

The warehouse space is certainly getting us excited about the forthcoming stock items and future plans. So make sure you pop back and watch the front page, as these things take a while to arrive and get on the site.


The location also means we can now accept more visitors on an appointment basis, as there's plenty of parking. It is the perfect location for an outdoor company as we are located 200m either way from Blackmore Caravan and Camping Park and Hanley Swan Village, which has THE best home made pies and pasties in the butchers I've ever tasted. Plus we have fantastic views of the Malvern Hills from the duck pond out front, so popping out with a coffee during the day is a wonderful way to have a think.

Hanley Swan is the archetypal traditional post card English Village which has all the key ingredients. A school, a village hall, a pub, a local post office and shop, a butchers, a duck pond, and a large open green with a massive oak tree sitting strong in the centre, with a iron ring seat at its base for young lovers. Picture postcard stuff.

This move, Rose's WHW trip and my 2 weeks away on the TGO Challenge has really put us under pressure these last two months so sadly the podcasts and videos have had to be put on hold while all the building work was getting ready. However things are settling down and we should have new staff joining us shortly to ease the pressure.


It also means the old unit can be converted into my studio once and for all, and currently I'm spending each evening trying to hide all the wires to make it look the business. Well this is the idea of course. I've done this many times over the years. Studios are a transient thing, no sooner are they built, than I appear to move and take it all out again! However soon you will see evidence of what I've been doing, which I'll mention nearer the time.

So thats about it. Exciting times and hopefully a step in the right direction thanks to the faithful support on all levels from our customers. The new address is on the site and if you do wish to visit us and either collect an order or view some equipment, please phone or email for an appointment. Maybe make a few days of it go for a walk on the 9 miles of Malvern Hills and stay at the Blackmore Site, it has won many awards and trust me, the pies alone are worth the trip!

Bob and Rose