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October 2014 - Wild Camping Challenge

21 October 2014  |  Admin

Wild Camping

Everyone is talking about it. There are articles about it on the TGO Magazine website.
On the BMC website. There are forums dedicated to it. And you’ll find groups of Facebook passionate about it.



It seems Wild Camping is the new experience everyone wants to try all of a sudden. However like all new experiences in our organised and controlled lives, the first question is all about the ‘rules’ and the second is about ‘safety’.


Although seasoned Wild Campers may think nothing of it, we were reminded recently by a close friend that there are many out there, for whom this activity is totally unfamiliar due to the ‘lack of rules’. She announced that it was something she would love to try as it was on her ‘bucket list’. So Rose offered to take her for a memorable night on The Black Mountain a week ago. Following their return Rose joined Bob during a walk to discuss this phenomenon, how her friend managed and what fears she mentioned during the experience.




The resulting Podcast No 377 is now live  and it also incorporates some reflections on the last 10 years since we started Podcasting and general Backpackinglight shop activity. Noting how our customers purchasing habits have changed, as well as the habits on forums and the social attitudes of those interested in the subject of backpacking.






The conclusion is that starting this month, Bob has decided to do one wild camp a month for 12 months trying to incorporate as many different types of locations dotted around the country, in all weathers, with a variety of different companions, but at the same time keeping the principles as simple and close to our lightweight self-powered philosophy as practically possible.


Why not try mountains, valleys, moorland, fields, bridleways, seashore, islands (offshore and traffic), maybe even some urban? All weather has to be included of course which the UK is famous for, rain, sleet, snow, wind and a bit of sunshine. The shelter can be equally variable everything from the Micro Tarp to a hammock or possibly the simplest of bivvy bags the Survival Zone. Transport can be walking, cycling or paddling of course.



The object of the challenge is to explain the unwritten rules, to leave no trace, to take the fear out for doing it safely and to enjoy the simplicity of Wild Camping. Each trip will be recorded in a Podcast for posterity and supporting information and pictures will be found on the new regular blog here and on the The Outdoors Station website.


It should be a really interesting series and we’ve already had a few suggestions since the launch of the Podcast. If you have any further suggestions for locations, or would be curious to try Wild Camping for the first time in Bob’s company, then please drop him a line  and he will add you to the growing list. 


Follow up phone call termination


Traditionally we have always followed up every UK customer with a courtesy call to ensure they have received the goods and are happy with them. It was also often an opportunity for the customer to ask questions and on a social note, it was often like calling friends, not old customers. However, as we are all getting more spam phone calls these days, we felt for some customers it was becoming more of an intrusion, rather than a service. The new courier service we are changing to in November offers a full text notification service to customers, to give them a timed window for delivery. This will hopefully cut down wasted time waiting for products and reduce delayed items for everyone.


However, Rose would still like to chat to people from time to time, so we still welcome phone calls or emails if we can help, or if you wish for more information on a product.


That’s it for this time. Much more coming from us soon on this blog, so make sure you record the RSS feed. Do ensure you get out there and enjoy this wonderful Autumn!


Bob, Rose and Jono