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Last blog post of 2014

22 December 2014  |  Admin
It's almost here!
If you are still in need and a last minute shopper, here's our opening hours over the Christmas period.

Open until 23rd December 1.30pm
Closed to 29th December
Open 29th and 30th
Closed until 2nd January

Bob has now released part one of the Christmas Wild Camp of 2014 with Andy Howell. Just like 2011 a real challenge  2011 Christmas Camping Podcast Gourmet extravaganza!

Although the plan was to cook over a wood stove, weather stopped play and the back up gas stove was used instead.

Don't forget if you are looking for last minute Christmas presents or Stocking fillers, a quick flick through our suggestions might just have the item you are looking for. Here are just a few of the customers favourites this year;

New made in the UK Fire Starters (2 sizes), Double Ended Sporks, the ever popular Hand and foot warmers, the novel Micro Gripper for hot pans.

You can never have too many Lip Savers, great for Skiing and the fold away Sil Shopping Bag is used every week in our house. There must be some travelers heading out in January with the Lightweight Wash Bag and the Ultralite Titanium Cook System is always popular.

The compact wood burning mKettle keeps you cosy, while the sweet little Candle Lantern provides a romantic glow in the tent

And of course our own Honey Stove completes the picture naturally combined with Titanium Cooking Pans for two.

Additional ideas and popular items are shown below.

We will be right back after the break with some January Sale items, so if you are not tired from all the shopping do drop by and see whats on offer.

Finally, thank you for all your custom this year. Bob, Jono and I all wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy Outdoors New Year to you all!