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Monday, 9 October 2017  |  Admin

Looking on the bright side, at least I had dry accommodation for that night, my sleeping gear was now all dried out and I had a good meal in my belly, so this combined with my tired legs meant I slept reasonably well. Well that was of course until I received my early morning call courtesy of the cockrills which started just after 4am. I drifted in and out of sleep until I recorded something around 5 and then dozed off again until 7 and rose to face the day.

Monday, 9 October 2017  |  Admin

Apart from the boy racer who seemed to feel obligated to ride up and down the main road next to Lake View Fishery at least a dozen times in succession at midnight last night, I slept reasonably well and woke early to an overcast damp day.

However as I had carried all this fuel with me, I got the solo stove going and had the first proper warming brew of the trip closely followed by a bowl full of porridge. During this time there was a sudden downpour and due to my tarp layout this meant the exposed half of my bivvy bag took the full deluge. Although not an issue from the comfort point of view, it did make me realize after it had passed, that I would be packing away sodden gear which wouldn’t have a chance to dry before nightfall. We will have to wait and see.

Monday, 9 October 2017  |  Admin

Even though the weather was changeable that night with the blustery wind and rain, I slept reasonably well and woke refreshed ready for, as it turned out to be, the longest day of the trip.

It was a good start at 7am and I meandered my way along charming narrow paths, fascinating high walled tracks and through woodland to the outskirts of Chagford. I was going to head into the village for some breakfast, but then thought I needed to crack on to get on through this cultivated section as quickly as possible so continued along the track. As luck would have it I found myself wandering along a lovely riverside walk when I was sure I could smell bacon.

Monday, 9 October 2017  |  Admin

My goodness me it was cold that night! Even inside the hut I slept with my insulation on, however I did sleep well and after the two meals the previous night and a hearty breakfast of porridge I was set up for an early start in good spirits.

And what a beautiful day it turned out to be. As each hour unfolded I was treated once again to the best Britain can offer.

As I walked along the beautiful paths to the bridge over the River Dart, the frost on the long wet grass by the path slowly retreating as the sun stretched out its yellow blanket of heat.

The birdsong echoing along every corridor of Beech, Sycamore and Birch trees. An infinite palette of green, from the moss by the riverside to the dark Ivy reaching for the sky.

The area around Deeper March was as perfect a picnic spot as you might find in the UK. I’m sure it would be packed during the heat of the day, but early in the morning is was gloriously peaceful.

Monday, 9 October 2017  |  Admin

On Wednesday I finally made it to Holne. A charming little village, which once again like many communities, has suffered the closure of the local pub and so the heart of the community had naturally graduated to the tea rooms.

Which although open at completely different hours, obviously serves as a community centre, for information, a small shop which allows you to top up with local produce, lots of tea and lovely cake, but most important of all, village gossip.

It was here that I finally managed to meet up with Cicerone Press Two Moors Way author Sue Viccars. I say finally, because I didn’t pay attention to the guide book correctly and as I walked into Holne following ‘my nose’ (ie wrong route) after what felt like a very long day, Sue had walked ‘out’ of Holne to meet me on the her ‘route’. Thankfully after several cups of tea and cake, normality was restored and Sue arrived just as coherent speech had returned to my body.

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