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Solo Stove - Wood Gasifier

Solo Stove - Wood Gasifier
Solo Stove - Wood GasifierSolo Stove - Wood GasifierSolo Stove - Wood Gasifier
Solo Stove - Wood GasifierSolo Stove - Wood Gasifier
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I've used this stove extensively (see The Two Moors Way video and podcast series) stored in a 1100ml pot. Fantastic all round cooking system.

The solo stove cooks your meals with nothing but the twigs you collect on your journey, eliminating the need for heavy, expensive, polluting petroleum gas. It’s easy to light, fast to boil and clean to use

A unique gasification and secondary combustion process lets the stove achieve a highly efficient and more complete burn. This means you’ll use fewer twigs to achieve a boil. It also produces less smoke.

The Solo Stove only weighs 9oz and eliminates the need to carry heavy fuel canisters - a great way to lighten your load. It also nests into most 900ml or 1litre Pots on the market.

By using renewable resources for fuel instead of gas, you are reducing your carbon footprint. You’ll also keep fuel canisters out of landfill. Remember you can't fly with Gas and how many times have you take a 'spare' just in case?

The Solo Stove isn’t just for backpacking; its great to have on hand when you’re in an emergency or survival situation. You’ll always be able to cook and will never need to worry about running out of fuel.

How it Works

Designed with a double wall, the Solo Stove is a natural convection inverted downgas gasifer stove. The air intake holes on the bottom of the stove channel air to the bottom of the fire while at the same time, channels warm air up between the walls of the stove. This burst of preheated oxygen feeding back into the firebox through the smaller holes at the top of the stove causes a secondary combustion. This allows the fire to burn more completely which is why there is very little smoke during full burn. A more efficient burn also means you'll use much less wood compared to an open camp fire. The Solo Stove doesn't just burn wood. It actually cooks the smoke out of the wood and then burns the smoke not once, but twice! This means less carbon monoxide is released.

The Solo Stove also features a heat shield between the ash pan and the bottom of the stove. This heat shield protects the ground under the stove from scorching.

The cooking ring's angled lip also increases efficiency by directing heat towards your pot minimizing heat loss. It also acts as a windshield while still allowing oxygen to flow inward. The Solo Stove is indeed one of the most efficient wood burning stoves you'll ever own.

Built to Last

Your Solo Stove is made by using a one piece construction process. This manufacturing process allows us to use state-of-the-art precision presses to form and shape solid pieces of high grade stainless steel. The outer shell of your Solo Stove is actually one entire piece of stainless steel with no seams or welds. The inner firebox and floating ashpan is also made using one piece construction. This eliminates the need for excessive welding and increases the overall strength and lifespan of your stove. Nichrome wire, which has a high melting point of 2552 degrees Fahrenheit, is used for the grate

Using the Stove

Always use this stove in a well ventilated area to prevent build up of any noxious fumes, just like any other camp stove. The body of the stove will get hot so ensure you keep artificial fabrics from close contact. Using natural materials can mean sparks will occasionally 'spit' or fly, so keep this in mind when close.

Packed size: Height: 9.65cm (3.8 inches) Width: 10.8cm (4.25 inches)
Assembled size: Height: 14.48cm (5.7 inches) Width: 10.8cm (4.25 inches)
Weight:  255g (9 oz)
Materials: 304 stainless steel, nichrome wire
Fuel:  sticks, twigs, pine cones and other biomass
Boil time: 8-10 mins (950ml/32 fl oz of water)



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Solo Stove
14 August 2014  | 

I have been using the solo stove for 6 months, on camping trips and to make tea at our allotment.

It’s a great stove; simple, fairly light, robust and boils a mug of water in 5 minutes using small sticks as fuel.

Initially I had difficulty lighting the stove, I’ve found that cotton wool and a few drops of meths is the best way of getting it going. Once it’s going it burns small sticks, kindling and pine-cones quick and hot.

A standard Trangia burner fits on the grill. Not sure if this is recommended but this has ensured we had a hot drink when we couldn’t find dry sticks. I have a billy can which the solo stove fits in with the Trangia burner, making a neat little stove and billy can set.

I’d recommend the solo stove to anyone who needs to heat water or food with the minimum of hassle while traveling light.

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