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Zebra Pot / Billy Various

Zebra Pot / Billy Various
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Product Code:  SC127
Brand:  Zebra


Favoured by many bushcrafters, campers and instructors, the zebra pot is strong, resilient and practical.

There’s a certain character attached to these and although they don’t fall into the ‘lightweight’ category, they aren’t that heavy for general camping if you desire a pot on this shape and size.

The pots come with a plastic ‘auto locking system’ closure clip on each side of the lid and it makes sense to unclip and remove these before putting it on a real fire or anywhere the heat might ‘lip up’ the side and possibly melt them.

Using a notched loop handle, these pots are easy to hang over a fire, and this model has a removable auto locking system to protect you from accidental spillages when you don’t have a smooth surface to work on.

They come with a removable tray inside that can be used to steam food in the pot, or removed and used as a plate, cutting board etc.

We haven’t tried using the internal plate as a frying pan, but as it is purely stainless steel there’s no reason why not, apart from getting soot in the main pot when packing.

The 10cm and 12cm varieties fit snugly inside our honey stoves, while the 14cm and 16cm sit comfortably on top.

The Lunch Box has an attached folding handle which holds the complete unit closed and can be used as a pan handle quite safely. It has a much lower profile and we see this being popular for all kinds of travelling cooks!

Specifications (10cm) SC 127
Diameter: 10.5cm
Height: 10 cm
Weight: 400g
Capacity: 750ml

Specifications (12cm) SC128
Diameter: 12.5 cm
Height: 12 cm
Weight: 550g
Capacity: 1.5 Lt

Specifications (14cm) SC129
Diameter: 14.5 cm
Height: 14 cm
Weight: 750g
Capacity: 2.5 Lt

Specifications (16cm) SC130
Diameter: 16.5 cm
Height: 16 cm
Weight: 950g
Capacity: 3.5 Lt

Specifications Lunch Pot (14cm) SC131
Diameter: 14cm
Height: 8cm
Weight: 534g
Capacity: 1lt

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Billy pot
19 January 2021  | 

Only used this pot twice really happy with it, solid well made well worth the money

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Great Service - Exactly What I Wanted
26 February 2018  | 

This is just what we need for camping and cooking. Enough for two people so w can prepare a meal at home in Zebra pot then take it with us and reheat.

Service great arrived on time well packed and a little bag of skittles inside!

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30 November 2015  | 

This is a very good quality item, I can see this lasting years.
It is slightly heavy though.

I've got the 10cm one, a trangia burner can fit inside easily, with room to spare.

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12cm Zebra Pot
09 October 2014  | 

Great billy does exactly what you want, just a couple of dislikes. 1 the plastic clips need to be removed if your going to use this on anything that will allow flames up the side. 2 The description says will hold 1.5 litres, well it will but only if it's full to the top, if you are cooking with it then a litre is it's max, if you need more get the bigger can.

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Expedition pot?
25 August 2014  | 

I wanted a durable pot for wild camps using a stove or open fire. Too heavy for backpacking but just right for kayaking or canoeing trips. Has enough room inside for a gas canister and a small burner.

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14cm Zebra pot
06 December 2013  | 

This is a well made pot if a little too heavy for the ultra lightweight brigade. I like the handle because with a full pot ,lifting it with a pot holder is a bit difficult. This pot is robust and will last a long time. Although I have only used it a couple of times I am satisfied that it is the pot that I needed.5Star

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Good, but...
08 November 2013  | 

This is a fairly bomb-proof pot, and a bit heavy for carrying. I find it really good for wood fires or stoves. But... there is no means of tilting the pot to pour the contents out if sharing. I took mine to a welding shop and had a little loop welded to the side, near the bottom. Now I can hold the handle and tip it up using a tent peg etc. Will it last? Who shall I leave it to in my will?

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