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That time of year when someone 'special' is so hard to buy for! In this listing we have tried to add ideas and suggestions which are different from the 'norm'.

Products which will hopefully cause a smile and gain you brownie points for being so aware of what is new in the outdoors world. If you are really stuck don't forget there's always a gift voucher which can be emailed to anywhere in the world.

for every stocking budget. After all ........ ‘ho! ho! ho!’

Ideas, Suggestions and Objects of Desire for Christmas

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Tinder Card/Paper


Titanium Fire Box Grill (T-433)

£85.49   £78.99

Titanium Flint Igniter (T-414)

£24.99   £21.99

Titanium Folding  Hex Wood Stove (T-415)

£69.99   £62.99

Titanium Sierra 750 (T-407)

£44.99   £39.99

Travel Chopsticks (T-206)

£29.99   £24.99

Ultralite Fold Drybags

£9.49  -  £25.49

Zebra Camping / Lunch Pot 14cm


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Page 4 of 4:    57 Items