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Ultralight Titanium DX Stand (EBY-257)

Ultralight Titanium DX Stand (EBY-257)
Ultralight Titanium DX Stand (EBY-257)Ultralight Titanium DX Stand (EBY-257)Ultralight Titanium DX Stand (EBY-257)
Ultralight Titanium DX Stand (EBY-257)Ultralight Titanium DX Stand (EBY-257)
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No stock, delayed despatch

Product Code:  RD101
Brand:  Evernew


Please note these items were found after a stock room clearance September 2019. They are priced to clear out.

These are the original product selling notes.

Item boxed and new.


We are thrilled, flattered and inspired that Evernew Japan chose us to be their retail partners in the UK for Evernew Titanium Products.

The newest and most exciting of which is this new Titanium DX Stand and associated Ultralight Titanium alcohol burner.

I would expect most people to buy this in conjunction with the Ultralight Alcohol Titanium burner, however if you just wanted a compact wood burner, which will combust wood or Esbits tablets, this is ideal.

This item is shockingly small. As a compacted unit (with or without the associated Titanium burner) this unit folds into itself and takes up less than 50% of a 750ml mug. Leaving plenty of space for a brew kit, tinder and so on.

The three pieces, the upper stand, lower stand and power plate can be used individually or all together. However a combination of at least two of them is required in reality.

The base plate has two functions. When used in conjunction with the Evernew alcohol burner, it drops in above the burn head and increases the performance of the meths burner, which sits nestled inside the unit. Or is can be used as the base grill for an wood fire. We used a small piece of our lightweight foil to protect the ground beneath the unit in the images you see.

As a wood burner;

We used some Hammaro Card as tinder and a handful of small twigs. Due the small nature of the unit you can't actually fit anything bigger than pencil thickness through the slots. So it really does suit very small twigs you pick up on route.

Once fired up with the 750ml mug placed on top containing 500ml of cold tap water, it was soon burning well. A very small amount of fuel was required and I don't think I even used 2 fistfuls of twigs before the water was coming to a rolling boil. It did take 10 - 12 mins, however it was a breezy day and good as the structure is, an additional windshield would help enormously. Once again we would suggest our lightweight foil as the perfect companion for both wind and to protect the ground.

In conjunction with the Evernew Ultralight Alcohol Burner;

This is where the unit really does excel. I filled the meths burner to 60ml, lit it with a flint and steel and placed the 750ml, once again with 500ml of cold tap water, on the top. At 6 - 8 mins I had a good rolling boil. I believe this would have been much quicker if I had also used some foil for a windshield, as it was a breezy day and some of the heat was being blown from the base of the pot. I couldn't blow the burner out so waited the 12 mins for the fuel to burn out.

Do have a read of the blog Fenlander, who has been testing this system for a short while.

There are other test results on the Titanium Burner description.

Evernew Code: EBY-257

As a backpacking combination;

My thoughts are this unit is a very well designed and manufactured item. It slots together and takes up very little space wherever you place it. Evernew do have the enviable reputation as using the best grade of Titanium in the manufacture of their goods. Most of which is done by hand, resulting in something which will probably out last you, and which you can leave to future generations to enjoy.

Impressed? Yes very much so. I find it very hard to find anything negative about it, and this unit will probably be my cooker of choice during my forthcoming trips in the UK and mainland Europe.

Further questions;

Does the DX Stand work with side burners like the Decagon Stove and the White Box series? No, these units will not fit inside the stand.

Does the DX Stand work with the Triad Stove? Yes this stove will fit inside the unit and improve in performance.

Does the domestic Trangia burner work fit inside the DX Stand?
Yes, the smaller of the Trangia units will fit (just) inside the unit and improve in performance. Please note this would sit higher up than the Evernew burner, however this works better for a Trangia. Alternatively if you wish to use the full height of the windshields, just invert the whole system, with the Trangia placed at the the base.

Does this DX stand fit inside any of the Evernew Pots and Pans? Yes the DX system fits neatly into all the Evernew pans and the lid will seal. It even fits inside the 400ml mug, although it is slightly proud of the rim.

About Evernew

All  our products are very high quality in terms of the material, the pressing process, the strength/durability and the finish.

The material are all made by Nippon Steel Corporation, the largest metal material supplier in Japan. We use TP35C JIS Ver.2 sheet metal Titanium, which is currently the best material in the world.

Regarding the pressing process, we use "Cold Press" method, where most of the Chinese products are made by "Heat Press" method lowering the raw material quality as well as the finish surface quality. Heat pressed Titaniums are more darker in color, sometimes very dark gray close to black, and the surface is not very smooth.

We use normal pressing machines, but the press speed and the temperature are totally controlled by skilled craftsmen.

The alcohol stoves and many of our products made by 0.4mm sheet are very cleanly made and the product quality stability is very high with less than 3% B-class products. We check every single products before being shipped.

But more than that, the 0.3mm Ultra Light collections are what Evernew only can produce at the moment. Many Chinese and even some Japanese brands are trying to produce 0.3mm products, but none of them have succeeded so far, with nearly 50% of B-class products.

Some are announcing that they have 0.3mm products in their lineup, but they are only the lids or partially used in the product and not fully applied.



Upper Stand
Diameter: 8.29cm
Height: 6.00cm
Weight : 23 grams

Lower Stand
Diameter; 8.02cm
Height: 5.00cm
Weight: 23 grams

Titanium: 0.4mm thick
Diameter: 7.82cm
Weight: 6 grams
Total Body Weight 52 grams

Evernew Code: EBY-254
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Evernew DX Stand
Thursday, 5 March 2015  | 

I have been wanting one of these for ages having used a colleages several times in the field. These are an excellent addition to any alcohol stove to increase it's performance and reduce your stoves pack size. Not cheap but then nothing worth having ever is, a true 5* product.

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Titanium DX stand
Monday, 10 February 2014  | 

Again, brilliant service from the team.

Really pleased with the complete set and that it fits very nicely inside the solo pan set

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Love it.
Wednesday, 4 September 2013  | 

Got the full kit, and it's accompanied me all over the UK, France and the US. Super-light, ultra-flexible in terms of fuelling choices. And a lot less hassle to carry than a Jetboil. It's now an essential part of my ultralight carry.

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It works.
Thursday, 11 April 2013  | 

Arrived very promptly. Small and very lightweight. When I took it out of the packet, it seemed a lot of money to pay for so little. But, it really works I tried it with my Trangia alcohol burner and with the spreader in place, it boiled water quicker than my large Trangia kit. Expensive but worth it.

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Great little mini-stove
Friday, 15 March 2013  | 

What an excellent little piece of engineering. Neat compact design but very powerful. Some brief field tests have shown it's almost as quick as my Primus Spider, if a tad thirsty with the Evernew burner. With my Trangia burner it takes a little longer, uses less fuel but is still better than my previous favourite Trangia Triangle. Just need to do some 'Blue Peter work' with BPL's windshield material before taking it on TGO2013.

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3 of 3 people found this review helpful.

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