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White Box Stove (Next Gen)

White Box Stove (Next Gen)
White Box Stove (Next Gen)White Box Stove (Next Gen)White Box Stove (Next Gen)
White Box Stove (Next Gen)White Box Stove (Next Gen)
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Product Code:  RB105
Brand:  White Box


This is the 'Next Generation' model.

A right little hot performer!

The White Box set now includes the stove, the windshield and the pot support. However you can still buy the stove or the pot support individually.

This tough, light and very efficient meths stove is made from recycled aluminum bottles by Bill Ballowe in the US for Gossamer Gear and now us!

Measuring 60mm in diameter and 60mm high, it acts as both pot support and cooker and comes supplied with a light, soft aluminum heat reflector and windshield.

Updated to have 25 burner holes up from 20 and now has a wicking material between the double wall to help bring the fuel up to the burner holes to improve lighting times and to improve the burn in cold weather.

From the picture you'll see the 25 jets are just below the rim of the cooker which means the spread of the flames is slightly wider then you might think. This makes the cooker perfect when combined with pots of 90mm diameter or more. However, the most recent design with 25 holes, up from the previous 20, has reduced the width slightly.

In operation I was seriously impressed. It has a large filling hole so there's no spillage from the bottle. Maximum capacity is half way up the inner wall, which equates to 2floz or 80ml of Meths.

Lighting the stove I used a flint and steel, and once lit you leave it for approximately a minute to prime. The side burner holes will suddenly ignite and this produces an even blue flame around the rim. During this time I put the windshield around the stove.

Using a wide 10cm base pot containing 500ml of cold water, it took just under 7 minutes for this to become a vigorous boil. I then left it on the stove for a further 8 minutes, and it continued to boil until the flame went out.

As the spread of the flames is pretty impressive, it is ideal to use it with a 10cm diameter pot to get the most from the heat.

During the podcast interview I did with Bill, he explains that he uses very little meths to bring the liquid to the boil, then removes the pan, adds the dried food and places inside a pot cosy for 10-15 minutes, for the perfect hot meal.

This stove is tough, light and small. It easily fits inside a small mug along with the windshield and heat reflector. It is ideal for someone looking for a good reliable meths cooking system to replace a heavy Trangia. Perfect for hikers and adventure racers alike.


  • Built to last from recycled materials
  • Won't 'crush' like coke can stoves
  • Cooker and pot support in one
  • Pot support adds stability for wider pans
  • Supplied with 95mm x 625mm lightweight aluminum heat reflector and windshield
  • Will burn for 15-20 mins max (Approx)
  • 60mm Diameter 60mm High
  • Stove weighs 30gms
  • Windshield weighs 28gms
  • Pot Support weighs 50gms
  • We are the exclusive UK distributors! 

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White Box Stove - Better than 5Stars
Tuesday, 26 May 2020  | 

Being an owner of many stoves this one is absolutely the best. Through trial and error, I have found meths works best for me whilst bikepacking. This little stove gives you the ability to cook meals and weighing just 44g means it's not a weight buster. The service I got from Rose and Bob was second to none and they give you the quality of service that you can't get elsewhere from other larger retailers. An exceptional product and exceptional company that both come highly recommended.

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Awesome powerful stove
Thursday, 30 January 2020  | 

Thought I’d treat myself to this. I don’t need another stove, nobody does. However I put my msr Titan kettle on it to try out and it’s quicker than a gas stove to get a boil. More efficient due to the small but effective windshield and the increased pressure through the jet holes.

I wouldn’t use any pot smaller than the Titan kettle though. If you like you skin and hairs intact on you fingers and hands as the flame goes up the sides of the pot and handles. A nice wide bottom pot would be ideal.

Brilliant stuff

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White sove
Thursday, 13 September 2018  | 

Great stove ! I love it ! Efficient and light ! Great service from the backpackinglight !

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Top product but specific to need
Wednesday, 13 June 2018  | 

Great stove super quick to bloom and very powerful. personally I think a little aggressive for a small, mid size pot and for cooking stuff you don't want to burn. excellent though for large amounts of water, litre plus. I used with my 750ml toak titanium mug and the flames lap the sides and occasionally engulf the whole thing! butally efficient though. bpl great service as ever....

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just the job!
Wednesday, 28 March 2018  | 

always been a big fan of meths three of the Swedish ones,but have decided to go lightweight this year,used the white box stove with the trangia kettle which works a treat,got a Skye trip in October and a west coast Ireland in june..using the stove as the centre of a very light cooking system..just the job!

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white box stove
Wednesday, 14 February 2018  | 

the white box stove tried using it inside the stormin norman wind cone with the alpkit 900ml mug everything got very hot quickly and would have to say its a fairly aggressive burner but working with its own wind breaker its a great little burner and very fast to heat water as for backpackinglight first class people was in contact with Rose on changing the postal address and had it sorted staight away and speedy delivery! would also say this stove is not for small based mugs 12cm base would be minimum in my opinion.

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White box stove (next generation)
Thursday, 11 January 2018  | 

Small neat and stable stove only used for fishing so far in windy wet conditions 2deg c ,neat windshield supplied,used bioethanol , thank you backpackinglight

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New item not yet tested, but glad r+r stock these.
Tuesday, 19 September 2017  | 

Bought this to try replacing trangia burner, yet to test. However burner and included windshield look great and credit to r and r for stocking these.

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Simple and Effective
Monday, 11 September 2017  | 

While I mostly use stick stove/fire combinations for cooking, I also find that having a fast and easy water boiling option is a great asset for those 'early start' or 'soaked and need something warm' times.

I saw this and thought I'd take a small punt on it filling that need and having used it for its first trip, I was very impressed .... it is perfect for that.

It reliably brought my 750ml of water to a boil in around 4-5 mins on 25ml of fuel and weighs more or less nothing. I like the ability to portion fuel up to fit the trip length and the simplicity of the thing ... not much to go wrong with this stove. I'll be buying another and throwing it into the car/van so I have a simple hot water option on the road.

If you need an ultra simple and light water boiling stove, it is a good option. If you are looking to cook and simmer then it probably isn't for you.

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What did i do wrong?
Saturday, 27 May 2017  | 

Until yesterday I would have agreed that this is the best piece of kit I have ever bought. Sadly last night, out on a wild camp after a long day in the mountains, all that had kept me going was the thought of a pot noodle before bed. So I poured the meths in and lit the stove and waited for the magic ring of flame to appear. And waited. And waited. And it never did appear. So no pot noodle for me 😥
Can anyone advise on what went wrong this time?

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I suspect, the ambient temperature was very cold? (Or your altitude was very high) With alcohol stoves it is important to get the fuel and the stove, up to body temperature before trying to light it, by putting it in your pocket for 10 minutes.
If the temperature of both, especially the fuel was cold, then this does have an effect on lighting and 'blooming' so the stove is sluggish to get going.
Hope this helps.

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