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Crux Stove

Crux Stove
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We had heard about this little stove but never used one in anger until the OMM Adventure Race and all we can say is, wow!

Firstly size and weight made it ideal for compact and lightweight packing. The nifty swivel head means it folds virtually flat and will sit into the curved recess of a 220 or 250 gas cart. (That's what the neat little neoprene bag is doing in the picture - holding it in place silently).

In our case we used it with a 100 cart and once the fins were folded out, and the unit placed onto some plastic canister feet, the rock solid set up was soon providing us with much needed continual hot food in a few minutes, 800ml at a time.

In fact the second boiling was faster than we could eat the first sitting! I was concerned that a 100 cart wouldn't last us the 2 day trip, however this stove gave us 6 meals, and several brews with still plenty left in the canister.

It does require ignition and this can be provided by a flint and steel, or an old disposable lighter you may have to hand.

The high output means this is a belter of a stove, this also means simmering is a tricky option keeping the gas alight.

However that said, I will be using this again when the cooking requirements are urgent. It would make an ideal companion to the pot cosy material, thereby saving even more fuel.

Very impressed!


  • Average boil time for 1 L of water ~ 3 min/1 l water, depending on climate, altitude etc.
  • Average burn time up to 60 min at maximum output (220 g canister)
  • Dimensions (cm) 8,4 x 5,7 x 3,1
  • Dimensions (in) 3.3 x 2.2 x 1.2
  • Fuel type Butane/propane gas canister (not included)
  • Kit includes Burner with valve and stuff bag
  • Output (BTU) 10200
  • Output (W) 3000
  • Technology Gas
  • Weight (grams) 83
  • Weight (oz) 2.92


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Not the lightest, but the best!
12 January 2017  | 

Nothing comes close if you can live with the extra grams.

The way it folds away in the bottom of the canister, fits excellent inside the Optimus Terra HE pot and you can even fit the windshield and canister stand (outside in the net) as well as a spork inside the top of the pan.

The big burner head together with the Heat Exchanger pot really saves gas, cooks up a brew 2,5 dl in seconds.

Together with the pot cosy I guess we have a winner in the gas stove section (?).

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Very impressive canister stove
18 June 2015  | 

I've struggled to fit my MSR Pocket Rocket into an MSR Titan Kettle for ages so recently tried cutting bits off the pan supports. The stove fits into the pan ok but the supports are now a bit small so decided to buy a new canister stove. The Crux Stove is superb - I've used it a fair bit since it arrived and can't fault it. You can tell the difference in performance from the larger burner head compared to the Pocket Rocket, and it also works far better with pans that have a heat exchanger - the boil time with this type of pan is really impressive. The articulated head on the stove is a little bit wobbly with a big pan, but no problem with a smaller pan. I've got a 1l Primus Eta pan that is a bit big for the Crux so I regret not buying the Crux stove-pan bundle which includes a smaller pan that looks like a really useful size. The little neoprene sack thing that you use to stow the burner beneath a gas canister is really effective and is not a pointless gimmick. The only downside is that with the neoprene thing on the gas canister won't slide into the MSR Titan kettle. On balance I think I did the right thing going for the Crux vs the Micro Rocket, especially as the larger burner head on the Crux makes so much difference (its a bit quieter too......).

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No excuse for not having a brew
28 June 2013  | 

With a stove as small and unobtrusive as this there's no excuse for not having a brew when out n' about. I recently spent an entire day with a silky zubat hand saw clearing all the windblown trees from my mtb trails and i made sure to pack this small stove in my camalbak pocket and gas cart inside my msr Titan kettle, the joy of stopping whenever i wanted to have a brew and admire my handiwork and cleared trails was very satisfying - fantastic little stove and i can see it proving to be very useful. Very well built and folds out with an extremely secure action that inspires confidence in use, surprisingly easy to regulate the gas flow as well for simmering.

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