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2 years ago Aleks Kashefi developed an idea of using his summer holidays to run the length of the UK, and over those 2 years, the idea kept returning.  Now he's planning on completing the journey barefooted (or as barefooted as he can!), starting on the 26th of July 2015.  

There will be no shoes, only an emergency pair of Luna sandals and 1206 miles of the UK’s fine countryside and footpaths.  Excluding the odd kind offer of a place to sleep, a wash and a some food, he will also be carrying what he needs to survive, purchasing food and equipment he may need along the way and relying on Tailwind Nutrition as the main source of calories as he moves from place to place.

(More information about the challenge) This is all to raise awareness of strokes and also to raise the ludicrous amount of £10,000 for the Stroke Association, so they can continue to improve the lives of those who are effected by stroke and to fund research into preventing and treating strokes.

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Running the Outer Hebrides for the John Muir Trust

During Spring 2016 I plan to do an unsupported continuous run along the length of the Outer Hebrides chain of islands to raise sponsorship money for the John Muir Trust. The John Muir Trust is an important interest group for all who value and enjoy Britain's wild landscapes and I have been a keen supporter of their conservation and lobbying work for many years.

The Trust also operates the John Muir Award as a scheme to encourage engagement with wild and natural places by young people. Completion of the Award has provided life changing experiences for young people from all over the United Kingdom.

My intended route will link the highest and most remote locations on the main islands of the Outer Hebrides, from Barra in the south to the tip of Lewis in the north. This will be an unsupported, lightweight trip that will allow me to explore the wildest and most remote landscapes of these fantastic islands.

The John Muir Trust works tirelessly to protect the unique character of these places and it would be fantastic if you could take a look at my JustGiving page and help to support their work through a sponsorship donation for my trip next year.

Best wishes, David Broom

Tour 663K Canterbury to Malta

On monday September 8th I will be embarking on a 3000km solo Bike Tour along the ancient pilgrim route 'Via Francigena' from Canterbury to Malta. The trip will take 6 weeks and pass through France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and eventually Malta.

Why am I doing this? well it will be a significant personal challenge but the main reason is to remember absent family. When I was 11 my Gran 'Nannie on the farm' passed away due to cancer, at 18 my Gran 'Nannie' passed away and in 2009 my Great Aunt passed. Until now i haven't had the opportunity to show my own appreciation and thanks for everything they did to inspire and define who I am today, so nows my chance to return the favour. I will be raising money for Marie Curie Cancer with a target of £3000, check it out and feel free to donate.

This will be a extremely challenging and rewarding adventure, which will allow me remember some incredible people and raise money for a great cause.


Walking 300 miles around the Tay watershed

I wanted to tell you about a long distance walk I'm undertaking soon, to raise money for Scottish Wild Land Group and Venture Trust. I'm walking the boundary of the River Tay catchment in May and June this year. It's a new and unique route that will take me around 5 weeks to complete. You can read more about the route, fundraising and my preparations on my blog.

Preparing for the walk, my first long-distance hike, has meant moving towards a more lightweight approach, a big learning curve. Anything you could do to help me raise funds for two great charities would be much appreciated.

Thanks Stefan
Billymaca's walk for Erskine Hospital

Hello to one and all, I have set up a page for a fundraising walk that we will be undertaking on July 26th to August 22nd in aid of Erskine Hospital. Your support would be appreciated and if you would like to follow us during the walk then look on here because we ...will be linking our GPS tracking device to this page.

Please share with others! Hospital website. Donation Page .

Thank you!

Walking across Mongolia

My name is Ash Dykes and I’m from Old Colwyn (North Wales).In May 2014, I’m attempting to be the first person to complete a 1,500 mile trek, from west to east across the brutal & unforgiving terrain, of the second-largest landlocked country in the world – MONGOLIA.

An Expedition which will take me over 100 days through some of the most varied & harshest terrain on the planet, from the Altai Mountains, Gobi desert, Mongolian steppe and facing mother nature’s brutal weather from the snow blizzards, sandstorms, extreme heat to the extreme cold and facing the dangerous Mongolian wildlife – Grey Wolves, Wild dogs and venomous creatures.

I will be pulling a wheeled desert cart carrying all of my own provisions including food & water, weighing in between 150-200kg. I will also be documenting my gruelling yet incredible journey across the country, capturing everything I will face from the terrain, the wildlife, the culture, the extreme & changing weather and my own physical & mental state.

I also have a production team flying out with me; we are looking to have the documentary broadcasted. At the same time, I am also raising funds for the British Red Cross.
Walking the Camino De Santiago to raise awareness for Throat Cancer Foundation

My name is Andrea and in May I will be walking the Camino de Santiago, in memory of my husband to raise money for the Throat Cancer Foundation. The charity is a registered UK charity no:-43439 or you can contact Ewan who knows all about my pilgrimage and has given me full permission to use their logo and URL whilst I am trying to get sponsorship, you can contact Ewan at:-
2,300km Solo & unsupported cycle around Vancouver Island, Canada. Am I mad?

Cycle Challenge Canada is an idea I came up with after completing my first cycling challenge in Spring 2013. This was a 4 day ride through the desert and mountains of United Arab Emirates with the aim of covering 900km. Myself and fellow rider Jason Roberts reached 720km (450 miles) by the fourth day. Being short of the planned miles, I did a 5th day in the desert on my own adding another 105 km (65 miles) on before nearly collapsing having run out of fluid in 50 degree heat.

After the ride I felt like something was missing, all the months of planning, training through winter and having a goal had been completed and I had nothing to aim for. I started to think about what I could do next, something bigger and more challenging. I grew up in Canada and still have family in Vancouver and Alberta, I love the wilderness there and was lucky to have been taken camping in the Rockies as a young boy. Having been back on several visits, I remember hiring a car and driving up from Victoria on Vancouver Island to Tofino, half-way up on the Pacific coast. This drive took two days, I can remember how remote many parts of it where and how big the mountain roads were. (Continued on website)
Cracking The SpineBritain's most brutal footrace takes place this january: The Spine Race is 268 winter miles south to north on The Pennine Way. In 2013 nine competitors finished within the 7 day limit and experienced ultrarunner Andy Mouncey wasn't one of them. In 2014 he aims to put that right. Limited daylight, remote wilderness and winter weather will combine to make the hard miles even harder, and on top of that Andy will also need to control his own demons and beat the toughest competitor of all - himself.
Gronabanet 2013 - One Northern Summer - One Thousand Miles
Mark Waring from Sussex writes his blog which is devoted to my Gronabandet 2013 attempt, close to one thousand miles from south to north through the Swedish mountain chain. A collective of Swedish outdoor brands have created and sponsored the 'Green Band' which challenges the long distance walker to walk an uninterrupted and unsupported trek through the summer sub-arctic mountain landscape of northern Scandinavia. It's a route of the walker's choice provided the journey either starts or finishes at the Swedish mountain station of Grovelsjon in the south with a corresponding start or finish at the lonely northern border stone of Treriksroset (where Sweden, Finland and Norway meet).

One Sweedish Summer Blog

Transnation Coast to Coast

I'm Paul G Briscoe and I'm outdoor enthusiast based in Warwickshire with over 25 years of experience in the UK and abroad. My passion for adventure and all things adventurous has interwoven its way through my life since the first day I can remember, it has never faded and hopefully never will!

Transnation Blog

Warren and Esther Sanders- 4 Year round the world cycle trip (Updated Feb 2013)

Currently they are in Thailand and cycling through some wonderful scenery and backdrops. We must podcast with them again soon!

The Sportswool Diaries

The Kayak Cowboys

We are some guys who are into Kayaking and all the other fun stuff that comes with enjoying the great Aussie outdoors. We like to get away and have a paddle, go off-roading, trying to find the best and most secluded campsites next to good paddling water.

We are addicted to all the essential adventure gadgetry and plenty of unnecessary stuff too, eventhough we convince our wives we need it!!

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Happy Hiker Website

I have recently published a new website with the aim of helping fellow hikers by providing free easy to understand walking routes in both text and GPS downloadable formats together with general walking advice.

The site will grow as I undertake more walks and write up those already completed and currently includes walks in Yorkshire (including the Yorkshire Dales), The Lake District and Derbyshire.

Please ask your customers to drop by!

Happy Hiker

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The website began life as an experiment by a frustrated writer and newbie SEO. I wanted a platform to showcase my writing skills as well as putting to work the new knowledge I was picking up. It didn’t remain an experiment for long.A wealth of travel and backpacking on a shoestring information for all ages.


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