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Stockli 3 Tray (Timer)

Stockli 3 Tray (Timer)
 Stockli 3 Tray (Timer)Stockli 3 Tray (Timer) 
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Product Code:  OA102
Brand:  Dehydrators


If you are concerned about leaving the drier switched on for any length of time, then this version comes with a built in timer to make life even easier.

Dehydrating foods for your outdoor trip is fun, easy and after a day tramping the hills provides the best high when you know exactly what you will be eating on your return to base. Most importantly, the savings which can be made for even the shortest trip can really add up, particularly if you share the investment with others.

Simple to use and easy to clean, just cook your food as you wish, slice and dice the larger pieces (such as meat) and spread on the tray and leave it to dry for a few hours. This unit will automatically turn off using the in built timer.

Please bear in mind that these dehydrators only come with mesh trays, therefore if you wish to dry wet meals some improvisation might be required, such as using baking parchment cut into the correct shape (much better than grease proof paper).

There are two thoughts on using them. Either dry the raw ingredients for later cooking of stews and soups etc, or cook the full meal and then dry the portions to suit requirements. The latter generally saves on fuel, however if you are lucky enough to be fuel rich, such as an open fire, the former may appeal.

The design of the Stockli facilitates temperature controlled drying throughout its three deep trays with the option of adding up to seven further trays to increase the drying area. It dries evenly throughout the tray area with variable, thermostatically controlled drying temperatures from 86° to 158° while using an economical (maximum) 600 watts of power. It features a safety cut-out with automatic reset to prevent accidental damage from overheating in the event that airflow is obstructed for any reason. The 33.5 cm circular base provides a compact footprint for this dehydrator making it ideal where space is at a premium while still offering a substantial drying area.

Supplied with three trays and instruction booklet. maximum capacity ten trays (available as options).

The baffles on the fan distribute heat more evenly with a clever series of concentric outlets in the base. The lid has a useful time indicator that you can set by hand to indicate either start or finish time for the produce you are drying and the instruction manual gives an easy guide to the art of dehydrating with recipes and drying times. Additional trays can be purchased separately in packs of two. (This dehydrator is also available without a in built timer.)

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Weight (unboxed) 3.5 Kg
Dimensions (l x w x h) 335 x 335 x 280 (mm)
Warranty 12 months

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