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Long Handled Titanium Spoon

Long Handled Titanium Spoon
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Brand:  Toaks


"Are you a messy eater? Having problems with food slop on your fingers due to short handled spoons?"


It's only 17g ... but loaded.

The Long Handled Titanium Spoon is designed for eating out of a “meal-in-a-bag” – be it home made museli, or one from any manufacturer of freeze-dried foods.

New model now with a matt  finish and an optimally-ergonomic bowl angle This Long Handled Titanium Spoon will become a cherished favorite in your ultralight kit.

A long handle (total spoon length, tip to tip, is 215 mm) keeps your hands clean of food gunk, and a flat-tipped spoon end makes it easy to scrape the last caloric-rich bits of scraps out of the bottom of a plastic bag or the sidewalls of your titanium mug. At 17g, the Long Handled Titanium Spoon as light as the sporks we sell and you gain and extra 65mm.

There is a channel formed in the handle to give the spoon tremendous strength while keeping weight low with an ultra-thin-walled titanium stock. A hole in the end keeps it handy if you tie on some ultralight cord.

Ideal if you want a flat edge to scrape the bottom of the pan or bag, to get the most from your nutrition and/or you prefer a spoon shape to eat from.

Top Tip: If your habit is to use packet food and this spoon, do consider getting a 'pot cosy kit' and make yourself an insulated bag to keep your food piping hot, right to the very bottom!

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