The Pack System

Your pack is the final of 'The Three Heavy' items where it is important to reduce the weigh and ultimately overall load for your trip. Do bear in mind that traditional hiking pack weights are typically found to be around 30 pounds/14kg plus.

The good news is there are now specialist lightweight packs which consists of a lighter material and some which have no frame in at all helping to reduce the weigh before you have even put anything in. Similarly once the weight of the larger items you would normally carry has been reduced (such as your shelter and sleeping system) the volume naturally follows. Therefore the ‘need’ to use a large heavy adjustable 65lt framed rucksack to carry up to 20kg, can be swapped for a more acceptable fitted (to suit your back length) 40 or 50lt frameless pack (620g).

Some empty adjustable packs can weigh as much as 3kg empty! If you are someone with a slight build this is already 20% of your load!

Can you give me some ideas?

  • Once you review our list you’ll note that it will fit easily within a 40 litre rucksack such as the Golite Peak (620g), giving a base weigh of around 6kg.
  • This is perfect, as by the time we add food and a ‘few’ luxuries the weight creeps back up to the 9-10kg mark, which is perfectly acceptable and comfortable.


Part 1 - What is classed as lightweight

Part 2 - Safety

Part 3 - The Shelter System

Part 4 - The Cooking System

Part 5 - The Sleep System

Part 6 - The Clothing System

Part 7


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