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Skinners Barefoot Shoe/Sock - Campwear

Skinners Barefoot Shoe/Sock - Campwear
Skinners Barefoot Shoe/Sock - CampwearSkinners Barefoot Shoe/Sock - CampwearSkinners Barefoot Shoe/Sock - Campwear
Skinners Barefoot Shoe/Sock - CampwearSkinners Barefoot Shoe/Sock - Campwear
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Brand:  Skinners


Okay, so you've had a long day hiking, walking, cycling or climbing and you've finally set up camp and you just want to kick off those heavy sweaty boots, approach shoes or whatever and let your feet stretch in the air and rest.

However there's still jobs to do, get water, cook, maybe go for a walk to catch the view, grab a munro, take photos or birdwatch. You didn't bring the annoying bulky sandals, crocs or flip flops on this trip and you don't really want to put those boots on again, so what are the alternatives?

This product has been a discussion topic of me and backpacking buddies for years. How many time have we said we need something very light, antibacterial, with a waterproof durable base, you can slip on your feet and use when in camp or nipping out in the night to water the roses? Maybe something you could use to walk into town which would allow your feet to breath but at the same time not slip and slide around like a normal pair of socks.

If you're a wild swimmer it is always more advisable to have something on your feet and these suit the bill. It is good to have grip when you are getting in or out plus some protection from hidden sharp objects.

The customers these were originally designed for were the barefoot running brigade. Something with maximum ground contact but with great grip. It's easy to see why these are now becoming a regular sight in gyms, yoga schools and other exercise classes. In fact search for any reviews from barefoot runners. They all give Skinners a thumbs up.

We've been using ours now for some time and they do everything they say on the tin. Waterproof base, no discomfort, no slipping about and great for nipping out into the garden, across the gravel path or doing any of the usual exercise. Admittedly they aren't a 'warm' comfort type sock/shoe, but if you need an extra layer some thin socks can be added easy enough.

Machine washable, made in Europe, with a great environmental credentials as they are made without toxic plasticizer, using compounds which are completely phthalates-free and production waste is minimized below 1%.

Sure they are not cheap for a pair of socks, but compared to the price of a pair of 'barefoot' shoes they are considerably less than current £120+

Weight 80gms, (160gms pair of size M) less than a pair of cheap (landfill) flip flops!

Go on, give your feet a treat in camp. We are totally sold on them and we hope you will be too.

Colour: Black with small coloured logo (various colours)

Please note: Due to hygiene regulations we cannot offer a refund on these products, so please check your size before ordering.


Durable and Flexible
To endure hundreds of miles of use while maintaining a flexible and thin (3 mm) bottom layer, Skinners are made of premium anti abrasive Swedish polymers. All that without BPA, phthalates and other harmful substances, of course.

Skinners is designed to fit both women and men flawlessly with maximum comfort and protection.

Hey, are Skinners socks or shoes? :)
Neither, yet both. We combined the best from both worlds - the freedom of a sock and the protection of a shoe into one nifty entity. Simply put, Skinners are a new piece/kind of clothing...

Should I wear Skinners with or without socks?
For maximizing your comfort and ensuring longer-lasting fresh feeling, we recommend wearing thin ankle socks with Skinners. However, it’s completely up to you, both ways are good, so choose for yourself whichever you prefer.

Skinners look fragile, aren't they going to break after a while?
No, we designed them to last. The bottom material is highly abrasive-resistant and is similar to the landing area on flagships. Knitting is seamless and there’s no glue or any other adhesive that could fall apart. Simply put, there’s nothing to break. You can only wear them out…

After how many miles will I wear them out?
We have worn the same model for more than a year and it’s still doing fine. But it really depends on if you are 250lbs guy using Skinners for running on a road or 100lbs girl using Skinners as backup shoes or just for walking on soft surfaces. That’s why we cannot promise the exact mileage. However, from our experience, we can say that Skinners last longer than some kinds of running shoes for 150$.

Talking about running, how does it feel to run barefoot in them?
Running in Skinners is really like running barefoot. However, you still have to gradually train the muscles and tendons to regain strength. As for asphalt, other hard surfaces, long distances or dangerous environments where you wouldn’t run barefoot, we recommend sticking to classic running shoes.

Can I use Skinners as water shoes?
The bottom layer of Skinners is water-resistant, which means that your feet will stay comfortable even when you run in them on wet grass. However, the fabric on top does not provide any such water protection so if you want to use them for swimming, your feet will get wet. However, for safety reasons, it is always better to have your feet covered when swimming than to have bare feet. You can even use Skinners in saltwater without any problems, just wash them in normal water afterward carefully turning them inside out and letting them dry properly. It’s also good to know that there are no glues or seams used so you don’t need to worry that they will fall apart after using them in water.

Can I really wash them in a washing machine?
Yes, put your Skinners in a mesh laundry bag, set your washing machine to a gentle cycle (30°C/86°F), throw your Skinners in (we recommend carefully turning them inside out so as not to damage the fabrics) with your regular clothes and wash them together. After you finish, hang them out to dry properly (just as you would dry your regular footwear) and wear them again.

I have received my Skinners and they are perfect, but there are some small black pieces falling off. Will it stop?
Don’t worry, initial crumbling of the bottom layer is normal and is caused by surplus material. It will stop after several uses.

I have worn Skinners a few times, but I realised they don’t fit me perfectly. Can I return them?
Unfortunately, we can accept only unworn pairs due to hygienic reasons. Skinners are similar to underwear in this respect – you wear it directly on your skin which excretes sweat and by walking on the floor Skinners are directly in contact with dirt. Due to these factors, general hygiene rules make accepting these worn pieces of clothes impossible. To prevent this kind of issue, please make sure that you try your Skinners on with socks and on a completely clean surface.

What about Skinners and ECO aspect? I bet you make them in some Asian sweatshop and pollute the Earth!
Since Skinners are completely handmade in family manufacture in Europe, we strictly obey the legislation of the European Union. We don’t use any toxic plasticizer, our compounds are completely phthalates-free and production waste is minimized below 1%. Simply put, the production of Skinners is NOT associated with harming people, animals or the environment.

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skinners barefoot socks/shoes
Thursday, 1 July 2021  | 

I've only tried these around the house so far and they seem ideal. I've worn barefoot shoes or gone barefoot for a few years now so I'm used to the feeling. These are a great lightweight addition when I want that barefoot feel but also some protection. I have narrow feet and these fit fine but they may be tight if you have wider feet.
Great service from backpackinglight-prompt and well packaged delivery.

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Comfortable, light and well made
Monday, 19 April 2021  | 

My biggest hesitation over buying these unique sock/shoes was working out just what they were "for". However, having had a pair for six weeks or so now I find myself reaching for them more and more.
They certainly work well as a camp shoe - they're comfortable, easy to slip on and off, and add really minimal weight to the pack.
I've also worn them for river crossings - they grip well and provide enough cushioning over sharp stones. They do need to dry out afterwards, perhaps most easily by just walking on in them for a while.
Finally, I increasingly find I'm reaching for them for short walks, when they feel just like walking barefoot but without the occasional painful suprise truly barefoot walking produces from sharp sticks or stones. I'm not sure they'll replace my walking boots, but they do make a refreshing change from time to time.

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Solid kit
Friday, 11 December 2020  | 

Lightweight robust and well constructed.
Ok around house. Real test will be out on the moors next year
Thanks again Bob for spotting this sort of innovative gear

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