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Primetech 1.0 Litre Pot

Primetech 1.0 Litre Pot
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Brand:  Primus


Another way to save weight is to reduce the amount of fuel you need to carry, and with the Primus Primetech concept the heat exchanger system combined with a windshield can drastically improve your cooking system.

Reducing boil times and fuel consumption by up to 50%. Like the others in the series this pot has a set of fins on the bottom which massively increase the surface area of the bottom of the pot and allow it to absorb more heat.

The PrimeTech pots are designed with efficiency in mind, making the best out of every ounce of fuel used.

Stay out longer or carry less fuel, the choice is yours! The pots are made from hard anodized aluminium with durable ceramic non-stick coating on the inside. The bottom of the pot now features a grooved pattern for better friction to the stove.

The updated heat-resistant silicone-coated handles are integrated with the pot and lock safely in your hand when handling them. The lid of the pot is made from transparent Tritan® with grip-friendly silicone; it can also be used as a colander. The pot can be packed inside itself – to minimize pack volume, you can pack the pot with its lid turned upside down.

    •    Height (mm): 115
    •    Diameter (mm): 152
    •    Weight: 282 g
    •    Volume: 1000 ml

Stoves which fit inside the heat exchanger 'fin's need to be less than 100mm spread.
Stoves on which the heat exchanger fins rests, need to be greater than 140mm spread.

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Not quite all things to all p[eople, but...
Saturday, 17 December 2016  | 

There is nothing not to like about this pan. I have had one for some time so can attest to its durability, but will buy another while stocks last! You know how it is nothing stays the same for long. Its weight falls by the wayside when you look at the efficiency of the thing. I use it in summer with the stove first developed with it in mind with the windshield that comes with it, and the fab Alpkit tube stove in winter with ally wind break. Everything bar a gas cartridge fits inside my pan set, even with the winter stove - the bowl that comes with it, a small titanium pan for whatever, cartridge stand in summer, spoon, stove, tea, lighter/firesteel, pot-grabber for said Ti pan and my lid, spares. Why this fascination for fitting the gas in the pot? You only have to put all the other odds and sods somewhere else. And I use an alloy flan tin as a lid instead of the one supplied - it won't melt or burn, and the alloy lid/extra food prep/eating surface is unbreakable and closes down on the whole shooting match. I have used this pan with super light Ti BPL stove burning wood collected en route! A bit disappointing on boil time, but fun, and the pan smells wonderfully of wood fire for many uses after on gas. It works well enough on meths stoves but I don't feel there's anything like the fuel savings compared to gas, so consider this a gas or other multifuel stove realistically. My best buy. Yogabob.

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primtech 1L
Friday, 12 February 2016  | 

Great advice and delivery as always.
The pot is used in my power eta set up, so light weight isn't so much of an issue, but in this set up gas use is only 60-70% of normal. It's not enough to justify it on weight grounds alone, unless it's a long trip/limited gas. A lighter pot will do more for you in that regard.
However, i'm trying to use less gas/CO2 as my other priority, and this pot definitely helps the planet/pocket in that regard.
The bowl inside is great. I cook pasta, then keep it warm in the bowl wth lid on, while I then make sauce in the pot, then add pasta and sauce together!
The lid is good, being able to see inside to judge the 'boil' without taking it off is helpful.
I've not used it on a meths stove yet, which I think will be interesting. I'm hoping it will work well, as it becomes it's own 'caldera' type cone, with not much heat loss up the sides. The only problems with meths might be some soot in heat exchanger fns, but I don;t think it would be too bad.
Have you tried it with a Meths stove Bob/Rose?

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Great little pot
Monday, 10 August 2015  | 

Paired with an Alpkit Koro stove ideal for my individual cooking purposes. Well made quality product - boiled enough water for my mug of tea in under 2 minutes (no wind though!). Looking forward to putting this through it's paces later in the Summer.

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Good Pot
Tuesday, 18 November 2014  | 

The Eta 1 litre pot was delivered in West Cumbria by DPD if you are not at home or have no where it can be left, it is a 60 mile round trip to their depot so this may be a consideration. The Eta pot is excellent with a handy bowel. The pot is very stable and boiling water is made simple with the venting in the lid stopping it from becoming unstable and also acting as a strainer. The down side is you can't pack a large gas canister and cooker in the pot due to it's wider lower dimensions. So for cooking it is great but for streamlined backpacking it's not ideal.

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EtaPower Pot, 1l
Tuesday, 25 February 2014  | 

Haven't yet had the opportunity to use the pot in anger, so can't comment on boil time. However, am impressed with the build quality. The heat exchanger fins are covered on the outside of the pot, unlike previous versions. This helps protect the fins and possibly (?) adds to heat conservation. The 1 l pot is just the right size to fit in most boil in the bag brands (with a bit of coercing).

The pot sits well on top of my Primus Express Ti stove (as you'd expect), but I like how I can also use the Primus clip-on windshield (the one that nestles around a 250g gas cart) without interfering with the pot heat exchanger.

The lid seems flimsy compared to the usual metal style lid, but I have no reason to believe it won't take some punishment. For packing away, once the small bowl (provided) is inserted into the pot, a small gas cart can be stowed and is held in place by a dimple on the bottom of the plate; alternatively, a 250g gas cart fits neatly by virtue of the dome moulded into the pot lid. The whole assembly packs neatly into a mesh bag, supplied.

My only gripe, and it is a small one, is that when packing away the pot lid won't close over a gas cart with the windshield over it. However, with the predicted fuel saving from the heat exchanger, maybe the windshield won't be necessary.

All in all this pot is typical of the high build quality one expects from Primus.

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etapower 1litre pot
Tuesday, 26 November 2013  | 

Excellent service,good quality product.

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Very effective
Thursday, 7 November 2013  | 

The heat exchange feature of these pans really makes a difference to reducing boil times. I often carry an MSR Titan Kettle to use as a big mug (works really well with a pot cosy insulation sleeve), and if I use the Titan Kettle for boiling water instead of the EtaPower I really notice the difference in boil times. I easily get an extra third to a half more canister life using the EtaPower. When I use the pan with high output stoves with a small burner head (I use an MSR Pocket Rocket and a Primus Express Spider) the pan works especially well as all of the flame is contained within the heat exchanger ring: even when on full power, you can feel hardly any heat getting past the heat exchanger - its all retained and used for cooking.

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