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Reflective Quilt/Sleeping Bag Cover

Reflective Quilt/Sleeping Bag Cover
Reflective Quilt/Sleeping Bag CoverReflective Quilt/Sleeping Bag CoverReflective Quilt/Sleeping Bag Cover
Reflective Quilt/Sleeping Bag CoverReflective Quilt/Sleeping Bag Cover
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(Update March 23) Following requests for a more durable base sheet we are now using 65gsm PU Coated Ripstop polyester, which adds more durability and weather resistance in damp situations. It also has increased the overall weight by 60gms.

I know from many years experience of backpacking, camping and general travelling, that the ability to have a sleep system which is compact and effective makes any journey so much better. A good night’s sleep is highly valued.

We all aim to build a lightweight sleep system, in recent years that may have involved changing from sleeping bags to quilts and using more thermally effective sleeping mats. Or carrying additional insulated clothing to up-rate the temperature at camp and during the night.

Another idea is to use a sleeping ‘liner’ or ‘sleeping bag/quilt cover’ to trap or ‘reflect’ more heat where you want it.

We have been pioneering the Thermartex Heat Reflective Blankets now for many years. Customers rave about it (see comments) and of course we’ve tested it ourselves on numerous adventures in all kinds of weather, especially during the TGO Challenge crossing, where the weather is unpredictable at best.

The ripstop blanket has a measured heat reflectivity performance of 75% and is coated with a DWR finish. In normal use the ‘silver side is in’ when there is material/insulation between your skin and the blanket or ’silver side out’ when it is directly against your skin. Maybe if you were using it in a hostel or on the Camino for example, it would be ideal for added warmth and to protect from bed bugs too.

We have always suggested that as good as the blanket is, it would be ideal to make some kind of ‘fixing’ to keep it in place on the sleeping area and prevent it slipping off. Naturally this means a ‘bag’ large enough to be used as a cover, and small enough to be used as a sleeping ‘liner’.

A ‘cover’ would then need to fulfil certain needs as follows; 

  • Capacious enough to allow a sleeping pad to go inside and still allow space for an adult male and lofting of the sleeping bag/quilt.
  • Roomy enough so it doesn’t feel restricted, but does allow warm air to be trapped and reduce any cold draughts.
  • To be long enough to go beyond the shoulders to allow the user to have material beneath their head to prevent slippage during the night.
  • To incorporate an opening to allow the user to ‘sit’ on their mat with knees bent and extend into the cover, rather than ‘wriggle’ into the cover bivi bag style.
  • The material needs to be breathable and shower proof to protect the quilt/sleeping bag within from spillages.
  • The final package needs to be light and compact enough so it can be stored in the same bag as the sleeping system if required.

With these needs in mind we have now designed a cover to do all of this. With the price of ‘down’ increasing hugely this product will increase the usability of your current system thereby saving considerable investment in a new heavier and more expensive sleeping cover for the few colder nights you might experience on adventures over forthcoming years.

The ‘standard’ off the shelf product consists of Thermartex upper and nylon base. Sewn with box corners and sides, with right hand or centre zip.

The capacity of the cover is such that you can either put your sleeping pad ‘inside’ the cover along with your quilt/sleeping bag, or place your sleeping pad ‘underneath’ the cover and have much more space. Either way the reflective properties of the blanket are maintained through the night and it will help add those few extra degrees which will make all the difference.


  • Weight: 286gms 
  • Length: Top 170cm Thermartex. Base 65gsm PU Coated Ripstop polyester
  • Colour: Bottle green
  • Heat reflectivity: 75% Max
  • Showerproof: DWR Coated
  • Other: Silent and Downproof
  • Packed size: 16cm x 17cm
  • Access: Right zip or Centre zip only

Hand wash only. 

Please note this is NOT a survival product but one to enhance your current sleep system.

NB: We are able to custom make this product within certain limitations so please drop us a line to discuss details.

Review from Martha Wheaton who used here cover during the 2022 TGO Challenge 200 mile walk across Scotland

"Though temperatures on this years TGO Challenge did not dip as low as I'd expected, I used the bag cover every tent night but one (a "test night"). Because I found it never caused me to feel too hot on less frigid nights, and it eliminated all the cool/cold spots that I have over time just become used to waking with and adjusting during the night, it made sense for me to use it all the time. As a result the quality of my sleep was much, much better. For me the weight/volume to utility/comfort ratio was very clearly in favour of the over-bag! This despite the fact that I am a small/slight person and mindful to keep a low (for me) base weight (approx 6.5kg for this trip).

Another advantage for me is that it kept my quilt more dry--When I'm cold I tend to burrow, and with the bag pulled up over the quilt I don't experience the condensation problem at the top edge of the quilt that is usually caused by my burrowing. Plus I'm not burrowing quite as much as I'm noticeably warmer. It really is a good addition to a sleep system like the one I employ which uses layers including insulated top and bottoms, which can also be used in camp, or left behind on warmer trips. I can mix and match pieces over 3 seasons to have more versatility, and the over-bag definitely extends the comfort and utility of my system. Plus having had it out previously on a few very cold nights, I can say "I'm a fan"! The side zipper really adds to the ease of use as well, another plus. I really can think of no cons, other than having to decide where to spend your money, which if you want to be warm/dry/comfortable/safe in the outdoors in a variety of conditions, you will likely have to do anyways!

One thing I thought could be useful (for me, anyways) is a thin length of shock-cord and a toggle at the top hem to draw in the bag top, which would facilitate secure all-night coverage of the upper quilt and act as a barrier to condensed exhalation vapor landing directly on the quilt. But possibly having it loose and open at the top helps with over-bag breathability so maybe not--I'll likely experiment."


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21 June 2023  | 

Just back from 2 weeks of wild camping in southern Scotland. I have to say, this cover is brilliantly designed. I am 6 ft 5 and a restless side sleeper and yet I could easily fit the pad, 2/3 season down bag and me within this cover. It's lightweight and packs down super small. It made a huge difference to my sleeping comfort - warm days yet surprisingly cold and sometimes windy nights. Although to date I have used sleeping bags I am thinking of trying a quilt and can imagine how this cover would be perfect for warmth and draught protection.
Highly recommend this - I've packed it away with my bag as it is now a permanent addition to my sleep system.

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So small but so effective
16 October 2022  | 

I bought this because I have started using a quilt, and I was suffering from drafts and more often, condensation drips. I am completely converted. It packs away hardly bigger than a handkerchief, but I will swear it adds another 5 degrees to my quilt.
The side zip makes it much more convenient to use than a simple bivi bag, and I now wrap up mattress, quilt and bag-cover in one simple easy-to-deploy bundle. Ten out of ten.

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Thank You
14 May 2022  | 

I normally wait a while before doing a review but this is simply perfect. I had already bought some of the material used in its construction some time ago which I made into a liner so I know how good it is. I'm 6ft 2inch and this gives me a ample room inside whilst still cocooning the quilt around me, adding warmth/reflecting heat and protecting the quilt from condensation for just over 200g. First class workmanship. If you have a down quilt, get one, you won't find anything quite like this anywhere else.

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Versatile and good warmth to weight
20 April 2022  | 

Just had this out on a cold wet trip with temps hovering around zero degrees. Once I'd set up my shelter the cover immediately came in handy for regaining some warmth without getting my down insulating pieces damp as I was trying to organize my wet kit explosion. When it was time to turn in, I really appreciated the feeling of being cocooned in my quilt without feeling at all constricted. I was able to have my pad and quilt inside the cover very comfortably and the zip makes getting in and out easy. And no drafts of course. Previously I have tolerated some chilly nights at similar temps (quilt is rated to -5), but with the cover I was comfortably comfortable rather that tolerably uncomfortable! A versatile way to extend your quilt or bags comfort.

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Light and effective
14 April 2022  | 

A well made piece of kit, very light, and small enough to always take just in case. I bought this to provide additional warmth for my 2/3 season down bag and quilts when using them nearer their lower limits, and only expected to carry it occasionally, but I'm so impressed with it, it's become a permanent fixture in my kit list. For me it's a no brainer to know I can boost my comfort if conditions are colder than anticipated.

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