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16mm Walking Pole Link Tube (Twist Lock)

16mm Walking Pole Link Tube (Twist Lock)
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At last the strongest, most stable, reliable solution to convert your walking poles into a support for the Teepee style, Mini Peak II, Shangri-La 3, Shangri-La 4, Megalight, Megamid, tarp and any shelter requiring a solid tall adjustable pole.

For those with lightweight poles made from smaller diameter sections, namely 16mm, 14mm and 12mm sections this Blue 16mm tube will replace the handle and link the four lower sections together to provide a strong stable support.

Once the 'lightbulb' was on, I knew in the UK there were two standard pole diameters produced, and by creating a 14mm expander for the thicker poles (replace lower section) and a 16mm tube for the thinner poles (replace handle), 99% of the walking poles would be covered for those wanting a single strong support.

Therefore we can offer two solutions for anyone wanting to link two walking poles together to create a solid reliable support. One which is quick and simple to erect and will allow you to sleep well at night, so not worry about your shelter collapsing!

This extender tube will obviously only work with poles which use internal expanders. It will not work with 'flick-lock style poles.

Please note: The Black Diamond/Leki  'click/flick lock' system I'm afraid is NOT compatible with this simple device. Please see The Missing Link 12mm extender for that fitting.

Simply unscrew the handler section of each walking pole and slide the mid pole section into the tube, twist and lock it into place.

How to measure your pole diameter:
Remove middle pole section. Tear a strip of scrap paper a few centimetres long and wrap it around the solid top of the section, nearest to the plastic expander. Crease the paper with your finger nails where your thumb and forefinger touch. Then measure the distance between the two marks.
If the measurement is approx 44mm the middle pole is 14mm in diameter and the 16mm tube is the correct product.
If the measurement is approx 50mm then the middle pole is 16mm diameter and you will require the 14mm section to replace the lower pole instead.

Please ensure there is a good 'overlap' of each section over the joining section to provide maximum stability and strength. To remove simply reverse the process and replace the handle section back into place.

A word of warning: Do take care removing/replacing the mid pole section and slotting it into the extension tube, to ensure the plastic expanders slide into place without damaging the fins. No responsibility will be taken for any damaged expanders which have been forced or damaged in any way.

Will fit all walking poles with a 16mm handle section, namely;

(List to be added to)
Leki Ultralite Makalu
Leki Ultralite Carbon
Pacerpole Carbon (For the Alloy Pacers you require the 14mm version)
Alpkit Carbon Lite Poles (2106)


Measuring your pole diameter
Twist and remove the handle section of your walking pole. You need to measure the top of your middle pole section just below the 'twist lock' expander.

If you don't have the manufacturers information or a digital caliper, you need to try this simple method. Mathematically with a radius of 8mm the (internal) circumference should be  2 x pi x R = 50.24mm. However, if you use a slip of paper and wrap it around the pole, then lay it against a ruler, we are getting a measurement of 55mm. That's close enough!


  • Dimentions: 300mm x 16mm
  • Alloy: Weight 34g
  • Colour: Blue
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16 mm pole link tube
28 April 2020  | 

Only just purchased ‘this ,seems to work well with my Leki and brasher walking poles.happy with product.

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Big weight saving when appropriate
31 January 2020  | 

As a device which allows me to convert my Alpkit CarbonLite Twins into a Darth Maul lightsaber, it's pretty good. But I can only give it 4/5 because it doesn't make the noises so I had to make them myself.

As a device which allows me to hold up my 160cm tall Golite Hex using my Alpkit CarbonLite Twins, there is nothing to complain about so it gets 5/5.

The resulting pole is slightly less flimsy than I expected, as the thinnest sections of the trekking pole don't need to be extended anywhere near their limit to give an overall length of 160cm.

However I would only trust this setup for weekends when the forecast guarantees minimal wind. If strong wind is possible, I'll be taking the original stout pole that came with the Hex.

That's no statement about the quality of this product - it's great - it's more a statement about being realistic about what one can expect from a 160cm pole made mainly of very thin carbon fibre poles. It will be the carbon fibre poles that break, not this linking section.

Weight is accurate: my scales say 35g. My orignal Hex pole is 350g, so this is neatly 1/10th of the weight which is a very satisfying statistic.

I'll be leaving the Hex pole behind whenever I can. Great stuff.

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16 mm Walking Pole Limk Tube
26 November 2018  | 

Not suitable for either of my Helios Ridgeline LB135 walking poles or Fizan walk poles 😫😖🙁

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The Helinox LB135 has an unusual locking mechanism and I'm not sure any of the 5 different linking secion we sell would be suitable. I don't have one for reference I'm afraid.

You don't specify which Fizan pole so I can't advise which would be a suitable alternative.

Great product, just service
28 February 2018  | 

Superb service, super fast delivery and the pole extender is top quality, sturdy and well made. Would defiantly recommend both the extender and backpackinglight.

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A solid piece of engineering
18 December 2017  | 

Gives a very stiff bivvy pole with good rigid connections for very little weight. A great upgrade on the current model.

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How did I ever manage
19 March 2017  | 

How did I ever manage without the walking pole extender,
I can use it with a tarp or with the Shangri la 3 and 4. great bit of kit.

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16mm walking pole extender
11 May 2016  | 

Tried it once in my backyard with some wind, my shangri-la 5 stood perfect. Glad to be able to leave the big pole home.

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Does exactly what it says on the tin... and does it well!
21 April 2015  | 

The best things in life are inherently simple. I'm confident that sentiment will be shared by all reading this, as you're likely an outdoor enthusiast yourself, therefore of a mind to appreciate the simple pleasures to be found on the trails... and maybe even off them too.

This 16mm pole extender is tough, but also very light. For my LEKI Trails AS (Antishock) poles, it is the correct size to link the two lower poles together (this was my mistake thinking the larger size meant it was intended to connect the upper tubes together). Despite my mistake in ordering the incorrect size, I did instantly discover a use-case for it with a particular type of shelter I enjoy using.

I've just ordered the 14mm version, which is the correct size to connect my hiking pole's upper tubes together by removing the lower tubes. It's somewhat ironic but having both the 14mm and 16mm versions will enable me to easily produce a two-pole tarp shelter setup I quite like... on a larger scale (using a 4x4 meter tarp).

There's not really much more to say about this product. It's sturdy, light, and does what it says on the tin... very well!

Just be careful to make sure you purchase the correct size for your hiking poles. Read the descriptions carefully.

For the LEKI Trails AS (Antishock), you want the 14mm... that much I can say for sure.

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Was this made by ronseal?
02 February 2015  | 

Because it does exactly what it says on the tin. Simple, effective, weighs sod all, and I got to offset that weight saving by eating the packet of wine gums which found their way into the box!

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pole tubes
22 January 2015  | 

..service the usual first class..the product is good..if you use the tube and the extender tube to gether with a single walking only need to use one pole.

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