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Duo Tarp

Duo Tarp
Duo TarpDuo TarpDuo Tarp
Duo TarpDuo Tarp
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Special Autumn offer 2022 while stocks last.

All Duo Tarps will be shipped with 50 foot of paracord and 10 heavy duty pegs FREE OF CHARGE.

Based on the successful features of our Micro Tarp and Solo Tarps, we have upgraded the materials used in the fabrication of this range and added something larger for two people, or one person wanting 'loads' of room.

Measuring 250cm x 295cm (10' x 8' approx) with 16 perimeter tabs and 9 lifter tabs, this tarp will give you as many pitching options you could ever want. Making it ultimately flexible for backpackers, kayakers, hammocks users, cyclists, in anyone needing a quality rainproof product for low weight.

Weight of tarp 580g. Not the lightest tarp of it's kind, but the material used (67gm2 2500mm hydrostatic head PU coated nylon) is the same as high quality lightweight tents currently on the UK market (same manufacturer). This product is designed to give you years of practical and reliable service in most conditions.

All lifter tabs and material joins are seam sealed inside the material and suitably reinforced to allow tension to be placed at all angles.

Perfect for easy and swift creation of the A-Frame, Lean-To, Flying-V and Cave configuration (and anything else you can think of!), for any outdoor activity.

Plus of course every tarp we sell, arrives with a free digital download of The Tarp Video which explains in video form, how to tie all the knots you need to know, how to hank cordage and erect your first tarp in the 3 main configurations. As pitching a tarp may be new to your outdoor experience, we suggest you take your time practicing with the various configurations in your back garden before you head out into the wilds!

Using a tarp with a bivvy bag is a great way to see more of the outdoors and feel 'part' of your environment. These tarps are designed to support the lightweight backpacker and bivvy user. Of course there's many ways they can be used, including extending the vestibule area of a tent, as a windbreak on the beach or a 'hide' for photographers.


  • Size: 2900mm x 2400mm (10' x 8')
  • Weight: 560g
  • Material: 40D/230T nylon with silicon treatment +PU2000mm
  • Colour: Green
  • Attachment points: 16 exterior and 9 lifters
  • Construction: Double stitched reinforced hem with seam sealed reinforced attachment points.
  • Webbing and lifters: 15mm polypropylene webbing externally.
  • Supplied with bag: Loose fit to accommodate pegs and cord. Free CD-Rom (PC and Mac) video explaining how to tie and pitch your tarp.


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Love the tarp, don't like the bag
16 May 2016  | 

This arrived promptly with the same high level of customer care that everyone else has noted on this website.

Spent a great weekend trying different configurations with the help of the excellent DVD, and slept out on the Saturday night just to test it out. Fabulous!

It was all going great until I put it back in the stuff sack which ripped out down the side as I did so. So, great tarp, great service, bad bag.

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Hi Steve, so sorry about that. We will pop a replacment bag in the post to you. This is the first one we have heard of since we have been making and selling them.

Duo Tarp - 5 star kit
04 May 2016  | 

Bought a Duo Tarp about 18 months ago, not directly from Bob and Rose, but via a well known internet auction site. I know it was originally from them as their excellent tarp dvd was included. Well it has done them and me proud, it is the only shelter I use now, either on the ground or under a hammock. I used it on the TGO Challenge 2015 and will be using in 2016 as well. The quality is excellent, but what I like all the extra guying points as it makes for a solid but flexible setup. I primarily use a modified version of a cave rig I found on youtube. Here it is near Soulies Bothy on Knoydart.
It stood up to some fierce weather during the challenge and I use it all year round. The only improvement I could suggest is to increase the size to 3m x 3m, and use seam sealer instead of tape. So, Bob and Rose I will gladly buy one from you next time if you can get one a bit bigger.

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Coming up short...
17 June 2015  | 

I have used 3x3m tarps before, and they work a treat although they can also use a lot of ground, not so good on some kinds of mixed terrain. So I bought this 3x2.4m one and find it a curious mix of better, and worse! it works better for some applications and.... At 6ft I find the 'cave' a bit short on lying-down-length done one way, but a bit low done the other, and the lifters work better the first way and.... However, I must confess to limited experience with this one, and hope to find new ways to overcome such 'problems', always fun! the 'flying vee' is a cracker though, and is fast becoming a favourite - and fast to pitch - when the weather isn't too boisterous, or with a bivvy bag and your head 'inside' if it's blowing and smizzling from all around. Whatever, this tarp and a decent b-bag shouldn't come in at much over a kilo, and at this price you're not even beginning to rock the bank boat. I'd have given it 5 stars if only I could crack the 'cave' set-up. I'm sure Bob and Rose won't mind me mentioning a, so far, very small company, bear-bones-biking, who will make up any length of 10.25mm DAC pole for tarping - maybe BPL will look at this? 150gm for a 110cm and 70cm pole in 35cm sections - with a pair of superlight trekking poles as well you've got all the bases covered. Anyway, more great kit from BPL, there's no other company covers the bases like they do.

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Essential piece for outdoor kit
26 April 2015  | 

Whether you use a tent or not, a tarp is essential in your setup.
I bought a size bigger than what I actually need, for peace of mind, and added flexibility.
This DuoTarp is a really good product. No-nonsense, a simple and effective must-have item.

I have actually used it to make a full shelter by using my bicycle, put upside-down and rigged with the BPL 2mm dyneema, and been quite happy with lots of room and great protection from wind and rain.
See the pictures, to have an idea. Symmetrical setup gives less room, but an asymmetrical setup for a single user gives room to spare

With a 210x150cm Tyvek groundsheet, plus a dozen of Ti pegs, the complete weigth is around 800gr. This is really good for the amount of room offered, I could have had a companion on the other side of the shelter, and both being fully protected and with room for the bags.

This one was actually a "B stock", but I cannot find anything wrong with it, so it was a real bargain, plus excellent service.
And the Dvd is nice, I like Bob's humor

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Really good customer service!!!
27 March 2015  | 

First of all I'm not a native english speaker, so maybe my review is fulll of bad grammar and wrong used words but I hope it'll help some of you with the decision of buying a duo tarp

I purchased the duo tarp for a hiking trip to the highest mountains of norway and Sweden.
It has enough space for two people and two backpacks (and two places to sleep of course
Even through my buddy and me really laughed a lot at the surprisingly well filmed and produced DVD, we soon realized (while trying to put the tarp up for the first time) that we should watch it again and pay more attention to it
Done once the tarp is really easy to setup, really light weight and really compact. It fitted our needs perfect, but might not be the best companion for an rockfestival, because you always have an open side…
After a 10 days trip with wind, rain, sun and all in between, some “delamination of seam sealing tape has occurred where it overlaps the stitching” (like the good peole at Backpackinglight wrote it on the B-Stock duo tarp page). So I was not sure if it would be still 100% waterproof. So I send an email to Backpackinglight.
I really really have to say, that their customer-service is 110%!!! They were very sorry and immediately sent me another duo tarp. FOR FREE! But the service is/was great anyway beginning with some sweets in the package, the DVD and the superfast email correspondence.
To be honest, I haven’t tried that new one, but I think it’s really honest, that the people @Backpackinglight now sell these “old” duo tarps (mine seems to be one of them) as really cheap “b-stock” ones. My “old” one is now doing a fantastic job as an awning on our t4 van

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Thanks for the comments Andreas. Following your feedback all the remaining Duo Tarps have been checked and any produced from the same batch have been put into the B-Stock section. Fresh stock has since been delivered from the factory.

B.P.L. DUO tarp
27 March 2015  | 

Hilarious fun! I've never "tarped" before, and now I'm just grinning like a big (56 yr old) kid! Bought the Duo and also the DD Superlight because I couldn't make my mind up. The ever-helpful Rose at BPL suggested that the Duo has the extra feature of many line attachment points all over the face as well as the edges. It's 50g heavier than the DD but I can't say I really noticed. It initially packs "long and thin" rather than "short and thick" like the DD. As others have said, the DD included pegs/lines are useless. I splashed out on some Titanium pegs, mini lineloks, and 2mm red and yellow dyneema, for a superlight setup. The tarp looks very well made, although by a tarp’s nature the tags seem to be put under a lot of strain by the lines so we’ll see how the stitching holds out. I also invested in two carbon 110cm poles from bearbonesbikepacking (70g each).
So far I’ve tried the popular trio of “A-frame”, “Lean-to” and “Flying V”, and all seem to work fine. Also tried a “Cave”. The “V” is insanely quick to pitch, and probably my fave. The Lean-To was OK but not very protective and tended to sag and flap a bit whatever I did. The “A” was also excellent, although I got a very wierd thin tunnel pitching with the “long” side lengthways so “long” side for entrances seems best. The extra face tags do help a lot.
My only question was why not have pole grommet holes as well as tags. Rose quickly responded, saying they would weaken the integrity. If I’d watched Bob’s ace DVD properly I’d’ve seen that one should twist the tag round the pole then stick a bowline over the top and no grommets are needed.
The other problem I had was what type/length of lines to go for. I tested various lengths with cheap string and settled on 2 x 3m (for poles) and 12 x 1m (for edges). I put a permanent bowline on one end and a tautline hitch on the other. For 90% of pitches this saves loads of time – for poles: twist round tag, bowline over top, down to tautlinehitch at peg; for edges: push whole bowline through tag, then tautline end through bowline and pull tight, then tautline to peg. Any number of 1m lines can be “linked” quickly in the same way. If attaching to tree not pole, push the tautline right to the end of the line and just wrap that end round tree with a slippery hitch. Having studiously learned all my knots I now don’t need to use them ever again .
The DVD is great, with Bob’s fantastic enthusiasm and obvious love of tarps. Sorry though Bob, rather than your nice knots I’ve gone with Tautline Hitch, Bowline and CloveHitch .
I’ve now had to fork out for a Ti Honey Stove to complete the “back to basics” experience!
Same as everyone, I can’t fault the BPL service. Sorry about the long review – I’m going for the BPL world-record...

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26 March 2015  | 


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