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Hex Peak V4A

Hex Peak V4A
Hex Peak V4AHex Peak V4AHex Peak V4A
Hex Peak V4AHex Peak V4A
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Product Code:  WF138
Brand:  Luxe Outdoor

Hex Peak V4A Footprint/GroundsheetHex Peak V4A Footprint/Groundsheet


The V4A is now available in Green or Desert.

You can now buy the Hex Peak V4a fly only and V4a inner only as two individual items. A bucket footprint is now available as an optional extra.

Michael the designer and owner is always keen to hear feedback and wants to keep developing his products to offer the best value he can. As such he took on board our comments and desire for it to be slightly bigger to suit taller and so the dimensions have been increased as follows;

  • Total shelter height 2cm taller
  • The inner is 8cm longer, 5cm deeper at the widest point and 3cm deeper at the narrowest point

The whole tent has been given a review and any areas of potential weakness have been reinforced and made more durable for the wide ranging weather conditions Europe can throw at it.

All in all we expect this tent to be another massive seller this year. A full review video will follow as soon as the first shipment has arrived.

Optional extra: For those people who love this shelter and would like more space inside for two people. There is a double V4 inner which will fit this shelter and allows for a small vestibule.

Initial pitch thoughts: The first difference I notice is that the guys are much longer than before, allowing for much greater height and ventilation for different conditions. The inner guys are also very long, which mean they too can be hooked over the pegs used on the outer. To prevent the 'upstands' on the inner from slipping to fall in line with the nest, it is best to tie a small overhand loop to lock it in place, which means when the guy is pulled the 'upstand' will stay erect and create maximum space in the inner. Every panel has a slider sewn in halfway across the base, so that additional guys can be  added very easily, which is nice touch. The pegs supplied are the extra long versions. It certainly makes the whole internal space much more roomy for users around 6 foot tall. The double ended J-Zip is excellent for ventilation and the top vent has good additional rain protection coverage, to prevent the weather being driven up the door and through the mesh.
  • Flysheet 40D/230T Nylon ripstop fabric with one side PU and one side siliconized
  • Inner tent: High density nylon mesh
  • Inner floor: 68D nylon taffeta PU.  4000mm water column
  • Pole: Not included
  • Guy ropes: 5 lines included (Additional 10 guys and pegs required if you use all attachment points)
  • Stake: 18cm Alloy Y-Stake x6 (For minimum setting)
  • Silicone seam glue included
  • Hydrostatic Head: 2500mm
  • Weight:               
    • V4 Out fly: Approx 660g
    • V4 Inner: Approx 684g
    • 6x Stakes: 84g

Please note that the ideal pole for this shelter is the Luxe 163X pole.

Top tips for a stable shelter in all weathers

If the supporting pole sinks at any stage the material will lose all the tension and the tent can become unstable in high winds, with the possibility of the pole moving.  The common tip here is to cut a tennis ball in half and use each half at either end of the pole. It prevents the pole from sinking and also reduces the pressure on the peak. Once this is in place, applying tension on all the surrounding guys will maintain tension throughout the night. Some use Marmite caps or Rebar Mushrooms.

In excessive wet weather we have had occasional reports of the supplied guys slipping in the cleats. A simple overhand knot will stop this. Alternatively replacing the guys with our 2mm Dyneema cord will jam in the cleats nicely.

Hot Tenting

There appears to be a certain amount of confusion currently regarding what is a stock item available from Luxe in the UK and
the customised 'hot tent' option which appears to be on offer in the US.

Currently Luxe Hiking Gear (the US importer/retailer) is customising the V4a, F6a, F6e and F8a to order adding a stove jack as the customer requires.

We are unable to offer this service in the UK currently, so if this is something you require please contact them directly using the below links.

Hexpeak V4A - Hexpeak F6A - Hexpeak F6E - Hexpeak F8A

Any warranty issues you may have with the shelter will be dealt with directly by them.

Seam sealing the tent

As the silicone tents are designed without seam taping, we recommend user to apply seam sealing on the outside seam of flysheet where necessary (Mainly around the crown area). Along the horizontal stitching around the vent. Down the zip and 'inside' the guy loops and top loop. (Pull apart with your fingers) Anywhere water can gather is a potential point of issue if the tent will be subjected to prolonged rainfall or a persistently wet environment.

Seam Sealing Video

Further updates: The Hex Peak series has been expanded as follows and the V4 inner supplied with this shelter will also fit the larger F6 model and the much larger Octapeak model. In fact 2 x F4 inners will sit inside the Octapeak and still leave room for cooking.

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Not used yet 1st impression very good
06 February 2024  | 

Have a camping trip pencilled in for Easter. Plan on using this tent then. Will update here when I return

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Great shelter!
22 August 2023  | 

Used it for a week straight in Norway, held up against the relentless rain (apart from a couple of spots I missed seam sealing the zipper seam) and felt very solid when I pitched in the mountains, with all 12 pitching points and 4 guylines this felt it could survive armegadon.

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First look at the Hexpeak V4A
16 January 2023  | 

The tent arrived very quickly - thank you Backpackinglight. Out of the box, the first thing I noticed was that the bag it comes in seems very generously sized. I took the tent out and carefully unfolded and refolded to learn that bit of the process, and when I folded it down well, it only took up half the bag. I will probably use drybags for packing it. Quality-wise, it looks well made and finished, and the materials are decent quality. The guylines for the inner are all very long and should allow for modifications, etc. Weight without pegs is about 1.3kg which is OK. I couldn't find a 14mm 'Missing Link' pole extender for my poles, so I made my own. When I have used the tent, I may add something to this review, but so far so good.

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Excellent Tent
27 September 2022  | 

I currently own 3 hillebergs but have had 5 in total and several other well known brands over 5 decades and i am thrilled with The Hex Peak V4A unfortunately i am disappointed that a seam sealing service is not offered at the point of purchase because my DIY efforts are not the neatest and i expect must be really difficult for people who live in apartments and don't have access to a garden. I am hoping that i have done an effective job because i really am impressed by the stability of this tent in strong winds and also the roominess.

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02 June 2022  | 

Bought this for overnights with my dogs. The extra headroom and vestibule space is the business. Easy to pitch and stable even without sidewall guys. The 1.5 inner is sturdy so Im not too worried about dog claws penetrating. Its great to be able to drop the inner for packing inside in the rain.
First class service and very fast delivery

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28 October 2020  | 

Having just received the V4a I am unable to give a long term review, however, it performed admirably in a recent wild camp in the Cheviots. In my haste to get out I had not seam sealed it or added guys to mid panel tie-outs, the shelter coped admirably with high winds and driving rain straight out of the box. The internal space was fantastic, especially now that the nights have lengthened and extended the "tent time" , I can fit my Helinox Ground Chair in the vestibule area - luxury on a cold night! Just like to thank the guys at backpackinglight for their outstanding service. The hand written note was a really nice touch!

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Sil Hex Peak V4A
24 August 2020  | 

I have only just recieved this but have taken it out to practice puttingit up in high winds. The forecast was for 46mph winds and I put it up on the edge of a ridge so the gusts felt higher than that. Putting a tent up for first time in those winds is never going to be easy but it went up fine fisrt time. I put it up then sat in it for about an hour. first of all the tent stayed up with just the main pegs which amazed me put it did move quite a lot, then I added the mid panel pegs and it steadied and was quite and did not lose its form even in big gusts it did not need the extra guys which are half way up the tent. More importantly I never felt as ifthe tent was at its limits or even close to them. I did use longer pegs and would have a selection of different types at home to pack according to the expected conditions as in wet ground it might struggle with any of the standard ones. I did think the half tennis ball idea was great for the top of the pole as it did look at bit pokey and stressed before I put the half tennis ball on. The Inner went in ok but was a bit saggy however I think i probably wont use the inner in the winter and in the summer with a bit of practice I will get bettter at pitching it. The spaceinside was just right I would not say it was huge as some reviews have said but it is big enough. Getting it down in the wind was easy. It did rain whilst i was getting it down so I just got back under the flattened fly sheet and zipped it up and in an emergency i would definitely use it like that again if the pegs would not hold when it was up as normal. when it flattened with the pegs in it was very quite,no flapping just pinned to the ground by the wind and virtually no strain on the pegs, so a great emergency shelter for up to four as well. this is obviously a very early review but the conditions were fairly extreme and I have had many tents in many conditions over the years and this felt like a good one.

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22 August 2020  | 

What a fantastic tent, high performance tent from what I think a high performance company. I used the HEX PEAK V4A on a permission woodland camp, I chose the coyote brown Hex Peak and this colour really blends in with the woodland. backpacking light a big thank you for your help.

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Hexpeak 4a
16 January 2019  | 

Bought this tent on recommendation to walk the Pennine Way and other trips.
Pros: fly pitches quickly and easily even in bad weather. No probs in wet and windy weather. Groundsheet performed well even when pitched on bog, just some dampness where I kneeled on it.
Load of space, even the dog slept in the inner with me, can safely cook in the porch and leave all wet gear in the porch while all dry stuff can be left in the inner. I really enjoyed having a brew with the door open looking at the view or stars.

Cons: the inner is a bit of a faff (especially after a long walk and/or when its cold and windy etc) to pitch. I replaced the guy lines with shockcord which made it a little easier. I also put some guyline on the outer zip puller so I could open/close the door without having to stretch out fully.
I found the silnylon sagged a fair bit in wet weather whereas my other tent (also 40D silnylon) doesn't (but is a simpler shape).

After quite a few trips I sold it on, I'm not a youngster any more and wanted something a little less fussy to pitch. But this is a really nice tent and once pitched performs very well.

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3 of 3 people found this review helpful.

Fantastic Tent, but poor pegs
01 October 2018  | 

Great service and super fast delivery.
Tried tent for the first time this weekend.
Tent is stunning loads of room inside, porch with one person inner is cavernous .
Pegged out at main flysheet points with pegs supplied, supplementary mid-panel points with Alpkit tri-beam pegs.
A little windy overnight 16-18mph according to the weather forecast, tent itself stood up to the wind very well.
Next morning while packing found two of the supplied pegs on the windward side had bent, poor quality compared to the Alpkit pegs. Going to purchase Alpkit pegs to replace those supplied with the tent.

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1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

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