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18mm Walking Pole Link Tube (Twist Lock)

18mm Walking Pole Link Tube (Twist Lock)
 18mm Walking Pole Link Tube (Twist Lock)18mm Walking Pole Link Tube (Twist Lock) 
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A few years ago the only way to link a pair of walking poles to create a sturdy long pole involved lots of velcro and webbing.

Following our introduction of the first 14mm twist lock link section in 2010 we now have expanded the range to cope with virtually any walking pole set available.

Walking poles are traditionally 18/16/14mm and 16/14/12mm in diameter. Some are ‘twist-lock’ some a ‘flick-lock’ and a few mix both systems on the one pole.

This makes it very hard for users to establish which linking section is the correct one for your pair of poles.

The first contact should be with the your pole manufacturer who will confirm for sure the diameter of your pole sections.

This 18mm was designed initially to work with Pacer Poles which traditionally have used the 18/16/14 measurements in their manufacture. However they have changed this over time, so please contact them first to ensure your handle section is 18mm.

If it is, you simply remove both handle sections and link the two remaining pairs to form a sturdy reliable single pole with a ‘tip’ at both ends on which to erect your shelter.

Due to the unique Pacer Pole handle shape this prevents damage to both your shelter and your Pacer Poles and removes the need to place the handles on wet ground or creasing the shelter fabric.

Less expensive Alloy Poles traditionally use the 18/1614mm tubing so you may find this is a cheap and effective way to create a solid single supporting pole for your tarp or shelter.

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