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We are active outdoors people and have been fortunate to be invited to get behind the scenes of many outdoor suppliers, manufacturers and key story makers in the industry.

In this blog we will update you with some of those stories, about people, products or places which you may find entertaining and add to your coffee break!

If there's any juicy gossip to hear about, this is the place to find it!


Friday, 25 November 2016  |  Admin
Relocation, relocation, relocation

We are on the move at the end of December as we locate to our new premises. We are going to be closed for a short while in January as we get things sorted, but don't worry, we will be back in 2017 ready to support our faithful fellow outdoors people.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016  |  Admin
Now live on Internet Radio

Catch up live on the Radio now!!

Thursday, 24 December 2015  |  Admin
Christmas Message 2015

Just a quick note to let everyone know we will be closed over the Christmas period until January the 4th when all orders made during this period will be shipped.

Please feel free to make orders during this time as we will be popping into the office occasionally to pack and prepare the shipments, once the Turkey and Ham is polished off and all the guests have finally left.

Thanks to all our faithful and supporting customers this year.

Sunday, 20 December 2015  |  Admin
Deal of the Day 23

Deal of the Day 23

This is the very last one for 2015, so lets make it a biggy.

We have a small handful of S/M/L OMM Down Gilets left so the final, final price of 2015 is a ridiculous 50% off to clear!

Thanks to everyone who has supported us this year and to those who have followed the 'Daily Deals' so closely.

Here's hoping all of you have a safe, enjoyable and relaxing Christmas break.

Saturday, 19 December 2015  |  Admin
Deal of the Day No 22

Deal of the Day No 22

Gap year? Business? Social? Tech?

Okay so these are wash bags, BUT they have numerous applications in the rucksack.

I use mine mainly for tech gear. How will you use yours?

4.99 and 5.99

Don't forget the last offer is tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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