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Beaufort Scale of Wind Force

Sometimes people or manufacturers use the Gale Force description to describe the performance potential of products or fabrics in extreme conditions.

The observable land effects is a useful guide to be able to describe conditions more accurately.

Here's a brief breakdown of the scale and the associated wind strength associated with it.

ScaleForce RatingObservable Land EffectsSpeed MPH
0CalmVertical Smoke1
1Light AirSlight smoke drift1-3
2Light BreezeLeaves gently rustle4-7
3Gentle BreezeLeaves and twigs move8-12
4Moderate BreezeRaises paper moves small branches13-18
5Fresh BreezeSways small leafy trees19-24
6Strong BreezeSways large branches25-31
7Moderate GaleTrees sway32-38
8Fresh GaleBroken twigs, walking impeded39-46
9Strong GaleChimneys, slates, hoardings damaged47-54
10Whole GaleTrees Blown Down and Considerable damage55-63
11StormMajor Damage64-75
12HurricaneVery dangerous tropical whirling winds76+