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Triad Stove (T-305)

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Product Code:  RB104
Brand:  Vargo


In stock, immediate despatch

The Vargo original that started it all has gotten a major upgrade since its inception in 2003. Now with a wider filling hole for faster fueling and multi-fuel capability for burning fuel tabs and gels, the Triad continues to stand apart as one of the best. (The model has now changed from T-301 to T-305).

When flipped over, the updated Triad has an indented well on the bottom of the stove for burning fuel tabs or fuel gels for all season, all terrain fueling options (also great for thru-hikes or long distance hikes when resupply fuel options are inconsistent or unknown!). The folding arms and legs of the stove double as pot supports and anchors depending upon which side of the stove is being used and make it incredibly compact for storage. Altogether these changes greatly improve the Triad's ease of use and its versatility while still incorporating the weight and features that users have grown to love about the Triad.


  • Solid titanium construction for extra durability
  • Multi-fuel capability for added versatility
  • All-season, all-terrain usability
  • Folding legs and pot supports 
  • Simple to use
  • Ultra compact
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Reliable all-season performance
  • Enlarged filling hole for faster fueling
  • Easy to reclaim unused fuel
  • Boils 16 oz/0.5 L in 5-6 mins (alcohol) or 7-8 mins (fuel tabs or gels)


  • Weight: 1.0 ounce (30 grams)
  • Diameter closed: 2.9 inches (76 mm)
  • Diameter open: 3.5 inches (89 mm)
  • Height collapsed: 1.2 inches (30 mm)
  • Fuel capacity (alcohol): 1.5 ounces (44 ml)
  • Burn time: ~20 mins (alcohol), ~12 mins (fuel tabs), various (fuel gels)


  • Use only in a well ventilated area! Never use stove indoors!
  • Only use denatured, ethyl, or methyl alcohol, solid stove fuel tabs, or fuel gels as fuel! Attempting to burn other fuels such as white gas, kerosene, unleaded gas, etc. will potentially cause an explosion and serious injury.
  • Be sure the flame is fully extinguished and the stove is completely cooled before refueling to prevent flare ups!
  • Always anchor stove legs into the ground to prevent the lit stove from tipping over!
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Vargo triad titanium stove.
Thursday, 10 August 2017  | 

Great service from backpacking light. Great little stove by the look of it,however when I cooked the skittles on it they tasted awful.

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New Triad Stove
Monday, 24 July 2017  | 

Works well and makes good coffee with my espresso. Does everything on the box. Good service again. 👍

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Great Little Stove
Sunday, 23 July 2017  | 

I've had an ongoing relationship with meths for years. I've really wanted to like it but found it far too impractical; difficult to light, impossible to regulate, pans blackened, scorch marks on cookware etc. This stove is the only meths stove I use.

Unbelievably light, rock solid in use due to the legs, no maintenance, nothing to go wrong. Watch the video as warming the stove and fuel in your pocket makes ALL the difference and means you can light the stove with flint & steel. You also must fill the stove completely if you want it to bloom. You can recover the unburnt fuel afterwards but in practice this is a bit messy and the reason for deducting a star. Overall, this is fantastic little stove and, after all these years, the one to finally convert me to meths (although I still use gas for camping and non-ultralight backpacking).

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Pretty Good
Monday, 26 June 2017  | 

It's taken me a while to get used to this stove, but I now prefer it to my Pocket Rocket gas stove.

Pros: It's lighter, smaller, and much more stable (with 900ml Evernew Titanium Pot). It's cheaper to run. It has an undeniable 'cool factor'.

Cons: It really doesn't light easily. I've solved this by making a tiny dish out of foil, to hold about a quarter teaspoon of meths which I light and place beneath the stove at the same time as lighting the top. Do practice this first at home, because it's easy to overdo it and boil the fuel with disastrous results. It needs a windshield, which adds weight. It will never give the usability and adjustability of gas, but I found it did the job fine nonetheless.

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Glad you are pleased. Re the stove, the top tip is to warm the fuel and stove first in your pocket. When the alcohol is at body temperature it becomes much easier to light. The Pre heater dish method works just as well ;)

Not so great
Wednesday, 19 April 2017  | 

Bought the stove to use with a cup style pot. Tested it out last weekend on a trip to the lake district. The stove take a long while to prime, and the pot is just not stable enough on top of it. Plus, I find myself wasting fuel (one needs to fill the stove fully, which is way more than what is needed for single pot boil). Maybe better for larger pots, but definitely not very useful for a solo setup

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It appears you missed the comments in the description regarding the ideal pot size. Certainly the spread of the fins is far too wide for a 'mug' to be stable I agree.

As for the fuel. Yes it has to be filled to ignite properly. However don't forget to warm the fuel and stove first by putting it in your pocket for 10 mins and this will increase the speed of bloom.

The colder the day, the better it is to do this first.

Plus of course, even though you don't use much fuel to boil the the water, the remainder of the unused fuel can be poured back into the bottle down the legs.

Hot Water !!
Saturday, 19 November 2016  | 

TOP TIP, watch the BPL video on this site for this stove. It'll show you it in "real life" along with "how to" use it. Really great video with the do's and don'ts for this stove (as well as alcohol stoves in general).

My biggest worry about this stove was the legs which I suspected would be the "fail point". Shouldn't have worried, they are attached rock-solid. The bottom legs pinning the stove to the ground, and the upper legs being an integrated pot-stand, is more convenient than you first realise. No trivets or frames to carry. No worries about wobbles.

Other than that it has a good balance of features for the price. You can't store fuel in it (like a heavier Trangia with caps & threads etc) but you can salvage unspent fuel unlike the Evernew. There's no simmer, but I'm fine with that as this was bought for boiling water. And it does boil well, I got 500ml of very cold water to a hard boil at night, in the damp and the cold, using less than an ounce of fuel (you fill with 1.5 ounces, but I reclaimed a lot of that). It does need a windshield, but all alcohol stoves do - I got the Vargo Aluminum concertina-style windshield from this site (delighted with it too).

You drip-drip-drip the fuel into the stove to fill it, so that takes a wee while and mandates the use of a fuel bottle with a nozzle. I use the 125ml Nalgene bottle with nozzle from this site, very accurate little bottle and drips in to fill at the right speed if you hold it right.. On the other hand reclaiming fuel (once the stove is cold) is very quick.

I found lighting (with a firestriker!) and operating the stove straightforward but ONLY because I watched the excellent video on this site. All the product videos on this site are "nicely" done and whatnot, but this video borders on essential viewing. (Especially if you're a newbie to alcohol stoves as I was).

I'm using bioethanol fuel, available online if you look around. Very happy with it, burns hot and clean, is environmentally friendly, and relatively low toxicity. [Still produces Carbon Monoxide so only use in a ventilated area].

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Good stove
Tuesday, 25 October 2016  | 

Simple, robust, easy to use stove. Despite several attempts, the flame does not bloom within 60 seconds of lighting. However, when it does bloom it is very effective.

Usual top class service from Backpackinglight.

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Top Tip: During the colder months any alcohol stove will take longer to bloom. The solution is before lighting it, put the stove in your pocket and the bottle of Meths in the other to get them up to body temperature. Lighting then becomes very quick and the bloom time significantly reduced.

simple, light, elegant
Thursday, 6 October 2016  | 

great bit of kit, makes a very satisfying sound once primed, offers a pretty decent boil speed and the legs & arms make it super flexible for uneven terrain and pots of different sizes.

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Monday, 15 August 2016  | 

Brilliant product; excellent service & delivery..many thanks.

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superb little stove
Monday, 11 April 2016  | 

I've been using the triad for just a week now, but it has no secrets. I've always hiked with buddies and we usually carried a primus omnilite between us, but I've been having a lot of spare time recently and ended up hiking solo more and more often. I bought the triad and a woodgas stove in an effort to go a little lighter, with the triad used for making a quick coffee and the woodgas stove for cooking. Over a few days, this makes a considerable saving on fuel weight and volume.

First impressions on the triad:

-positively bombproof
-foolproof; easy to light, though it needs to be lit when full, or primed from below, to start jetting properly. A trangia type burner will generally jet even if lit with minimal fuel in it.
-very powerful; much more than a trangia
-can't simmer; in fact, it's a roaring inferno, for alcohol stove standards
-lightest stove you can get, considering it's just over an ounce and includes pot supports
-tricky to place a mug on it, as most mugs are too small for the pot stands. You can play with not opening the stands all the way, but need to be careful. Very stable with pots though.
-relatively easy to de-fuel back into a bottle. Tip it slowly, letting the fuel drip down a leg and into your bottle.
-a windscreen is a must
-very reasonably priced; 25 quid for a well-made titanium stove with pot stands
-work out your fuel burn and budget your fuel carefully. Relatively thirsty compared to the trangia (of course, it will also boil water faster than a trangia)

Overall verdict;
Superb, definitely recommended bit of lightweight kit. Over longer trips though, fuel weight could be an issue. You definitely need a windscreen with it.

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