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Triad Stove (T-301)

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Product Code:  RB104
Brand:  Vargo


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Is this the lightweight backpackers dream?

Fed up with all the other backpackers proud of their super lite titanium gas stoves, when you struggle with your big Trangia? Isn't it time to change your ways and wipe the smile off their faces?

This is the answer. One exciting little compact stove for those who prefer the silence of cooking with meths. At last a stove which performs like a Trangia and yet fits into a mug. Weighing only 28gms the legs and arms act as anchors and allow the stove to be pushed into the ground for maximum stability.

It also has the simple advantage of being dual fuel, meths or esbit tab. Just flip it over. A silent, light and fuel efficient cooking system. Just take as much fuel as you need for your trip and enjoy the admiring glances from other backpackers as you unpack your entire cooking system out of a mug, including the tea bags!

Ideal for every day camping, lightweight trips, adventure racing, european camping and as an emergency back up!

Compact design
Dual fuel performance
Burn time 25 mins (1.75fl oz meths)
Boils 500ml in 12 mins
Incredible 28gms
Support dia 85mm
So, so simple!
Ideal for European trips

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Hot Water !!
Saturday, 19 November 2016  | 

TOP TIP, watch the BPL video on this site for this stove. It'll show you it in "real life" along with "how to" use it. Really great video with the do's and don'ts for this stove (as well as alcohol stoves in general).

My biggest worry about this stove was the legs which I suspected would be the "fail point". Shouldn't have worried, they are attached rock-solid. The bottom legs pinning the stove to the ground, and the upper legs being an integrated pot-stand, is more convenient than you first realise. No trivets or frames to carry. No worries about wobbles.

Other than that it has a good balance of features for the price. You can't store fuel in it (like a heavier Trangia with caps & threads etc) but you can salvage unspent fuel unlike the Evernew. There's no simmer, but I'm fine with that as this was bought for boiling water. And it does boil well, I got 500ml of very cold water to a hard boil at night, in the damp and the cold, using less than an ounce of fuel (you fill with 1.5 ounces, but I reclaimed a lot of that). It does need a windshield, but all alcohol stoves do - I got the Vargo Aluminum concertina-style windshield from this site (delighted with it too).

You drip-drip-drip the fuel into the stove to fill it, so that takes a wee while and mandates the use of a fuel bottle with a nozzle. I use the 125ml Nalgene bottle with nozzle from this site, very accurate little bottle and drips in to fill at the right speed if you hold it right.. On the other hand reclaiming fuel (once the stove is cold) is very quick.

I found lighting (with a firestriker!) and operating the stove straightforward but ONLY because I watched the excellent video on this site. All the product videos on this site are "nicely" done and whatnot, but this video borders on essential viewing. (Especially if you're a newbie to alcohol stoves as I was).

I'm using bioethanol fuel, available online if you look around. Very happy with it, burns hot and clean, is environmentally friendly, and relatively low toxicity. [Still produces Carbon Monoxide so only use in a ventilated area].

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Good stove
Tuesday, 25 October 2016  | 

Simple, robust, easy to use stove. Despite several attempts, the flame does not bloom within 60 seconds of lighting. However, when it does bloom it is very effective.

Usual top class service from Backpackinglight.

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Top Tip: During the colder months any alcohol stove will take longer to bloom. The solution is before lighting it, put the stove in your pocket and the bottle of Meths in the other to get them up to body temperature. Lighting then becomes very quick and the bloom time significantly reduced.

simple, light, elegant
Thursday, 6 October 2016  | 

great bit of kit, makes a very satisfying sound once primed, offers a pretty decent boil speed and the legs & arms make it super flexible for uneven terrain and pots of different sizes.

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Monday, 15 August 2016  | 

Brilliant product; excellent service & delivery..many thanks.

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superb little stove
Monday, 11 April 2016  | 

I've been using the triad for just a week now, but it has no secrets. I've always hiked with buddies and we usually carried a primus omnilite between us, but I've been having a lot of spare time recently and ended up hiking solo more and more often. I bought the triad and a woodgas stove in an effort to go a little lighter, with the triad used for making a quick coffee and the woodgas stove for cooking. Over a few days, this makes a considerable saving on fuel weight and volume.

First impressions on the triad:

-positively bombproof
-foolproof; easy to light, though it needs to be lit when full, or primed from below, to start jetting properly. A trangia type burner will generally jet even if lit with minimal fuel in it.
-very powerful; much more than a trangia
-can't simmer; in fact, it's a roaring inferno, for alcohol stove standards
-lightest stove you can get, considering it's just over an ounce and includes pot supports
-tricky to place a mug on it, as most mugs are too small for the pot stands. You can play with not opening the stands all the way, but need to be careful. Very stable with pots though.
-relatively easy to de-fuel back into a bottle. Tip it slowly, letting the fuel drip down a leg and into your bottle.
-a windscreen is a must
-very reasonably priced; 25 quid for a well-made titanium stove with pot stands
-work out your fuel burn and budget your fuel carefully. Relatively thirsty compared to the trangia (of course, it will also boil water faster than a trangia)

Overall verdict;
Superb, definitely recommended bit of lightweight kit. Over longer trips though, fuel weight could be an issue. You definitely need a windscreen with it.

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General Service
Tuesday, 12 January 2016  | 

Very pleased with the prompt and efficient supply of a stove and cooking equipment. Yet to try the gear outdoors but everything appears to be as described and of good quality.

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Impressive little stove
Wednesday, 18 November 2015  | 

We've used this stove twice so far. For the first attempt, was a disaster until we'd filled it up fully and then it worked brilliantly.

The stove is wonderful, puts out a lot of heat and works well with the 1300ml titanium pan. A windshield is definitely needed. The stove is a lovely design and I can see it lasting us for a very long time.

It is perfect for what we require. A very small, light and compact meths stove for our cycle tour.

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Triad stove
Tuesday, 29 September 2015  | 

I used the little triad stove while walking the west highland way. I only wish the rest of my gear had been as light and effective. It was easy to light and just took a minute or two to prime. I usually got just enough burn time to cook a pot of 10 minute pasta and make a cup of tea. The worst feature was that sometimes (if I was a bit slow or used too much water) it would run out of fuel just before I was ready. That is really annoying as you then have to wait for it to cool, refill and start again (a bit more capacity and I would have given it 5 stars). If I was cooking anything more complicated I used the stove upside down in solid fuel mode as I could add half fuel tablets as needed without running out and interrupting the cooking. It is so quick and simple to use that I am going to keep it in my car so that I can pull over and have a quick brew whenever I want.

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Must Have
Saturday, 6 June 2015  | 

This must be the smallest and lightest stove you can buy. Makes a brew in a reasonable time. A must for any backpacker, can be used as an emergency stove. You cannot store left over fuel in stove unfortunately, you will need a small container which will probably be bigger than the stove. Recommended

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great bit of kit
Friday, 1 May 2015  | 

As the title says im very happy with the stove, so light and durable, boil time is around 6-7 mins for a pint of cold water outside using the vargo windscreen

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