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500ml and 300ml Fuel Bottle

500ml and 300ml Fuel Bottle
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Our Price:  £13.99(Inc. 20% VAT)Earn 13 Loyalty Points

Product Code:  QD101
Brand:  Trangia

Meths stove fans are always on the look out for a fuel bottle which will keep the meths away from everything else, won't split and has safety valve in case it gets knocked over.

This 118g 500ml (300ml Weight: 97g) bottle from Trangia, is tough (manufactured in polyeten), bright red and comes with an excellent pouring mechanism which enables you to drizzle the fuel into something like the Triad Stove, without spillage.

For short weekend trips the 300ml is ideal, but for longer trips where you will need to buy a normal bottle of meths as you go, the 500ml makes more sense.

The safety value, screws tight for packing, however if you knock it over by accident before putting it away, the internal sprung valve closes and saves valuable fuel.

Remember that the fuel bottle must be kept out of the sun and protected from excessive heat. Spirit evaporates at 60º, so it must not come into contact with sources of ignition.

The bottles are approved by the German TÜV (Technischer Überwaschungsverein) and tested regularly, ensuring maximum safety.

Please note price for either bottle is the same!


Size: 500ml
Weight: 118g
Size: 65mm x 240mm

Size: 300ml
Weight: 97g
Size: 65mm x 190mm
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Wednesday, 7 December 2016  | 

Excellent service and very fast delivery.
Will definitely use again.

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Thursday, 6 October 2016  | 

ok, probably not actually bombproof, but darn near it. Sure, it's heavier than the bottle fuel usually comes in and my gram weenie friend made fun of me for it. Thing is, other day he dropped his bag off a ledge and he sprung a fuel leak in his bag, so for me, those extra grams are worth the peace of mind.

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Good & useful
Monday, 3 October 2016  | 

Strong fuel bottle, the built in pouring spout & pressure release valve make this really good to use.

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Great Service
Friday, 8 July 2016  | 

This is the first time I have ordered equipment off Backpackinglight and will certainly be ordering more again. I like the personal touches you get with this family company. Keep it up, well done, great service.

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Nice size
Friday, 22 April 2016  | 

Well made bottle with clever safety valve. Great size for short trips.

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Slightly larger than envisaged but excellent quality and lightweight
Monday, 18 January 2016  | 

A good solid lightweight product. It was slightly larger than I had imaged but the size is exactly as listed. At 300ml it enables an additional two hours of fuel for my Trangia / Esbit. That's around 2 hours 45 minutes of burning with a full stove and this item.

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Trangia 300ml Fuel Bottle
Friday, 30 October 2015  | 

Whats not to like does exactly as it says on the bottle.
I bought this to use when we go kayaking with the anti spill feature in mind to reduce the risk of accidentally spilling fuel into the water when cooking near the shore.
Very pleased with it my only observation would be if they could make a "graduated window" down the side so you can see how much fuel you have left.

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Brilliant piece of kit
Monday, 12 October 2015  | 

Precision filling of your stove. No spills. Light weight. Ticks all the boxes

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500ml fuel bottle with trick valve
Monday, 17 November 2014  | 

Excellent, light, easy to use, like the little sister 300ml bottle. It feels pretty tough and the valve is spring-closed so even when it isn't screwed tight it still doesn't spill any of the flamey stuff. The threaded device that you depress to pour liquid out can be adjusted for appropriate flow. Sound kit, as always from these guys, Yogabob.

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Definitely a fuel bottle
Thursday, 3 July 2014  | 

It ain’t all that bright to trust your fuel supply -and possibly very much more- to bottles and cap seals not expressly designed for the job. Back in the Dark Ages small primus paraffin stoves came with delightful, tiny, tinplate ‘meths bottles’ with screw caps. Tilley lamps came with thick glass jars to contain the clamp-on priming wick and meths: the jars had metal screw caps. Not great having paraffin powered stoves and lamps needing a second fuel, meths, to start them but it was the Dark Ages and we had nothing else, little went wrong and the generations were happy.

Then came petrol stoves -still with us today- and because petrol was respected (feared!!) there were few accidents. The advent of gas canisters produced tents which vanished in instantaneous fireballs until folk learned not to change canisters inside tents. I’ve seen the aftermath of a catastrophic tent fire: very sobering experience.

The Trangia bottle can handle meths, paraffin and petrol. I do not think it wise to swap fuels in a single bottle because a fuel can be tainted by the previous one: paraffin traces can make meths and petrol smoky: petrol traces can make other fuels dangerous. If you are a multi fuel type, especially if you use identical bottles for different fuel types please label them clearly. You really don’t want to accidentally try petrol in meths or paraffin stoves.

So… you might get away with using liquid fuels in general purpose translucent plastic bottles intended to carry yer granny’s shampoo to Benidorm; you may not. Plasticisers in some plastics migrate over time, leaving bottles liable to cracking. Your fuel of choice might be a good solvent for the cap seal. There are precious few guarantees. The Trangia bottles are pretty good. I use all three sizes in varying combinations, depending on the trip in hand, but only for meths. I use distinctly different containers for other fuels in order to avoid mix ups: safety first! Speaking of which, never store your liquid fuel inside the house, ever; I keep mine in a locked metal box bolted to the outside of my shed.

Trangia bottles have an annoying flaw. Under some circumstances you can get a fuel wetted finger (or even the odd drip of fuel) when pouring fuel from the bottle. As far as I can determine, it follows the threaded white plastic shaft you press down to elicit fuel. There is a simple cure and here it is:-

In short, the bottles are good, possibly the best available. The 300ml bottle is a welcome addition to the stable. If you’re obsessive about weight, only put the amount of fuel you‘ll need in the bottle: you don’t have to fill it. Whatever you do, treat all fuels with great respect because they have the capacity to change your life for the worse, for ever. Hope someone finds this review/reverie useful.

PS: For Vargo Triad users, only undo the red valve knob around one half turn with the bottle upright. Press down on valve and slowly rotate the bottle until you get a narrow, controllable stream of meths which will not make the stove overflow and will fill it in short order. (As an alternative, open the valve all the way and pour meths at max rate onto stove. This will make it overflow, get meths everywhere and afford you the opportunity to fire off “Disgusted of Cheltenham” style emails all over the place complaining about the stove. Me? I’d rather the first method and enjoy my coffee!)

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