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Heat Reflective Bedding Blanket

Heat Reflective Bedding Blanket
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Product Code:  XA107
Brand:  Thermartex


In stock, immediate despatch

New November 2015 - V3

The latest incarnation has once again been improved following feedback from our customers as to how this blanket is used and performs in the wild.

These improvements include:
Weight: 212gm
Size: 2m x 1.6m
Material supplied full width cut using an ultrasonic knife giving a soft and anti-fray edge to allow users to cut, sew and hem as they wish. (Please note that there may be a few fine holes along the edge from the manufacturing process.)
The material is now calendared, which means it is Down Proof, should you wish to use insulation within it.
The material has a fluorocarbon coating.
Reflectivity: 75%
Water resistant: Improved DWR to reduce water marks on surface and prevent ingress. This has been a major improvement as many customers had used the previous versions in wet conditions, which in some cases damaged the surface. You are now able to put this blanket through a washing machine, cold wash only, no detergents.
Showerproof: See above, this is a vast improvement.

New January 2015 - V2

Following the incredible popularity of this product during 2014 the UK designer has returned to the technical drawing board and made various improvements and alterations as follows;

1)    Colour has changed from the bright Yellow to Bottle Green
2)    Uses a rip stop nylon British made fabric
3)    Larger than before at 1.6m x 2m
4)    75% reflective (up from 65% on the previous version)
5)    Total blanket weight 200 grams (Up from 36g/sqm to 62.5g/sqm)
6)    All edges are cut using an ultrasonic knife giving a soft and anti-fray edge
7)    Can now be washed by hand (See box for details)

As I write this with the blanket over my knees (aww bless) the reflectivity and heat retention is instantly noticeable as before. The previous material did have more of a silk like feel to it, whereas this feels slightly stiffer more akin to a rip-stop nylon as mentioned above.

Although heavier than before, the idea of supplying a larger piece of fabric is to allow end users to cut, hem and sew the material into whatever suits their needs. Many people have made sleeping bag liners, or sleeping bag covers from the product and obviously this will reduce the weight and volume all in one go.

It certainly would benefit from some kind of attachment system to suit your needs, to keep it in place when sleeping on the ground or in a hammock. It is just as slippy as before!

The uses are still the same and as before here is some background and suggestions on how to best use the material.


This is an unusual product, but one which many outdoors people or travelers will have longed for at least once in their life.

How often have you been chilled at night in your sleeping bag, and just wanted another 'layer' or more 'insulation' to throw over you to retain that valuable warmth? Perhaps lying back in hammock and wondering if that sudden chill will last all night?

Maybe you have been on a long overnight bus journey, or stuck in an airport in the night, getting cold with all your sleeping gear out of reach in the luggage system?

Possibly you have been watching the sunset, sitting on a hill or beach, gradually becoming aware that the daytime clothes you are wearing are not going to keep you comfortable for much longer?

I can think of countless occasions like the above, when I have been 'chilled' or very cold, but aware that to increase my warmth at that moment would have meant carrying another 'insulation' layer or 'clothing' in my pack on the way to wherever I camped. Something I just (a) didn't have the space for and (b) didn't want to carry the extra 'just in case' weight.

Ideally the solution for any of the above would be;

(a) as light as possible (of course)
(b) with minimal bulk (easy to pack)
(c) highly heat reflective
(d) non-metallic
(e) silent (unlike a space blanket)
(f) highly breathable and finally
(g) water resistant (to prevent spills on the bag)

The solution has come from a small unknown UK manufacturer and this item has been around quietly for a while, however it was recently sent to me to test as the designer thought we would appreciate the features more than most. As it happens, quite rightly!

So I tried it as exampled above and found it to be a remarkable product doing exactly what it says on the tin. I've slept out on these frosty nights in a light sleeping bag which would normally be 1 or 2 'seasons' too light and thrown the blanket over me 'silver side' out. I guess it works in simplest terms just like the NeoAir sleeping mat. By reflecting heat back towards the user. Although I am unable to measure the amount of reflected heat I can assure you that I was a darn site warmer than I would have been without it. The effect was very noticeable.

It has the soft tactile fee of rip stop nylon. It is silent and extremely breathable, so there were no damp condensation patches on the bag anywhere beneath it. There was naturally some frost condensation on the shelter skin which fell onto the blanket but didn't soak through at all. So it is water resistant to an acceptable level.

In use you will find the silver side changes tint as it rubs against other surfaces. This is perfectly normal and doesn't effect performance, meerly the 'sheen' in the manufacturing process.

How to use it

If the blanket is purely against your skin then the green side will be towards you. (If the silver side is touching your skin then there less reflectivity taking place because of 'conduction') If you are wearing clothes or inside a sleeping system then the silver side is towards you and this will reflect back any escaping heat.

The only negative issue I found with it, was because it was 'so' light I could hardly feel it was there. It was also very 'slippy' and so a bit of DIY would be needed to put some velcro tabs or similar on the edges to hold it in place, however you intend to use it. If for whatever reason you wanted the material more water resistant you could possibly spray on some Nikwax TX Direct, (but ONLY onto the Green side) but for normal use it isn't necessary.

It isn't classed as a 'survival blanket' (and shouldn't be used that way) but a very simple and effective way to 'up-rate' your sleep system for minimal bulk. Ideal for cold sleepers, the unexpected frost, to stuff in small spaces in a pack, hammock sleeping, traveling and well, virtually anytime you want a little comfort in your outdoor life!

Please note: If it becomes damp, ie left on wet grass, the silver surface may appear patterned. However we have confirmed with the manufacturer that it does not effect performance in any way, even though the silver side may look creased.

Try it, you will be pleasantly surprised!!

Manufacturers comments

The “Thermartex®” launch product is the “Bedding Blanket”. It can be used on it's own or on top of other bedding and is suitable for use in any dry environment both indoors and outdoors. Measuring approximately 1.6m x 2m and weighing only 200g the aluminized woven rip-stop nylon blanket is highly breathable and reflects up to 75% of radiated body heat. It is ideal where thermal performance, weight and packing size are important. It is primarily intended for use as a camping blanket, travel blanket, sleeping bag or normal bed cover, but has many other applications.

The blanket should be kept away from fire and other sources of ignition. It should also be kept away from salt and other chemicals as these will damage the heat reflective coating. It is not suitable for use as a Emergency/Survival blanket.

Note: This product can be washed by hand in cold water, using a non-biological handwash for delicates. After washing the silver surface may appear patterned this does not effect performance. Full details are on the packaging for maximum long life care.

Final size: 1.6m x 2m
Weight: 200g
Packed (tube) size: 15cm x 5cm
Maximum reflected body heat: 75%
Breathable, water resistant and soft to touch
Colour: Silver one side - bottle green the other

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Heat reflective blanket
Sunday, 14 May 2017  | 

Easy to pack easy to use does what it says a real boon on a cold night and works quickly

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Winter wild camp
Tuesday, 14 February 2017  | 

Just used this in -5 on frozen grass on a mountain side in the Lake District, under a Neo Air Thermarest with a winter goose down sleeping bag inside a Rab Ridge Raider, I was toastie and snug all night long

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Thursday, 28 July 2016  | 

Good blanket, Handy for ad hoc dozing in the afternoon. keeps body heat in. fits neatly inside a borrowed stuffsac. Havent used it in earnest yet, however I feel it will work well

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Excellent service as usual
Tuesday, 7 June 2016  | 

I have always been extremely happy with the products and service offered by Backpackinglight. The heat reflective blanket was purchased to add warmth to the sleep system for our tent. Very lightweight and very effective.

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This review has not been appraised.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016  | 

I like this. Gives good insulation and think on a warm night I could use the blanket with a silk liner for super lightweight and tiny stowage.

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This review has not been appraised.

heat reflective bedding blanket
Saturday, 3 October 2015  | 

*proved useful for adding extra warmth to my light OMM sleeping bag, summer camping
*just back from a wild camp on high in the Lake District, the blanket removed the wind chill effect from the wind blowing through the tarp, more important it prevented condensation on my down sleeping bag..which had started before I used the blanket..and protected my bag from any condensate which dropped from the tarp roof

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2 of 2 people found this review helpful.

heat reflective bedding blanket
Monday, 29 June 2015  | 

I was very pleased in the timely manner that this blanket was delivered to me being in the United States I thought it would take more time I am very pleased so far with my new heat reflective bedding blanket. I have not yet tried it in the field when it was extremely cold but I have slept with it by itself in the summer 70 degree weather and it was very warm I will try to get back and let you know how the colder nights are.

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0 of 1 people found this review helpful.

please get one
Wednesday, 8 April 2015  | 

rab neutrino 200 is my go to bag
Over the weekend we were caught out with a -3 night instead of shivering and waiting for the morning
Silver side in I was warm slept well
My wife used it as a wrap as the evening cooled down
Great add on comfort

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5 of 5 people found this review helpful.

Thermartex Blanket
Saturday, 4 April 2015  | 

Having only recently taken delivery of the blanket I'm very impressed. It's light, folds/rolls up very small. Will fit in a corner of pack or roll up easily in bed roll.
The green colour is a great improvement on the previous yellow, and size wise larger than my friends yellow version.
Now planning a trip to Lake District to trial and see how effective it is for me. Having heard that it's 'slippery' will pack a few clothes pegs to strategically attach to sleeping bag.
One question I have, is that given the size, do I cut into two, as half is enough to 'cover' me in a sleeping bag.
Only rated at 4* , as seems unfair to rate at 5* without using it in anger.

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reflective bedding blanket
Tuesday, 3 March 2015  | 

The blanket is a first class product and does what your review reports. WE have not tried it out camping yet .However, I did try it in the shed and it does the job very well. We will attach some tape to the corners so that it can be attached to a mat and does not slide off when you turn over..
we are very pleased with these and I would have given it 5 stars but my wife stole the sweets!

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