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Sil Hex Peak V4A

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Product Code:  WF129
Brand:  Luxe Outdoor


In stock, immediate despatch
Adjustable Tarp Pole 163XAdjustable Tarp Pole 163X

The V4A is now available in Green or Desert.

You can now buy the Hex Peak V4a fly only and V4a inner only as two individual items. A bucket footprint is now available as an optional extra.

Michael the designer and owner is always keen to hear feedback and wants to keep developing his products to offer the best value he can. As such he took on board our comments and desire for it to be slightly bigger to suit taller and so the dimensions have been increased as follows;

  • Total shelter height 2cm taller
  • The inner is 8cm longer, 5cm deeper at the widest point and 3cm deeper at the narrowest point
  • The weight penalty is minor as the previous outer was 620g and the inner 495g

The whole tent has been given a review and any areas of potential weakness have been reinforced and made more durable for the wide ranging weather conditions Europe can throw at it.

All in all we expect this tent to be another massive seller this year. A full review video will follow as soon as the first shipment has arrived.

Optional extra: For those people who love this shelter and would like more space inside for two people. There is a double V4 inner which will fit this shelter and allows for a small vestibule.

Initial pitch thoughts: The first difference I notice is that the guys are much longer than before, allowing for much greater height and ventilation for different conditions. The inner guys are also very long, which mean they too can be hooked over the pegs used on the outer. To prevent the 'upstands' on the inner from slipping to fall in line with the nest, it is best to tie a small overhand loop to lock it in place, which means when the guy is pulled the 'upstand' will stay erect and create maximum space in the inner. Every panel has a slider sewn in halfway across the base, so that additional guys can be  added very easily, which is nice touch. The pegs supplied are the extra long versions. It certainly makes the whole internal space much more roomy for users around 6 foot tall. The double ended J-Zip is excellent for ventilation and the top vent has good additional rain protection coverage, to prevent the weather being driven up the door and through the mesh.
  • Flysheet 40D/230T Nylon ripstop fabric with one side PU and one side siliconized
  • Inner tent: High density nylon mesh
  • Inner floor: 68D nylon taffeta PU.  4000mm water column
  • Pole: Not included
  • Guy ropes: 11 lines included
  • Stake: 18cm Alloy Y-Stake x6 (For minimum setting)
  • Silicone seam glue included
  • Hydrostatic Head: 2500mm
  • Weight:               
    • V4 Out fly: Approx 660g
    • V4 Inner: Approx 600g
    • 6x Stakes: 84g

Please note that the ideal pole for this shelter is the Luxe 163X pole.

Seam sealing the tent

As the silicone tents are designed without seam taping, we recommend user to apply seam sealing on the outside seam of flysheet where necessary (Mainly around the crown area). Along the horizontal stitching around the vent. Down the zip and 'inside' the guy loops and top loop. (Pull apart with your fingers) Anywhere water can gather is a potential point of issue if the tent will be subjected to prolonged rainfall or a persistently wet environment.

Further updates: The Hex Peak series has been expanded as follows and the V4 inner supplied with this shelter will also fit the larger F6 model and the much larger Octapeak model. In fact 2 x F4 inners will sit inside the Octapeak and still leave room for cooking.

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Good versatile tent that can withstand punishment
Wednesday, 6 December 2017  | 

I have owned this tent for around a year now, and it has mostly been used at height in the lake district.

When first getting the tent, it can be a bit of a faff to get a gap between the nest and fly. But with a bit of practice it goes up relatively quickly.

I have recently used this tent camping at red tarn near helvellyn. The winds reached up to 50 mph gusts and battered our tents ALL NIGHT!!!
The other 2 people I went with tents were completely trashed by morning, and ready for the bin. Both were complaining of an awful night.

The hexpeak stood strong and became a place for shelter for the other two, between trying to bodge their tents.

Although not a criticism, but something to be aware of.
When pinning the stakes down with rocks, dyneema although super strong does not have good abrasion resistance. so the constant rubbing caused a couple of guys to fray, and one to completely snap 10 mins before packing up.
But I already have plenty spare and know better for next time.

Seam sealing the tent is also very time consuming, and can look like a dogs dinner if not used sparingly. I have only done the very top section above the door as a precaution, but have have no problems with leaks.

Very happy with this tent and have no problems recommending it.

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Hexpeak V4A
Friday, 15 September 2017  | 

Not a review so disregard the starrating, but some feedback as requested. It's probably a lovely tent (haven't had the chance to use it yet). It also turned out 150 grams heavier than advertised. I guess for well under 200 pounds one can't complain too much about the lack of qualitycontroll in this regard, but for a weightconcious backpacker those 12% extra are a bit of a bummer. Imagine your entire gear selection being 12% heavier, who would like that after shaving it off?

Other than that the materials feel like they will stand a lot of punishment on open windy fields, which is why I chose this tent over the ultralight tents that weigh half as much.

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In all fairness every time an item is manufacturered there can be slight differences in the final product and so the original measurements sometimes change slightly as improvements are made over time (more attachment points, better fittings etc) Sometime manufacturers let us know, other times they don't.

Also do be aware that domestic non-calibrated scales can also vary by 10% too which can often confuse the issue.

Sil HexPeak V4a
Wednesday, 16 August 2017  | 

Sealing this tent took a while but is well worth the effort. I thought it might look a bit shabby as I am no pro with a paint brush although it looks very good once applied. The tarp itself is brilliant. Low weight, low pack size, good waterproofing and easy to pitch. It obviously takes a little practice at first but once mastered you will never need another shelter for any use within the UK/Alps/Boreal Forest or similar. Love it and would recommend over a trailstar any day. Service and delivery, excellent.

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Great Tent
Tuesday, 18 July 2017  | 

I bought this two years ago but haven't reviewed it until now because I wanted to use it properly first. I can now say with confidence that this tent represents the best performance/price value I've ever had in a tent. My respect for it grows with each period of use.

A few caveats:

If, like me, your previous experience is limited to 'ordinary' tents, then I respectfully suggest you practice setup several times in friendly conditions before taking it into the wild, because a certain level of camp craft is called for (I learned this the hard way). Tarp enthusiasts will, I suspect, have no such difficulties.

It is important to utilise the relevant extra guying points in strong winds. Take enough pegs and cordage!

Adapt the tent to your personal requirements, using Bob's suggestions and other ideas to suit you, as the basic design is one which lends itself to modification.

When insect conditions permit, drop the inner (just one hook) and revel in the acres of weatherproof space, which at this price point, and 1.4kg total carried weight (assuming you're a trekking pole user) is as unbeatable as it gets in my book.

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Sil Hex Peak V4A
Thursday, 29 June 2017  | 

Very happy with the V4A Takes a bit of practise to erect but .Well worth the moey .I love the spacious room you have .No more cramp tent especially when your stuck indoors as they say when it's raining .

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Hex peak V4A
Tuesday, 30 May 2017  | 

I bought this shelter last September in preparation for the West Highland way, I am now in Glen Nevis campsite having a rest after completing the walk, so after 7 days of use my verdict!! GREAT what more can I say, I am 6ft 3inch tall and I use a Thermarest neo air mat! Yes my feet do just touch the inner but that doesn't bother me as I only ever use synthetic sleeping bags due to my dog normally coming with me and he likes water and is normally always wet! I had no problems putting the shelter up or down in rain or sun.
I did do the shockcord modifications to the inner nest as advised by Bob on his video which doe's make life a lot easier, thanks for that Bob.
Would I recommend this shelter? Definitely, great service too very fast and efficient

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Great value for money
Tuesday, 16 May 2017  | 

I purchased this tent last year and i've taken it on 3 different camping trips so by now i feel confident in giving a review on this tent.

The value for money on this tent is really great. The fabric and build quality on this tent feels really good. and inspires real confidence. Have had no problems with water ingress or leakage whatsoever and i haven't used the sealseam yet!

A negative is that. at least for me, the pitch of the tent is a little bit more complicated than a bog standard dome tent would be. It takes some fiddling and adjusting to get the pitch just right. If you take the time the pitch is really taut. I use the adjustable tarp pole and haven't used a trekking pole to raise the tent as of yet.

The inner nest is a hassle to get just right and taut. Have tried different set ups such as connecting the nest to the loopholes inside of the outer tent as instructed but also pitching the inner nest with separate pegs which also works but at the price of a bit more weight and complication.

The biggest downside for me is not due to the tent but due to my own size. I am 6 feet 10 (187 cm metric) and the fabric of the inner nest is almost uncomfortably close to my face and feet (also due to a large Thermarest Neo Air pad). I would recommend this tent only to persons of 6 feet or under and no big sleeping pad and/or large winter sleeping bag.

I am contemplating on ordering the F4 inner for this tent though I do not like the idea of the pole going through the nest floor.

Would I recommend this tent? A thorough yes. It's shape makes it shed wind like a madman. I have had no problems with condensation even in rain and damp conditions and the tent simply looks inviting on the campsite. You have to take the downsides in consideration but these might not bother other users of the tent.

Would have liked more guy lines supplied with this tent.

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Luxe Hex Peak V4a
Monday, 17 April 2017  | 

Great tent, as advertised. Fast delivery & great service .

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Hex peak 4.
Monday, 10 April 2017  | 

I've had similar shelters and this one at the price is good. No problems with pitching, 5'8 and plenty of room in the inner for me. I've attached guy lines and that's about it. The shelter is pretty much ready to go with the updates it's had. Service absolutely spot on!!

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Hex Peak
Thursday, 16 March 2017  | 

Excellent service all round and the tent seems very well designed and constructed- already has the makings of a classic ligtweight and versatile option for 1/2 persons.

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