We are a small family run company with several generations of practical experience in the great outdoors going back over 30 years.

Our aim is to offer you a selection of quality, well researched, value for money products combined with a first class service to help you lighten the load and get even more from your outdoor experience.

After all ........ ‘minimum weight - maximum fun’

About Us


We are a small family run company and between us we have tackled (and keep tackling) most things the average person might seek advice on regarding equipment and clothing, be it camping, trekking, cycling, adventure racing, horse riding, running, world travel and D of E. We have also, as some of these images might indicate, travelled fairly extensively (on a backpackers shoe-string) in the last 10 years, visiting more than 20 countries world-wide putting our 'lightweight’ approach into action with every step.

Our aim here is not to stock every known product you might find elsewhere, but be much more discerning and selective with products we have all used and know to 'work' in most situations as you expect them to. We also aim provide a first class service, making it as easy as we can to browse, purchase and exchange any items we sell. We also want to make the whole experience fun and informative as well, so we hope you enjoy the podcasts, video and additional media which can be found at The Outdoors Station, our outdoors community information hub.

Our motto is ‘minimum weight - maximum fun’. The aim is to bring you a range of carefully selected, well researched, value for money products from around the world, which will lighten your load and enhance your outdoor experience.

Where we can, we try to support the smaller innovative British companies whose products meet our needs along with other suppliers from around Europe and further afield. If there are any products you feel we should include in our range, please drop us email and we will follow it up.


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