We want to thank customers for their continued support and have created several ways for you to get the best value from backpackinglight.co.uk.

The new 'Customer Review' feature allows you to add your feedback and thoughts about products you have purchased from us at any time. Just log in and visit the product page you wish to comment on.

All comments and experiences will be helpful and appreciated!

Customer Reviews

Although we pride ourselves in giving honest and descriptive reviews about the product we sell and discuss on the website, there's nothing better than getting long term reviews from customers.

If you have bought something recently and want to share your initial thoughts we (and other new customers) would love to hear your feedback.

If you have had a product from us for several years and used it in a whole variety of circumstances we would also love to hear how it performed.

Did the product live up to expectation?

Did is last as you had hoped using it in the variety of ways you intended?

Have you found a new use for the item which we hadn't considered? A suggestion to help others appreciate another weight saving aspect maybe?

Hopefully you are pleased with your purchase and will want to recommend it (and us) to others.

Here's how you can do it;

First you need to log in with your email address and password in the usual way.

Then click on the item you wish to review and click the 'Customer Reviews' tab.

There you will see the 'Write a Review and share your opinions' and once you click on that you'll be able to enter your name, your rating for the product and any text comments you have.

Please feel free to write a few lines about the product in hand and any suggestions you have for future customers who might be reading this for the first time.

To protect ourselves from the ever increasing Spam Bots which dominate the internet, the Customer Review will be invisible until we confirm it is from a genuine source. Once we've done that it will be published!

Many thanks for reading this and we hope you feel you can add to our on going library when you are ready.

The best reviews are always from long term users.

If it helps, just think 'what would I like to read from previous customers before I purchase my next item?'

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