We want to thank customers for their continued support and have created several ways for you to get the best value from backpackinglight.co.uk.

Our Gift Vouchers are there to allow you to share the love of the outdoors with friends and family and our Loyalty Scheme sees you rewarded for each pound you spend with us.

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Loyalty Scheme

As a 'thank you' to our ever faithful and growing on-line customer audience, we have incorporated an automated reward points system to our online shop.

So for every 'outdoor' pound you spend on-line you receive not only our fantastic service and prices, but also have an additional future discount to look forward to!

It’s just our way of saying 'thanks' and 'hope to see you again'!

Please note Loyalty Points will ONLY be awarded to on-line purchases

How does it work?
As a registered customer, for every £1 you spend you receive 1 Loyalty Point and this is valued on the backpackinglight.co.uk website at 4p. Therefore for every £100 you spend you build up a credit of £4, this equates to a 4% future discount. Once the credit reaches a value of £15 (375 Points) or more, you are able to spend it against any item on the website with an order value of £15+. Any balance will be held against your account. Loyalty points are only awarded to on-line purchases.

Please note that if you made the first order as a Guest, then you will not receive the loyalty points associated with it. Make sure you register first before you make the purchase.

How long do the Loyalty Points last?
Each set of points your accumulate will last 12 months from the date of that particular purchase. If you haven't used them after that time I'm afraid they will be zeroed.

Can these points be exchanged for cash?
Sorry, they are just our way of saying 'thank you' to our customers for continuing to support us, and offering them future discounts when they return.

How do I see what points I have accumulated?
As a registered customer who has made an order, you will have an account. You can log in at any time and look at your total by clicking 'account' and then 'order information'. Or when you add something to your basket, you will see (a) what points you are earning with that new purchase and (b) what points 'credit' you have to spend if you have passed the £15 threshold.

4 pence per point isn't very much is it?
4% against future purchases is actually one of the most generous around. (This is on top of whatever discount we may be offering on the products themselves of course). Most other outdoor stores don't offer a Loyalty Scheme at all, and if they do their points are only worth 1p. The better schemes run by the like of Boots the Chemist, offer the best rate. If it’s good enough for them, it's good enough for us!

What are Loyalty Point promotions?
Throughout the year we will be doing promotions on certain products, certain brands or over a certain time period which will boost your point accumulation accordingly if you make a relevant purchase. Another reason not to miss out!! To find out about these offers make sure you are on our Newsletter mailing list or sign up to our Twitter feed.

Can I get extra points on special promotion items?
If there's a special promotion or discount offer on certain items, you may not be able to gain extra points as well as take the massive discounts. However, this will be clear when you add the item to your shopping basket.

Are the points transferable?
Sorry no. The points are allocated to the individual customer who makes the order and they are not transferable.

Will refunds affect my Loyalty Points?
If you receive a refund on your products your loyalty points will be deducted accordingly.

I've bought something as a Guest, but can't see my points?
To gain Loyalty Points you have to register first. You can't go back afterwards and add them later, so the sooner you join us the better!


If you have any further questions about this please feel free to Contact Us directly.


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