We want to thank customers for their continued support and have created several ways for you to get the best value from backpackinglight.co.uk.

The new 'Notify Me' feature allows you email yourself or a friend when an item comes into stock. This can be a subtle reminder for something you might be interested in, or in a hurry for.

Our Blog, Newsletter and Twitter feed are also here to keep you up to date!

Notify Me

If an item is 'out of stock' or only available on a 'Pre-Order' basis you may wish to notify yourself of when it arrives into stock, rather than have it in your 'basket' for a long period of time which would delay the purchase of other products. (See How to Order)

You may of course, also want to let a friend know when it arrives as it might be a timely piece of equipment for their trip, or to acts as a subtle hint that your birthday is due very soon.

Possibly you could be a group or expedition which needs notification of a large amount of stock arriving.

Either way, by clicking 'Notify me when this item is available' is a personal email reminder which you can set to send anywhere.

Any website visitor can do this. You don't have to be logged in for this to take place.

We will have no record of it and it is entirely outside of the normal personal account website data.

So feel free to Notify Yourself ….. or anyone else for that matter :)

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