Heat Loss

We all want to be comfortable when on the hills and perhaps this explanation about how and why we lose heat, can help you think through the clothing contents of your rucksack and help you lose some bulk.

How we lose heat and why we should use technical clothing
In cold conditions we lose heat through a number of different processes, which if left unchecked will reach the point where the body loses heat faster than it can generate it. In temperatures below 25C the body will automatically lose heat, this will lead to a lowering of our internal core temperature, and if ignored, result in hypothermia and finally, death.

Why women and children get cold quicker
Smaller people, children, teenagers and women lose heat much faster than the average adult male due to the fact they have a larger body surface area in relation to their body mass. They also generally have much less body fat so it is vital to ensure on a regular basis, they are comfortable and using their layers correctly. Not for example; overheating and venting incorrectly, or venting too much and loosing heat too rapidly via convection.


Part 1 - Types of Heat Loss

Part 2 - The Importance of Water

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