All of us have been customers at some time and we pride ourselves on a high level of customer support. Please do not free embarrassed to ask questions about any particular product you may be interested in.

Hopefully we will know the answer and can advise you accordingly. If not, I do hope we can point you in the direction of someone who does.
After all it in our interest to ensure you have the correct item to suit your needs

Environmental Policy

We all enjoy the outdoors but if we don't look after our environment, it isn't going to be there.

For this reason we try to make all our paperwork, correspondence and marketing material using the digital format. Our packaging and printed material are recycled where possible and if we can, we will use biodegradable products such as our packing filler which is made from potato starch. We also recycle cartons we ourselves receive from our suppliers. Although they may not be as presentable as new ones we are sure you will still appreciate that not only does this keep costs down but also assists in protecting the environment.

Many items we sell will arrive from the manufacturers protected in plastic, which we try to limit this as much as practically possible. Please recycle what packaging you can and dispose of the rest with care to the environment.
A good few products we sell are established high profile items, which many others will retail. However, you may find new items not normally sold by ‘outdoor outlets’ but which still have great benefit to you. These we test and put through their paces before we place them on the website, so you can be reassured they are 'up to the job'.

We are trying to support British products where we can, however there are many other items from around the world we would like to introduce you to.

We will endeavour to pass on our savings to you and from time to time will have various ‘promotions’ which I’m sure you will be interested in.

Please allow us to keep in touch with you by registering for our Newsletter.

All businesses want to develop, but it can’t be done without a happy returning customer and consistent quality service.

Should there any areas of our business you feel we could improve to make your shopping easier or the website more informative, even products you would like to source, then please send us an email with your suggestions.

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