We want to thank customers for their continued support and have created several ways for you to get the best value from backpackinglight.co.uk.

The new 'Wish List' feature allows you to add over time as many desirable goodies to your 'virtual sack' and the next time you have a friend or loved one struggling to buy you a gift, just forward the list to them.

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Wish List

Over time you might visit our website and find objects which you desire which you might like to add to your 'virtual' rucksack for a later date.

Maybe you have a birthday or other celebration coming up and a friend or family member would like to secretly buy something to make you life sweeter.

However, more often than not, they are usually unsure as to what that item might be, if it is the right colour, shape, size or weight.

So now the solution is easy, just email them your 'wish list' directly from the website and they can hopefully find something on your list, which suits their budget.

Don't worry the email address you send it to is anonymous and they will not get any additional emails from us.

You can add any item in stock to your 'wish list' by simply clicking the 'add to wish list' button below the item

You can view your wish list and edit it at any time by clicking on the link at the top of the screen.

So feel free to dream on …..

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