Latest Products
Octapeak F8e - Winter outer with stove jack

£259.99   £239.99

Honey Stove and Hive SS Bundle

£62.98   £50.98

Honey Stove and Hive Ti Bundle

£134.98   £114.98

Most Poplar Products from Hex Peak Range
Sil Hex Peak V4A

£194.99   £184.99

Sil Hex Peak F6a

£249.99   £234.99

Hex Peak F6 Footprint

£44.99   £39.99

Octapeak F8

£319.99   £309.99

New Lightweight Rucksacks
Octal 45 - Womens

£184.99   £149.99

Octal 55 - Womens

£199.99   £159.99

Optic 48

£184.99   £149.99

Optic 58

£199.99   £159.99

Special Promotions
Apogee Synthetic Sleeping Quilt

£154.99   £135.99

Corus HD Sleeping Quilt

£234.99   £214.99

Grand Tour 50 (Womens)

£129.99   £59.99

Stockli 3 Tray

£119.99   £115.99

Backpackinglight have been pioneering lightweight backpacking, equipment, lightweight tents, lightweight tarps, bivvy bags, sleeping systems, sleeping quilts and all kinds of light cookers since 2005.

When you find you are just carrying too much on your backpacking, cycle touring or paddling trip but you don’t want to go to the extreme Ultralight level, we offer equipment, advice, video and podcasts all based on experience of what really works and what doesn’t.

There are hundreds of products on the market being released every year and we have tried to narrow down the products which we fell will consistently perform for you time and time again.

Please check our our knowledge base and our associated Podcast & Video website for more free information and inspiring content.