Sometimes products arrive which don't meet our quality threshold and we have to put them to one side in the store room. This can mean anything such as slight marks, scratches, dents, stitching defects through to more extensive (but repairable) issues. The products are certainly still quite serviceable but cosmetically they may not quite meet our expectation. This applies to our own products as well as those supplied by various brands.


As the name suggests these are units which have been used for demonstration. If it is a shelter, then it may have been pitched a few times, a rucksack would be removed from packaging and opened for fitting. Any other item in this category will have a description detailing general condition and usage. It could be as simple as having no packaging through to being on display for some time. Any missing items will be detailed.

Returned or
Incomplete Item

Customers return goods for many reasons and most of them arrive back with packaging which has evidence of the journey. Most times people simply change their mind if it didn't fit or was the wrong size or maybe it wasn't what they expected. An incomplete item is a product missing one or more component parts. This will be fully explained in the description.
All goods will be sold within this category with a standard 12 months warranty, however returns can only be accepted
for credit (not refund), as all specifications, fault, issues etc are clearly explained in the description.


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