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Hex Peak F6ES (Hot Tent)

Hex Peak F6ES (Hot Tent)
Hex Peak F6ES (Hot Tent)Hex Peak F6ES (Hot Tent)Hex Peak F6ES (Hot Tent)
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Product Code:  WF150
Brand:  Luxe Outdoor

Hex Peak F6 bathtub Footprint/GroundsheetHex Peak F6 bathtub Footprint/Groundsheet


The Sil Hexpeak F6e SJ is the new updated F6 model for all year round use with included stove jack.

It is a Hot Tent optimized for the usage with a tent stove. This model is equipped with a stove jack and cover to allow use with and without.

The stove jack opening can be closed either with the delivered nylon fabric patch, or with the silicon stove jack. The included stove jack is suitable for temperatures up to 200°C. So depending on the kind of stove you use, further insulation might be required.

Combined with a small stove and chimney this could be the perfect winter camping set up.

There is no inner tent supplied, but the options include the V4A 1 person inner (half-mesh suitable up to 180cm), the F6E 1 person winter inner (mainly nylon suitable up to 185cm) or the F6 bathtub open floor.

There are snowflaps, to create a tight fit to the ground and disable wind and snow from penetrating the inner. The door has a j-zipper and the top vent is equipped with a flap that can be operated from inside the tent. This can reduce airflow and snow that might be blown up the vent. Besides the entrance theres a tube vent which has a mesh cover and this too can be easily operated from inside the tent.

A reliable air intake is very important while winter camping and prevention of a build up of CO2 and CO (Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide with a stove) can reach be harmful levels in a tight and maybe snow covered shelter. Due to this and the possibility of a build up of condensation we advise to try and keep as many vents open as comfort will allow and always have a Carbon Monoxide detector in the shelter if using a stove.

To keep the very high wind stability and maintain the room under heavy snow loads, the guy out points have been doubled. Connections between nest and fly are all highly adjustable to suit different ground conditions, allow variations of pitching heights and make the locating of good pegging points easier.

A hook at the lowest part of the door zip takes the tension away from the two way zipper at the entrance, and a top loop enables the hanging of the tent from trees, branches or whatever will (safely) fit the bill.

All Sil-Hexpeak F6 tents are made out of siliconized ripstop nylon. The seams are underlaid with a robust webbing that obtains a very high stability to the whole tent. We recommend using the included seam sealant be applied to any areas of concern.

We recommend the 163 or 197 pole, or if you are a walking pole user to use one of our 'linking sections' to support the shelter.

If you intend to use the shelter in high winds and snow you will need to attach additional guys to the guy points with pegs (not included).


  • Weight: 1660gm  (Fly 1370g, stove jack 91gm, 6 pegs 80gm, ground straps 59g)
  • Packed Size: L 40cm x D 13cm can be further compressed
  • Fly: 40D 230T Ripstop Nylon Si/Pu
  • Hydrostatic Head: min. 2000 mm
  • Colour: Green

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