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We've made The Sunday Times :)

11 March 2013  |  Admin
As you do Sunday Morning.

Nipped out for a paper and some Bacon as I had an early morning urge for the munchies.

Got back, cooked up a sarnie from heaven, thick bacon chunks in some freshly made brown bread. Whacked on a bit of Classic FM. Brewed a pot of fresh ground coffee and then sat back to depress myself with the world news in general.

Politics ... blah, speeding ticket ... whatever.

Turned over for a bit of Clarkson in the motoring section (always good for a random rant) and then drifted through the technology section, before finally flipping over the page when my radar starting tweeking. 

For a moment I thought it was the bacon sarnie complaining it didn't have enough Brown sauce, but then in the small print I saw our website name and a recommendation from the cycling guru there Tim Dawson, that lightweight cycle tourers should check us out.

Check US OUT!!! How cool is that.

Well we may not be Chris Huhn, but at least we get into the papers a nice way :-) Cheers Mr Tim Dawson. Mucho appreciated.

A bacon sarnie never tasted so good :)