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TGO Challenge Podcast Series

9 February 2015  |  Admin

With 90 days to go now before this years event I thought I would compile all the audio series I've done in the past, into one Podcast feed to give old and new alike a refresh of the emotions, landscape and experience we will all be going through once again, this year.

Some of the people interviewed are sadly no longer with us, but their spirit and character captured in an environment they loved so much will live on. Many of the others you hear, you may meet during your trip.

Starting in 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010 and one episode for 2011. Don't forget of course all the videos now available on my YouTube channel too for 2011 and 2013.

If people are agreeable we will be doing another audio diary this year as we've now had a few years off. It reaches a massive world-wide audience.

In the meantime, please copy and past this link into itunes "Subscribe to podcast' or just your web browser and you will see all 45 episode appear as if by magic. Then sit back, close your eyes and think of Scotland!

http://toc.hipcast.com/rss/tgochallenge.xml or try this an alternative > http://hipcast.com/podcast/HBZN1wjg