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Stove Jack for shelters

Stove Jack for shelters
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Product Code:  LC123
Brand:  Luxe Outdoor


If you are a keen MYOG user the Luxe Stove Jack will make it possible for you now to install a wood stove in virtually any steep walled shelter.

This will work with all materials, ripstop nylon, silnylon, canvas and other tent fabrics.

Made from Silicone and Woven Fibreglass the jack has a high heat resistance and prevents your tent fabric from melting when in contact with a hot chimney pipe.

First you will need extra velcro to sew onto your shelter where you desire the pipe to go which will match the base of the 10” x 14” (25cm x 36cm) Stove Jack.

Then cut the tent material within that rectangle. Placing the stove jack onto the velcro, you may need to cut a larger hole in it which suits your chimney pipe if it is wider than 3 inches to match the angle in which it protrudes from the wall.

When you don’t wish to use the stove jack you will need to source extra ‘tent’ material to make a rain cover 10” x 14” with the appropriate velcro sewn on, which will then cover the stove jack hole when the stove is not in use. (If you wish to match the material of tent, your tent bag may provide this)

  • Can be used with: Ripstop Nylon, Silnylon, Polyester, Silpoly, Canvas and others
  • Dimensions: 10” wide x 14” height. 25cm x 36cm
  • Pre-cut for a 3 inch chimney pipe (Can be enlarged to suit)
  • Material: Silicone and Woven Fiberglass

For maximum protection of your shelter we recommend the use of a Tent Protector Collar which goes around the chimney pipe and provides an air gap to reduce contact heat with the surrounding material.

NB: We cannot be responsible for your loss of warranty if you decide to modify and cut a hole in your shelter. This modification should only be carried out by a competent sewing machinist. Any damage to tent fabrics as a result of fitting this product are solely the responsibility of the shelter owner.

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