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Sil-Tarp 370S (Silver Coated)

Sil-Tarp 370S (Silver Coated)
Sil-Tarp 370S (Silver Coated)Sil-Tarp 370S (Silver Coated)Sil-Tarp 370S (Silver Coated)
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Product Code:  WE124
Brand:  Luxe Outdoor

Strong Adjustable Tarp Pole 231XStrong Adjustable Tarp Pole 231X
Adjustable Tarp Pole 197XAdjustable Tarp Pole 197X


The smallest in the silver coated tarp range from Luxe, but still a massive 370cm long by 290cm wide.

In hot or very sunny conditions the silver coated element is proving to be very popular due to the ability to reflect the heat away from those beneath, plus in the evening when you reverse the tarp with the silver coating below, a small lantern will light up the area nicely as you relax.

Many people use these tarps in addition to teepee shelters and we always advise you ensure a solid support is in place if you are sharing the main shelter pole.

The 231x poles prove the most useful in all weathers providing a strong and stable base.


Luxe Tarp Comparison Chart S = Silver Coating          
Model Max Length Max Width Material Silver Coated Pegs Inc Guys Inc HH Weight
370S 370cm 290cm 68D Polyester Yes 6 15m 2000mm 710gm
400S 400cm 350cm 68D Polyester Yes 8 4 x 3m
2 x 8m
1500mm 1100gm
450S 450cm 290cm 20D Ripstop Sil-Nylon Yes 0 30m 2000mm 580gm
Batwing 500S 500cm 500cm 68D Polyester Yes 10 6 x 3m
2 x 8m
1500mm 1400gm
Polatouche 340cm 290cm 40D Ripstop Sil-Nylon No 6 24m 2500mm 600gm

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