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Titanium Siphon Alcohol Stove

Titanium Siphon Alcohol Stove
 Titanium Siphon Alcohol StoveTitanium Siphon Alcohol Stove 
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Product Code:  RB107
Brand:  Toaks

Universal Trivet - TitaniumUniversal Trivet - Titanium
Universal Trivet - Stainless SteelUniversal Trivet - Stainless Steel


The Toaks Titanium Siphon Alcohol Stove offers much at the incredible weight of 20g.

It is also a perfect fit for the Pocket Stove. It sits neatly inside and provides just the right height above the top lip, to provide maximum heat output at the base of the supported pot.

The Universal Trivet will also fit this burner and therefore if you combine it with the super light windshield you have a very powerful, extremely light and fuel efficient meths/alcohol cook system.

Unlike the White Box Stove, this is purely a burner and therefore will require a pan support of some nature. Either a trivet or a wind shield surround.

It makes the perfect burning partner with the Titanium Pocket Stove.

Warning: Do not over fill the stove and ensure it is on a stable base before lighting.

Weight: 20g
Capacity: 80g
Dimensions: 53mm x 40mm
Consumption: 30ml fuel burns for 11’30”

Works neatly in conjunction with;
Pocket Stove (Stainless or Titanium)
Honey Stove (Stainless or Titanium)
Universal Trivet (Stainless of Titanium)


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Great lightweight day walking water boiler
24 August 2022  | 

I was a bit sceptical about this burner as I'm a big Trangia fan, but they're a bit weighty by today's standards, especially just to make a brew on a day walk, so at 20g this looked interesting. Iím currently using it with a Toaks 700ml pot and Toaks titanium pot stand, which without stuff sacks is 150g - thatís significantly lighter than my Trangia based brew kit. Itís quick to bloom, easy to snuff out using the bottom of the pot and I really like that itís easy to pour unused fuel back into the bottle. Care needs to be taken snuffing it out though, as you can knock it over if you're not paying attention!

So I like it, itís super simple and about as economical as my Trangia burners. It wonít replace them as I do a lot of car camping and proper cooking, but for a lightweight, day walking water boiler, this is now my go to burner. The only thing negative Iíd say is I think itís over priced, but thatís subjective. It does however do what itís supposed to do and it does it well.

Two things to note, it burns hot so using my normal 95% bio-ethanol can leave soot on the pot, but dilute this to about 85% and itís soot free. Itís also not as quiet as a Trangia, not what Iíd call intrusive, but you can hear it chuffing away . . . still much quieter than a canister gas stove though.

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Works well with honey stove.
21 April 2022  | 

I bought this to go with the titanium honey stove to make a lightweight stove that will cope with any situation for some long distance paths I have coming up this year. Works perfectly, boils quickly, silently and is extremely light. Simple, nothing to go wrong. Great bit of kit.

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21 May 2021  | 

This is an incredibly good stove. It is tiny and weighs almost nothing but it blooms almost instantaneously, gives out a high heat, and uses very little fuel. It is a particularly useful accessory for the MKettle which protects it from the wind, and gives the option of using alcohol instead of wood when it is advantageous not to make smoke.

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The stove slayer!
13 January 2020  | 

Bought the Toaks Siphon alcohol stove to use primarily with the titanium pocket stoves. I have a number of alcohol burners and this is by far the best for knocking up a quick brew / meal. Ultra light weight, almost zero bloom time yielding a focused direct flame thatís perfectly suited to those smaller diameter pots. Pair with a wind shield for the lightest zero fuss alcohol burner. Great reliable service from BPL, highly recommend!

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Titanium Siphon Alcohol Stove
13 July 2017  | 

Great products at good prices. Always quick delivery and serviced with a smile. Only con - Like most foodstuffs the Skittles packets have got smaller!

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Cracking alcohol burner
08 November 2016  | 

Must review this following outstanding service from Backpackinglight who replaced a slightly defective stove very quickly and without quibble.
The stove burner itself is excellent. Having used a trangia for a while the more powerful burn is a revelation if you are looking to heat things up quickly. I intend using this with a bushcraft essentials bushbox Ti and it seems to work well with a few Ti tent pegs in the upper holes to support a 400ml Alpkit or Lifeventure ti mug which sit snugly just inside the bushbox. This givest a good burn height and stable platform protected from the wind combined with the versatility of a solid fuel stove. The burn works very well for these smallest of Ti vessels or the narrower kleen canteen stainless bottle I prevaricated for a while between this or a Vargo Triad and I am perfectly content with the purchase decision not to mention the service.
In operation it is just so easy to fill to the fuel level required and top up with small amounts if it burns dry before you have finished. By chance i have found a small sistema pot fits inside and a plastic lid from the allinsons bread making yeast tins fit it perfectly, allowing you to store sugar or coffee inside it to save a little bit of space. It also fits inside the main body of an Aeropress.
Just for the record i use the cheap household fire bioethanol from a big DIY store rather than stinky
methylated spirit. A small and excellent 300ml Trangia fuel bottle again from backpackinglight completes this setup which i am very pleased with.

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Excellent product and service
07 April 2016  | 

Great lightweight piece of kit only problem is takes a while to boil water

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Quick, easy
21 July 2015  | 

Small and lightweight, the flame pattern is narrow so great for narrow pots/cups about 10cm dia.
Hot spot is about 2.5cm above stove, higher than a trivet can provide, another type of pot support will be more efficent.
Easy to light, fast to bloom.

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A great little stove
02 July 2015  | 

Iíve had this stove for a few months now and used it in a range of conditions. Its a great stove thatís now my go-to stove for when I want to boil water quickly. Normally I use it in conjunction with the excellent honey stove (in itís square configuration) and a titanium mug, which gives me a simple, effective and lightweight solution.

The first time I used it was in near freezing conditions wild camping in scotland. I had forgotten to warm the meths and stove first in my pocket, as Bob suggests, however it still lit first time! It primes quickly and the flame is larger than I expected, it pumps out a lot of heat! Using it with the honey stove does a good job of providing a windbreak and solid support for my mug.

If I had written this review sooner I would probably have only given it 4 stars, I found that I couldnít put the flame out or pour any unburned meths back into the bottle. However, through experience, Iíve now found that I can estimate almost exactly how much meths I need and there is very little waste. The fact that it so open, unlike some other stoves, means you can see how much meths you are putting in and how much is left. So after a few uses youíve got a very good idea of how much you need.

Overall Iím delighted with this and having it alongside the honey stove means I can burn meths or wood and it's the perfect cooking solution for me.

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