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Sil-Tarp 450S (Silver Coated)

Sil-Tarp 450S (Silver Coated)
Sil-Tarp 450S (Silver Coated)Sil-Tarp 450S (Silver Coated)Sil-Tarp 450S (Silver Coated)Sil-Tarp 450S (Silver Coated)
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Product Code:  WE125
Brand:  Luxe Outdoor

Strong Adjustable Tarp Pole 231XStrong Adjustable Tarp Pole 231X
Adjustable Tarp Pole 197XAdjustable Tarp Pole 197X


One of the longest tarps in the Luxe range which adds a huge amount of vestibule space to your camping set up. Ideal for bushcraft users, motorcycle campers and more.

The benefits of the silver coating, helps reflect heat away during the heat of the day and when reversed at night, helps adda reflective glow to any evening.

The long length of this tarp allows the doors to be closed offering more privacy and protection from the weather.

These are often used with the single pole teepee style shelters and we always recommend you ensure the main supporting pole is able to take the tension.

We recommend the 231x pole as the main support which is strong enough to ensure the tarp stays stable during most weathers.


  • Material: 20D/380T Ripstop Silnylon with silver PU coating HH: 2000mm
  • Reflective Guy Rope: 30m
  • Reflective guy adjusters: 12 units
  • Weight: 580gms
Luxe Tarp Comparison Chart S = Silver Coated          
Model Max Length Max Width Material Silver Coated Pegs Inc Guys Inc HH Weight
370S 370cm 290cm 68D Polyester Yes 6 15m 2000mm 710gm
400S 400cm 350cm 68D Polyester Yes 8 4 x 3m
2 x 8m
1500mm 1100gm
450S 450cm 290cm 20D Ripstop Sil-Nylon Yes 0 30m 2000mm 580gm
Batwing 500S 500cm 500cm 68D Polyester Yes 10 6 x 3m
2 x 8m
1500mm 1400gm
Polatouche 340cm 290cm 40D Ripstop Sil-Nylon No 6 24m 2500mm 600gm

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